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  1. Sorry I think that I meant something different. Yes I know that the actual kit that I am decalling should be as accurate as possible. What I was trying to say that as I display a lot of my models on a Special Interest Stand on the Gulf War at many a show here in the UK, I don't think that many people who view this kit will realise if I put an aircraft with a certain Serial No did not serve with that Sqn. The main reason that I maybe asking the question that I am is that the USAF went through a lot of changes in the early to mid 90s, such as TFWs went to FWs. The main problem I have is that I a
  2. Thanks for that quick answer. I will probably now build 66-8304 as I have seen these markings in a photo in a Desert Shield/Storm book. If the Ser No is not quite correct for this Sqn then so be it, I doubt if people looking at the model will actually notice this and moan that it is incorrect.
  3. A quick question on the "Lizard/Euro 1" schemed aircraft on this sheet. What time period are these aircraft set for? ask due to the fact that I would like to make an aircraft from Desert Shield/Storm. I know that Virtually every C-5 was used during this Op, but would any of these two options be suitable straight from the sheet or would I need to do some "cut & shunting of decals to make an aircraft correct, by that I mean is the wing/sqn terminology correct and the such like. I do know that the tail band was not around at this time so that would be left off. Any help would be very gratefu
  4. Thanks both for your help. As an ex Chinook worker I sort of got how the blades are stopping, it was just if there was a blade that always stopped toward the front so that then set off the blade folding like the Sea King.
  5. That help a lot indeed. I now do have another question, in that what are the colours used on the heads and rotors? Are they the same as those used on a Chinook in that they are Red, Green and Yellow?
  6. When the blades on a CH-46 fold, before this happens do the heads rotate so that the blades are in a certain position? If this is so, does anyone know the colour blade that is the master one and in which position it is in before the folding occurs? I have seen a video of the blades folding, but just folding and not that close that you can see what the colour of the blades are. Thanks in advance.
  7. Some D/Storm stuff would be nice, especially if you do the sheet in 1/72nd.
  8. Although Fly do a Kuwaiti kit (which I have), they do not do the markings that I would prefer, so if Caracal could do a version from around the time of the Gulf conflict of 1990/1 I would be very happy. See the link posted for the first two aircraft. https://dstorm.eu/pages/en/kuwait/c-9.html
  9. I did the same myself many years ago, with the exact results that you got. I cannot figure out why this is though.
  10. Pity as I am waiting for these, especially in 1/72nd.
  11. I think that eastern Express maybe bringing out a DC-10-30 sometime this year.
  12. Looking forward to this sheet coming out.
  13. They did carry them in the mid to late 80s. When RAF Alconbury's runway was closed for repairs they were based at RAF Wyton for the duration of and they used to taxi past our Sqn office window with the pod fitted to the centre line.
  14. Will you be making a B-52G kit with these updated parts or was the kit that you made the only one that you are going to make? I ask as I would like to get a kit of a B-52G, and if you are going to make an updated one I will wait for that
  15. Am happy to wait for some thing that I know will be correct.
  16. RAF Jaguars used an inline adapter not a side by side one, so the French ones are no good. I am not sure but I have a feeling that the Airfix Jaguar may have had this adapter in it when it was first issued with the pointy nose. I am not so sure about the later kit.
  17. I have not even got that far as yet.
  18. I would agree that the Meng kit is a bit of a difficult build as I am having a trying time with one at the moment.
  19. So far so good, but I have only put a few bits together. I will let you how things progress when I have more done.
  20. That does sound interesting. Any Desert Storm aircraft included?
  21. Thanks for that it does actually confirm what I was thinking, after seeing various other jet aircraft look similar to this in that they have the airframe colour for part of the intake and then the rest being white.
  22. I am making the Meng F-106 and would like to know the colour of the full intake trunking. The kit instructions state the same as the whole airframe (ADC Grey), but would just like confirmation.
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