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  1. That's fantastic! Congratulations.
  2. She came out really nice. Great Job!
  3. Very Nice Super Hornet! Definite winner.
  4. Fantastic F-35! Cool concept marking it in that camouflage.
  5. That big helo looks great. Folded up like that saves shelf space!
  6. Great to see the entire process and then see this fantastic result.
  7. Oh man….terrible when those things happen. I’m sure you can fix it!
  8. Cool Builds! Thanks for sharing.
  9. Looking good. I like the streaking technique idea using various clears.
  10. The Kinetic Sea Harrier FRS1 is a great kit and offers many decal choices for both the Royal Navy and Indian Navy aircraft.
  11. The weathering and the chipping are fantastic. Great build.
  12. Nice to see them all together! Great looking jets.
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