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  1. Hi ya-gabor, I sent you a PM. Just let me know if you’re not interested. No worries!

  2. Have that book (I’ll take anything on the subject) but have always found the title offensive. It wasn’t B-52s or EC-135s that were “killed.” A language or cultural thing, I guess. I’m working on a project I thought he’d like to see but, despite all the English-language books he’s sold, published by Western companies, he replied that he’s not interested in any business with the West—I assume because of the current conflict. His books have always had a definite slant, but I was surprised
  3. I see that phrase in practically every kit review I read. Well, a lot of them anyway. Why no harness straps? What’s the problem with harness straps? Why do kit makers routinely omit them while reviewers routinely complain about that omission? Is it a real problem? Does anyone really care? Serious questions. It would be nice to see responses from manufacturers.
  4. What’s interesting is how spoiled and entitled you guys are, given an (apparently, I’m no expert, so rip me a new one) excellent base model from which to work. Of course you can say anything you like within site rules, and I would be the first to criticize a company that tried to bamboozle customers with an inferior product.
  5. It is extremely difficult to please everyone, isn’t it? Stuff like this is why aftermarket detail vendors exist. I think it’s very kind of Kinetic to leave them a few little scraps, enabling them to put food on the table! 😀
  6. punder

    Panel lines

    Hey Nate, a friend of mine recommends 0.15mm deep/wide, a square cut basically. But my printer hasn’t arrived so I can’t verify that! And, that’s for a high-res SLA printer. With FDM you will need more post processing (i.e. filling and sanding) so you’ll just have to experiment… as will I. 3d printing is a Black Art, it’s easy to summon the demons accidentally… Fortunately there are (probably literally) millions of YT videos on the subject. Many of them, heck most of them, center on gaming figurines, but still plenty of info about the process, for every make and model of printer. T
  7. punder

    Panel lines

    I found something that works better than my previous methods—using a solid body as the cutting profile.
  8. punder

    Panel lines

    Just throwing this out there… I’m using Solidworks to design an airplane model for 3d printing. My biggest problem is engraved panel lines. I recently learned a procedure for making them, but it is cumbersome and laborious. You’d think this would be an obvious, intuitive operation in 3d modeling, but nooooo. Believe me, I’ve searched. Do you use 3d CAD, and if so, how do you make your panel lines? I realize you might not want to divulge your secrets, but here’s hoping!
  9. A-12 would offer several cool finishes, from bare metal to various versions of black-and-bare to all black, and make a better starting point for the M-21. It was also sleeker (and faster) and had a Viet Nam combat record. Wish someone would get the marketing courage to tackle The Original.
  10. So, if I have a CAD model of an airplane, and want to sell it as a 3d printed kit, what is the best vendor for that? Asking for a friend.
  11. Anyone who has the brass to take on any existing Flagon kit with the intention of making it as true to the real thing as possible—that modeler has my appreciation!
  12. I'd like to buy some missiles. Does anyone here know who handles this brand in the US? Thanks!
  13. I just saw a review of the GWH T-33 and it looks really nice. One of my favorite cheesy 50's sci-fi movies is "This Island Earth" which features a T-33. Could I persuade any of you decal makers to add this scheme to your upcoming Shooting Star sheets? http://www.impdb.org/index.php?title=This_Island_Earth Glow-in-the-dark green paint optional...
  14. Deepest condolences, Terry. Hang in there as best you can.
  15. Su-15s did buddy tanker tests but don't know if they were the first.
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