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  1. I worked Strikes at SJ for 9 years so here are the answers to your questions: - No Sabre Drains - No to the 2 small antennas on the bottom between the UHF/TACAN antenna's (the white square antennas are radio altimeters) - Heat exchanger inlet doors on the CFT's (up until the last few years, a -220 thing only) - JFS exhaust louvers removed - No hook fairing
  2. I tried gunmetal. Too dark. Almost look’s black.
  3. Dudes, what color are these freak'n struts??? 🤬
  4. I’m not sure, that change was made after my time around when they removed the AIC’s & replaced those w/ADP’s.
  5. I wasn't trying to correct you -- just fun facting to be fun facting. Yep, those ramp switches are in 6L/R.
  6. Fun fact -- the 50% switch is no longer tied into ramp drop during start.
  7. Actually FAST pack -- aka "CFT's" for light grays are shaped differently from Strike CFT's. Only slightly. FAST packs are more "straight" when viewing from head on that the more "rounded/bulbous" shape of the Strike CFT. Both types have a different dolly for removal and installation. Found this out while in Saudi Arabia back in the 90's trying to remove a Strike CFT using a dolly for a FAST pack. Also, Pratt powered Strike CFT's now have the same scoop as GE jets. New suite mod.
  8. Yes. The Strike is going through a new "Suite" upgrade. New wheels, tires, radar, 229 style ECS scoops on the CFT's, "tinted" windscreens, and more.
  9. Easily. However, the kit wheels are incorrect for any version of Strike. I don’t know if there are any aftermarket sets of the current wheels (last 3-5 years or so) but North Star makes a great set for Strikes (original wheel configuration).
  10. Make sure you get an aftermarket wheel set. The kit has "C" wheels.
  11. Any GWH reps on this forum? I have some suggestions to improve your F-15's.
  12. From a guy that's spent time in and around those particular jets, he did a mighty fine job!!! If I had a critique it would be that a squadron flagship wouldn't necessarily get THAT dirty. But then again, who cares. I like it A LOT!
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