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  1. FlyAndFight

    January releases

    Ah, ok. Thanks! (Patiently waiting...) ;)
  2. FlyAndFight

    January releases

    "CD48130: 1/48 F-16C Anniversary Vipers" Does this set include the "World Famous Makos"??
  3. FlyAndFight

    Dragon Star Wars models.

    These large scale model kits are grails to many of us. It's a shame if Dragon has indeed dropped the line.
  4. FlyAndFight

    Moebius 1/72 Scale Interstellar Ranger

    Loved the film and love your rendition of the Ranger. Great job.
  5. FlyAndFight

    10th AF - 50th Anniversary "Makos" F-16 scheme

    Just checking on the status of this set.
  6. FlyAndFight

    Dragon Star Wars models.

    The 1/35 scale AT-AT is a must-get. (As is the snowspeeder). I have a pre-order through Free Time Hobbies. Hopefully we'll see these kits (as well as the Bandai large scale Star Destroyer) soon...
  7. FlyAndFight

    25% New Year's Sale!!!

    I forgot to mention that my book and decals arrived safely as well. Thanks again!
  8. FlyAndFight

    Build The Millennium Falcon!

    I've got one more shipment left, if not mistaken. #25. I think it will include the wall mounting display bracket but I'm not sure. My plan was to wait until I had received the entire subscription before getting started on the build. As several have already stated, best to wait and see what after-market parts are available before tackling this expensive build. It also allows better initial planning in regards to lighting and effects. I've got a number of TonyRR's 3D printed options, as well as Paragrafix and the underside lighting kit from the chap in England. As previously stated, this will be the end-all, do-all version of the Falcon for me, so I want to make sure I do it right.
  9. FlyAndFight

    10th AF - 50th Anniversary "Makos" F-16 scheme

    Fantastic! Please let me know if you need any additional photo references. I'll be happy to send them your way.
  10. Hello! Would love to see a 1/48th scaled decal set of this sharp looking bird... I just emailed you in regards to this cool looking paint scheme, which I saw just a couple of weeks ago at the "Wings Over Homestead" airshow at Homestead ARB, Florida. I can provide additional photos from different angles as well. Thanks
  11. FlyAndFight

    The Scale Viper

    I picked up the initial release and HIGHLY recommend it. Jake, any other modeling guides planned for the future?
  12. FlyAndFight

    All 135 Space Shuttle launches at once!!!

    Very cool. At 2:34 it gets quite somber...
  13. Some good books already mentioned so I won't repeat them but here are a few more: "Last Man on the Moon" - Gene Cernan "Carrying the Fire : An Astronaut's Journeys" - Michael Collins "A Man on the Moon" - Andrew Chaikin (3 volume boxed set) An amazing set.
  14. Unbelievable work and attention to detail, Manfred. It's always inspiring to see the progress of this project. Thanks for sharing.