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  1. Sorry hit Submit to soon 🤪 Collin, You picked a great livery and great subject that some folks overlook sometimes . Great job 👍😎 Hope to see more Navy subjects from your table in the future. Cheers, Mr.Happy (In name only)
  2. Collin, Beautifully done . You picked a
  3. R Spreckley, Quit the master piece 🏅 Qutstanding work🧐😎👍 Cheers and all the best, Mr.Happy (In name only)
  4. Despil, Great job with that South East Asia paint scheme. 👍😎 Did you use Gunze paint for the SEA paint scheme ❓ Definitely a show winer🏆 Cheers, Mr.Happy(In name only)
  5. Great job Kurt👍 Unfortunately you don’t see to many F-84F’s on the contest tables and even more rare to see a SEA camouflaged one . It’s good to see those old classic Monogram kits being built🤓 Looking forward to your next build 🤔 and keep up the great work. Cheers, Mr.Happy (In name only)
  6. Wisco8, Very nicely built, subtle weathering, and a cool livery. Question : Was this built out of the box 📦❓ Great job‼️ Mr.Happy (In name only)
  7. Don’t give up the good fight, your making great progress , learning new techniques , and kicking butt. That kit is on my to do list and I hope I can make as good a model as you have. I’m looking forward to your next post 👀🤓😎 Great job Kurt H👍 Mr. Happy (In name only)
  8. 104nut, Outstanding job 👍 Did you mix the Tamiya paints to get the Gull Grey or decant the spray can? Was that stand the Zoukei-mura carrier deck ❓ Again-Awesome job 📸😎👀😍👍 Mr.Happy (In name only)
  9. 11bee, This build gets better and better with each update. That R-2800 rocks 👍😎 Keep it rocking & rolling 🤘 Cheers, Mr. Happy (In name only)
  10. From a cursory view it looks as if ‘’POSSIBLY’’ AMK could make a early block numbered “Boat Tail”’ Cat .....Possibly. Thoughts on this ‘’May/Might” divert much of the criticism, crying, & nashing of teeth towards a kit that does not exist at this time. Of course that’s just the word on the street😜 I sincerely hope that Martin and the team at AMK can have home run with this mold and it fits as good or better than comparable kits out there today. I realize this can be frustrating to many as we have been told of many a release dates, however I try think of this as that they are refining and tweaking the mold to ensure we the customer have a great experience building it whenever it is released. Hang in there folks and stay tuned to the same Tomcat time and to same Tomcat channel. Stay Tomcatty my friends, Mr.Happy (In name only)
  11. He shoots , He scores ‼️
  12. Giovanni, Stuning work good sir. You work shows a real passion for the subject matter and is a real treat to see the progress. Keep those wonderful updates coming 📸👍 Cheers, Mr.Happy (In name only)
  13. Sahhhhhhhweeeeetttttt😎‼️ Fight threw it RKic👊🏻 Your almost there and she’s look good. Cheers, Mr.Happy (In Name Only )
  14. Zaxos345, Great work ‼️ You gatta love the early Mustang outline 😍 This is shaping up to be a awesome model and no doubt you’ll win with this at your next contest. Keep us updated , Mr. Happy (In name only)
  15. Manuel J Armas S, Thank man👍 Mr. H
  16. Manuel J Armas S. , Is that the AMK bang 💺 seat? Inquiring Modelers want to know👀😲 Mr.Happy(In name only)
  17. Bravo Zulu ‼️ Outsatnding job picknpluck. Mr.Happy (In Name only)
  18. I had a great time myself and sold a lot of “quadruplakits’’ I had in the old collection . Unfortunately I bought a bunch of stuff too. Oh well 😔, it’s part of the sickness of this hobby. Lol🤣 🍻 Cheers 🍻 Mr.Happy (In name only)
  19. 11bee, Your on the money when you added the Barracuda cockpit stencils, they really take it to the next level😲👍 This shaping up to be a real exciting build. Great work👍 Mr.Happy (In name only)
  20. R Spreckly, Very handsome paint job and looks well constructed. You can’t go wrong with those now “old Hasegawa Phantom’’ molds. They are still the most accurate in overall shape. Well done good sir✅ Mr.Happy (In name only)
  21. Harry Chu, You most certainly have out done yourself again😲😍 Great job on those burner can, they look very realistic ✅ Keep your updates coming 📸 Cheers, Mr.Happy (In name only)
  22. JesTer, That SEA paint scheme really looks so kick A👍 Great job ‼️✅ Mr.Happy (In name only)
  23. RKIC, THANKS MAN👍 I’ll give that a try . Keep up the great work. Bravo Zulu, Mr.Happy (In name only)
  24. RKic, Man you are kicking good sir👍 I too am working on the Tamiya Cat and I’m trying to or attempting to model it as a hi-viz VF-1 Wolfpack line bird. I’m dreading the masking on the nose as it has a yellow Radom tip to it and Tamiya does not give you a cheetline to follow....yikes😲🙄 Yours looks outstanding ‼️ Excelent work Mr.Happy (In name only)
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