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  1. Sorry, I was referring to the F-4, but thanks for the info on both.
  2. I believe you're making a mistake. Do you have a picture of the panels in question? From what I remember, from the many times I've walked on top of the jet, or pulled a panel -- you can see those pretty well.
  3. Would a Wolfpack pit for a Kinetic kit fit into a Hase?
  4. I wonder if that airplane was still around today, would it have been upgraded to the MB seats the T-38C's have?
  5. Yes and no; however, if you don't tell anyone those were viper launchers instead of LAU-128's...
  6. CFT pylons are a part of the CFT's structure. The pylons can be removed, but the CFT will no longer be serviceable. BRU-46 racks (up to 500lbs) are on the top. BRU-47's (up to 2000lbs) on the bottom, centerline, and wing pylons.
  7. I had to recover that jet when they came home from DS2.
  8. When gunship grey rolls out of paint, it has a sheen to it for a while. No Have Glass for Eagles.
  9. The way the struts sit in my two kits are angled out too far with the "trunnion" fitting flush to the bottom of the well. It gives the mains an appearance of a exaggerated "squat". The 15 does this to a certain degree, but to me, not this much.
  10. Well this answers your question of 120's being carried. I'm 1000% sure 120's can only be carried on LAU-128's and LAU-106's.
  11. What year was this photo taken? I've seen it a million times and never noticed the 120. 120's can ONLY be carried on LAU-128's, so in this picture, there's a 128 on the inboard. This pic COULD be from a post DS1 sortie too. Northern or Southern Watch.
  12. The ADU-552 is the adapter for our LAU-128’s.
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