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  1. Well this answers your question of 120's being carried. I'm 1000% sure 120's can only be carried on LAU-128's and LAU-106's.
  2. What year was this photo taken? I've seen it a million times and never noticed the 120. 120's can ONLY be carried on LAU-128's, so in this picture, there's a 128 on the inboard. This pic COULD be from a post DS1 sortie too. Northern or Southern Watch.
  3. The ADU-552 is the adapter for our LAU-128’s.
  4. SA-WEET!!! I never realized how much I see the F-15 in the 101. Forward avionics doorsw/the airlock fasteners. The design of those exhaust louvers.
  5. I didn't fly the Eagle, I maintained her. But fortunately, I got a couple rides in the jet and one of them was along the low-level routes in the western part of the state. I have my HUD video of us climbing over the knob on Pilot Mountain (Mt Pilot for you Mayberry folks). So yes, there are a couple of low-level routes that snake that way just west of Raleigh and Greensboro.
  6. Things may have changed since my time 94-03. When I left, we were still configing like that for the BFM portion of the syllabus.
  7. The B-course is the "basic" course for pilots and WSO's new to the jet. During the first few weeks of training, we would config for strictly A/A before SA (surface attack) would start. 99.9% of the time Strikes in the standard combat "gun" squadrons would always carry pods. The FTU's would config for A/A w/out pods at the start of every course. In the 9 years I was at SJ, the 335th and 336th configured clean maybe once that I can remember. But normal ops is w/pods.
  8. During the BFM portion of a "B-course", the jet is configured clean except the CATM-9/120.
  9. Bill, I live over in Flower Mound if you still need those.
  10. "MacDonell" 🤣🤣🤣 Nice artwork sir!
  11. The Singapore school house is up in MO. Yes, those are their aircraft, but are maintained and instructed by US airman. Same set up as their Vipers up in Luke. It's cool to see a picture of my old jet in his shots. She still leaks from the same areas!
  12. F-15's leak fuel from the top of the wings when the wings are full. I made the mistake of pulling a screw out one day from one that was leaking.
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