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  1. Make sure you get an aftermarket wheel set. The kit has "C" wheels.
  2. Any GWH reps on this forum? I have some suggestions to improve your F-15's.
  3. From a guy that's spent time in and around those particular jets, he did a mighty fine job!!! If I had a critique it would be that a squadron flagship wouldn't necessarily get THAT dirty. But then again, who cares. I like it A LOT!
  4. Fun fact: The internal ladder WAS referred in the T.O. as the "primary boarding ladder" and the external, the secondary. We started to find internal ladders beginning to crack and the external became the primary.
  5. THANKS! Didn’t think about that. Appreciate the help!
  6. Has anyone seen or know of a S-211 kit somewhere on the planet? I have models of every jet I’m typed in but not of this one. I can’t dig anything up on line. Thanks in advance!
  7. He must not enjoy making money. He could make some side coin just making those.
  8. It’s a good kit. Not completely accurate but the details are better than the outdated Revell kit. It does have the incorrect MLG and missing details from the rear cockpit. For me, not a deal breaker. Overall fit is great.
  9. I believe the OV-10G has the same props as a Metroliner and MU-2. I know the engines are the same. If you can find kits of either, maybe you can cannibalize the props from one to the other. Just a thought.
  10. Didn’t know that. Thanks!
  11. I need more details on how he did it. Heck, I’d pay him to make those for me!
  12. Paging Erik Boynton!!! You built a wonderful EP-3. Can you give more details on how you made the prop disc’s? (Forgive me for re-posting your pic)
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