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  1. Hello Y'all Due to postage, trade in CONUS and maybe Canada; shipped from 33317 Florida. My kit is new and still in the box; your kit complete & un-started (preferably in sealed bags). Please email to aprsrjhr@comcast.net to discuss. My Revell 1/32 Ju-88A-1 for your Revell 1/32 Ju-88A-4 . Thanks John
  2. Hi David, Nice Work on your Matchbox Phantom!! Great finish & livery on an old kit. I was just saying I want to do my 2-seat Matchbox Viggen now....... so viewing your Phantom II is an inspiration of what can be done with this ancient manufacturers' kits. Friendliest regards, John
  3. Hi Jan, Nice Nice Nice build and finish!! For ages now I have wanted to do a 2-seat splinter-camo on my 20 year old stash bird (an old-old-old 1/72 Matchbox kit. Fortunately, per modelingmadness.com review, "Externally, this kit is entirely engraved and while the panel lines are not quite to their infamous trench depth, some sanding and rattle can primer is still be recommended") ...... seeing your magnificent 1/48 beauty makes me really want to do my humble kit now. IMHO, well done to you my brother-in-modelling. John
  4. Nice build and finish my friend. I wonder how you got that cheatline to such a consistent width? ("custom mix for orange stripe along fuselage spine"). Friendliest regards, John
  5. Hi Lance..... as has been said, nice build! I'm dying to ask, is that an actual camo from Bulgaria? Maybe an adversary livery? Well done on a cool camo on a good build. John
  6. Hi, I just want to say this is a super nice, clean build and finish...... it's a credit to the real aircraft and air force. My complements to you my friend. John
  7. I love to see one of these aircraft models built..... here I get a quintet. Super. Nice builds...... IMHO! well done brother-in-scale. John
  8. Nice. I love this aircrafts' look, and the camo is great with plenty of contrast in the greys. Nice build my friend. John
  9. Hello Nice build and finish..... you and Tamiya are a great team. well done amigo John
  10. David my friend, super super super. 4.5 for 1/72....... gotcha. I went to the link you gave me for the artworks and it too answers a lot of questions. Now for me to get over nervousness at a new technique and 'give it a go'. Thank you again! Happy modeling amigo. John
  11. David my friend-in-models, Thank You Thank You Thank You........ an absolute gentleman; then too most likely a highly knowledgeable and specialized modelling scholar 🙂 (at the least) !!! Your technique explanation is clear as a bell...... and thank you for the link to the artwork. When I first saw your build I couldn't understand how you could print on smooth & glossy plastic, or especially how the plastic could go through a printer. Now I get it; naturally "clear overhead transparency sheets", already made for printers, are the answer you came up with ----- brill
  12. Great model !!!! I think the Beaufighter is beautiful since I was a kid....... yours is terriffic !!!! Wow...... HOW did you make those prop-blurs please???? Friendliest regards John
  13. aaaaah thanks Lockheed2004.... i'll settle in now and wait..... np. John
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