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  1. Thank you, now I just need the rest of the airframe! 😅
  2. I asked. Their response indicated there are more pressing matters in their country to deal with first.
  3. Given AMP's increasing range of helicopter kits I've suggested a JetRanger in various scales to MikroMir, they have shown some interest however they have more pressing concerns right now. I for one would love 206Bs with high skids in 1/48 and 1/32.
  4. I've just asked but given MikroMir is based in Ukraine I expect they have more pressing matters. Fingers crossed all is well with their team.
  5. I sent a Facebook private message to MikroMir about the 1/32 TH-55:
  6. Beautiful work CB, what a stunner!
  7. I like it! I'm not familiar with that colour scheme, it's rather pleasing.
  8. I hate to be "that guy" but there's an existing thread here. 😉
  9. Thank you gents! ...although one of the team responsible for her importation to Australia pointed out a missing wing roundel!
  10. Hi all, This Mitchell, 44-86791, was restored in the USA in the early 1980s for an Australian group called Aero Heritage which had been searching for a B-25 to fly as a warbird to acknowledge the type's RAAF service. Ownership later passed to the Australian War Memorial which controversially sold the aircraft to the Yanks Air Museum at Chino, where it remains today. This is the old Italeri 1/72 Mitchell kit built basically out-of-the box with DK Decals for the RAAF markings, while the distinctive Esso tiger noseart was designed and printed for my by a friend in the UK. Thank you
  11. A beautiful job Jay, and I love that you used Sam Shepard as the model for your Yeager figure. I really need to rewatch that movie...
  12. That looks fantastic, congratulations! I do love prototype and test models and this is a fine example. Bravo!
  13. Thanks gents! She was rather tickled 🙂
  14. Sock Scheme? "What's that young Kiwi up to now?" I hear you ask. Well, one day last year my wife Sam was out shopping and happened upon a pair of socks with planes on that she thought I'd quite like: My first thought was "That looks like a Wildcat!" Second thought was "I wonder how it would look on a model..." Sam got me the 1/72 Airfix F4F-4 Wildcat model for Christmas here's the result. She loves it!
  15. I did, and the build looks beautiful so far - no hint of the troubles you've had!
  16. Airfix has announced a brand-new Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXc kit in 1/24 scale, consisting of 433 parts! Box art: CAD: Markings options: With this and the previously announced Kotare Models 1/32 Mk.Ia I predict an expensive but happy year for Spitfire modellers!
  17. I had a blast building one of these (CAF Ghost Squadron boxing) as an 18yo, it was great fun and I too was impressed with the details. I'm excited to see yours progress!
  18. And here I am, just wanting a state-of-the-art YF-12A in 1/72! Great pics and discussion, folks.
  19. That comes through with your attention to detail - it's stirring my dormant desire to build one of my own!
  20. Me too. Love the Venom, very excited to see this kit!
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