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  1. BoeingDriver

    F-15E, what's going on with the top of the wing?

    F-15's leak fuel from the top of the wings when the wings are full. I made the mistake of pulling a screw out one day from one that was leaking.
  2. BoeingDriver

    F-15E Loadouts

    What do you wanna know specifically? I've seen a few Strike loads during my time on the jet.
  3. LAU-114's No GPS "bump" to the right of the speed brake. No AMRAAM's or 9x's No JTIDS "knots" above and below the nose barrel. Someone already mentioned the round MAD antenna on the right tail cone and the tailhook fairing.
  4. BoeingDriver

    #8 for 2018 1/48 Tamiya P-47 Razorback 334FS 4Th FG

    Fighting Chickens!! Nice work!!!!
  5. BoeingDriver

    1/18th scale JSI F-14B Tomcat conversion

    You're an insane genius!! AWESOME work sir!
  6. BoeingDriver

    Kitty Hawk Su-34 "Fullback"

    Love it
  7. BoeingDriver

    F-15C as bombing platform?

    You missed my point...bombs cannot be carried on those CFT’s in that config. My point was that bombs can only be carried on sta’s 2, 5, & 8. LAU-106’s are for AIM’s. Also that picture represents a Strike CFT. It’s different from a light grey CFT. Fun fact: CFT’s were built by IAI.
  8. BoeingDriver

    F-15C as bombing platform?

    Good catch! I meant sta’s 2, 5, & 8. I looked funny to me too but didn’t realize it until you pointed it out.
  9. BoeingDriver

    F-15C as bombing platform?

    Be aware fellas that those conformals on those light-greys are for the carriage of LAU-106’s. Bombs cannot be carried on those CFT’s. Only on Sta 2, 4, & 5.
  10. BoeingDriver

    Phantom F-4C 1/48

    Looks real
  11. BoeingDriver

    1/32 SUU-20 Pods

    I would. It's a realistic load from where I come from. We carried SUU-20's on our Strikes all the time during surface attack bombing practice. I gotta bald spot on the top of my head because stood up underneath one.
  12. BoeingDriver

    1/32 SUU-20 Pods

    1/32 SUU-20 pods w/BDU-33's from Videoaviation The pods look great! Just missing a certain set of components that you wouldn't notice unless you've worked around SUU-20's; no big deal at all.