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  1. Dragon Star Wars models.

    These large scale model kits are grails to many of us. It's a shame if Dragon has indeed dropped the line.
  2. Moebius 1/72 Scale Interstellar Ranger

    Loved the film and love your rendition of the Ranger. Great job.
  3. 10th AF - 50th Anniversary "Makos" F-16 scheme

    Just checking on the status of this set.
  4. Dragon Star Wars models.

    The 1/35 scale AT-AT is a must-get. (As is the snowspeeder). I have a pre-order through Free Time Hobbies. Hopefully we'll see these kits (as well as the Bandai large scale Star Destroyer) soon...
  5. 25% New Year's Sale!!!

    I forgot to mention that my book and decals arrived safely as well. Thanks again!
  6. Build The Millennium Falcon!

    I've got one more shipment left, if not mistaken. #25. I think it will include the wall mounting display bracket but I'm not sure. My plan was to wait until I had received the entire subscription before getting started on the build. As several have already stated, best to wait and see what after-market parts are available before tackling this expensive build. It also allows better initial planning in regards to lighting and effects. I've got a number of TonyRR's 3D printed options, as well as Paragrafix and the underside lighting kit from the chap in England. As previously stated, this will be the end-all, do-all version of the Falcon for me, so I want to make sure I do it right.
  7. 10th AF - 50th Anniversary "Makos" F-16 scheme

    Fantastic! Please let me know if you need any additional photo references. I'll be happy to send them your way.
  8. Hello! Would love to see a 1/48th scaled decal set of this sharp looking bird... I just emailed you in regards to this cool looking paint scheme, which I saw just a couple of weeks ago at the "Wings Over Homestead" airshow at Homestead ARB, Florida. I can provide additional photos from different angles as well. Thanks
  9. The Scale Viper

    I picked up the initial release and HIGHLY recommend it. Jake, any other modeling guides planned for the future?
  10. All 135 Space Shuttle launches at once!!!

    Very cool. At 2:34 it gets quite somber...
  11. Some good books already mentioned so I won't repeat them but here are a few more: "Last Man on the Moon" - Gene Cernan "Carrying the Fire : An Astronaut's Journeys" - Michael Collins "A Man on the Moon" - Andrew Chaikin (3 volume boxed set) An amazing set.
  12. Unbelievable work and attention to detail, Manfred. It's always inspiring to see the progress of this project. Thanks for sharing.
  13. I'm doing a group-build with another bud of mine. We're trying to stay sane as we each work on our own Dragon 1/72 scale Saturn V model... The instructions are awful, the parts are ill-fitting, detailing is rather lacking but aside from all of that, it's a fine kit! It's been a slow going build, as we try to meet once a week to work on the kits but sometimes life gets in the way. Looking forward to finishing this one up...
  14. Flying Leathernecks Decals FL48011 USMC KC-130J

    Order placed! Thanks for offering these, Dave.