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  1. Iwata HP-CP Full strip, once per year maybe (but have never removed any of the teflon seals). Put a bit of Iwata lubricant on the trigger and valve mechanisms. Trigger has been known to get sticky. Once I put some tissue paper with lacquer thinner into the back of it and cleaned all the way down to the needle packing seal. Was a bit of grey gunk in there. Remove the needle, the fine needle tip and its covers and clean them probably every 20 spraying sessions. Put some hairs on a paint brush down the tiny needle tip nozzle to clean it. Sometimes I need t
  2. The fragile console bits have a bit more structural strength now with the installation of the decking & 'interior tree limb thingys???'
  3. Yup, only building an inside the Tardis scene. Central console well advanced, contains a blue & flashing green LED which will run off a 9V battery. Still lots of tubes going everywhere to be added over console. Now wrestling with the upper & lower deck structures. was going to insert pics from Imagur but does not seem to work like it did ???????
  4. Building a 10th Dr Who diorama for my eldest daughter who is a big Dr Who/David Tennant fan. Will eventually be the Dr inside the Tardis. Might add a few other characters.
  5. This might have been posted before? Anyhow..... Qantas are in a world of hurt atm due to Covid, just like all airlines. Major staff layoffs. Even domestic flights severely curtailed due to border closures between states here in Oz. Very sad state of affairs. Last night they announced their 30yr sponsorship of the Australian Wallabies Rugby Union team would cease (though that might be as much about the Wallabies being sh*t recently as it is financial 😉. Maybe they will go and sponsor the NZ AllBlacks!). Qantas Airlines: Repair Division Thought thi
  6. Thanks for the kind comments mate. I'm now doing a Dr Who (the 10th) inside the Tardis for my eldest daughter who is a huge Dr Who & David Tennant fan. Converted a 1/35 US Marine to David Tennant, nearly got him done, just needs a few touch ups. The inside of the Tardis will be a big job, there's so much stuff on the centre console!
  7. Thanks for the encouragement. All figures now completed. Most based on the 1/35 pinup girls as the 'frame', but 2 using 1/35 Tamiya military figures - these needed a drastic weight loss process with my Dremmel to get them skinny enough for the aluminium to go over. The robot soldiers painted with a mix of colours (blue/black/nato black) then various shades of Alclad, then an overcoat of Tamiya smoke on some, then a dark brown Mig wash, then sealed with Vallejo flat clear. There is some tonal variation but it is hard to see. Still pondering the background fo
  8. Cheers mate. Ultimately, I'll do some build videos showing more of each step. Really though, I just make stuff up as I go along & borrow ideas from other people's builds. I do sketch out a few rough drawings & measurements, but they never go exactly to plan, esp. when estimating the measurements from a photo of a painting. Allowing for perspective is hard. My biggest bugbear is getting stuff to stick with CA! It either grabs instantly in the wrong spot, or does not grab at all.
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