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  1. Excellent set of photos, Gregg! Thanks again for sharing.
  2. Slick build. Love your rendition of the Desert Storm Eagle.
  3. Fantastic build! Love the paint applications and weathering.
  4. beautiful job on the weathering. I particularly like the different shades on the exhaust pipes. You've really captured the heat caused "rusty" look.
  5. My order just arrived via UPS. Took just two days from when order was placed. I highly recommend Hobby Nut Models. I also use Sprue Bros and Scale Hobbyist and have I don't remember having any issues with either.
  6. I expected to see actual 1/32 scaled humans working on the helicopter!
  7. Got my order in this morning at HobbyNut Models and has already shipped out.
  8. Excellent Phantom builds! Love the finish.
  9. Cool looking scheme. I would definitely pick it up as a 1/48 decal for the Wolfpack kit.
  10. Will definitely do! Thank you so much!
  11. Thank you, Arnaud. The order arrived yesterday and I'm looking forward to the project. I hope that I can at least come close to ORANGF15guy's great build.
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