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  1. BoeingDriver

    Kitty Hawk Su-34 "Fullback"

    Love it
  2. BoeingDriver

    F-15C as bombing platform?

    You missed my point...bombs cannot be carried on those CFT’s in that config. My point was that bombs can only be carried on sta’s 2, 5, & 8. LAU-106’s are for AIM’s. Also that picture represents a Strike CFT. It’s different from a light grey CFT. Fun fact: CFT’s were built by IAI.
  3. BoeingDriver

    F-15C as bombing platform?

    Good catch! I meant sta’s 2, 5, & 8. I looked funny to me too but didn’t realize it until you pointed it out.
  4. BoeingDriver

    F-15C as bombing platform?

    Be aware fellas that those conformals on those light-greys are for the carriage of LAU-106’s. Bombs cannot be carried on those CFT’s. Only on Sta 2, 4, & 5.
  5. BoeingDriver

    Phantom F-4C 1/48

    Looks real
  6. BoeingDriver

    1/32 SUU-20 Pods

    I would. It's a realistic load from where I come from. We carried SUU-20's on our Strikes all the time during surface attack bombing practice. I gotta bald spot on the top of my head because stood up underneath one.
  7. BoeingDriver

    1/32 SUU-20 Pods

    1/32 SUU-20 pods w/BDU-33's from Videoaviation The pods look great! Just missing a certain set of components that you wouldn't notice unless you've worked around SUU-20's; no big deal at all.
  8. BoeingDriver

    KA Models F-15 Closed Exhaust without Turkey Feathers

    Divergent segment connecting rod 🤓 You’d be surprised there are only 5 actuators that really move the nozzle.
  9. BoeingDriver

    KA Models F-15 Closed Exhaust without Turkey Feathers

    So far as I can tell, their nozzles are VERY accurate.
  10. BoeingDriver

    F-15SA unique features

    Nothing special at all. Attached to the lower center BRU-47 rack. It looks absolutely NUTS!!
  11. BoeingDriver

    F-15SA unique features

    He's right about those tanks on the CFT's. They did the test w/183 in STL. There are pics out there somewhere.
  12. BoeingDriver

    F-15SA unique features

    CMD = Counter Measures Dispenser aka "chaff & flare"
  13. BoeingDriver

    F-15SA unique features

    Oh, I believe the cockpit is black too like the "I" model.
  14. BoeingDriver

    F-15SA unique features

    Looking at the underneath photos also show that the upper BRU racks on the CFT's; the BRU rack fairing is different as well.