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  1. Hi MiG Hunter, I have the same problem, got an Academy kit but I want to build an D-30 bird. I plan to cut the fin out of a styrene sheet. I think that 1.5-2 mm thickness will do. The top would need to be sanded to make it more wedge like. That's the only thing I came up with, so far. Regards
  2. The carpet monster has just hit me with Moskit metal exhaust for Me 109 G. I had no idea I had lost it.
  3. The question weather we need another model paint line or not can not be answered without considering how good the paints are, how accurate and how complete they are... Different modelers base their preference on different qualities in paints. Some modelers don't want to waste time mixing their paints. Some modelers consider ready made paints more accurate than a home made brew. Anything that is improvement to the current offer, be it a model, paint line, you name it, is welcome.
  4. Of course it's personal choice, but privacy has nothing to do with it... <--- By the way, that's my real nickname
  5. Correct or not, both the plane and the photos are done beautifully.
  6. Akan (Акан) 73005 cockpit interior (water based acrylic)
  7. I have used Humbrol flat white with Humbrol clear gloss and Testors dullcote over it. It's still white after 15+ years.
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