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  1. What? Those are exactly the things that make the Su-15 so wonderful! 😍
  2. Glenmorangie 10-year, best bang for the buck in single malts.
  3. Maybe it's just me, but I don't find jokes about the downfall of a small and enthusiastic company to be very funny.
  4. Excellent post. Thank you for that.
  5. Thanks Andrea. And, looking at your avatar, I congratulate you on your excellent taste in rocket hardware. 😀
  6. F-14 ignoramus here... Could someone, uh, highlight the slime lights and explain what's wrong with them?
  7. Wow, these seem to be few and far between. Any leads would be much appreciated!
  8. That would be absolutely awesome.
  9. On this subject, I'm collecting opinions in "Tools n Tips." If you guys would reply to my post there, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks, Patrick
  10. I'm talking about small panel-line details that differ between, say, two production runs of the same aircraft. For example, a small access hatch added to a previously blank panel. Would you prefer the kit manufacturer to mold the hatch into the panel, so that, if you want to omit it, you have to sand and fill the molded detail? Or would you rather the manufacturer leave the panel blank, but include instructions, or even a template, for you to inscribe in the missing detail yourself?
  11. Yes, the Trumpeter Flagon was... not a Flagon. Just always on the lookout for a new Su-15 kit!
  12. Mr Matt Foley, I'm pointing at you, doing the alien-scream like Donald Sutherland in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. ;) Ah well, to each his own!
  13. Apparently Juan does, and I want to find out what it is!! :) Like you Brad, I am Fascinated by the Flagon. I'd love to see a great kit.
  14. Hey Juan, can you elaborate on that???
  15. I think it's fair to remember that small companies like AMK are more likely to offer off-the-beaten-path subjects that Tamiya or Hasegawa would never go near. Also, AMK cares about accuracy and fidelity to the prototype, and listens to that small group of crazies that also cares. Some other "new entrants" can't be bothered--as they crank out substandard kit after kit.
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