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  1. I've been a huge fan of your website, Habu, for many, many years. Thank you for all of the work that you put into it. Truly appreciated.
  2. I do as well but may pick this one up as well, just in case I screw up the decal set.
  3. Still waiting for my AMK F-14 kit but I did receive two sets of their weapons set and it is fantastic.* A good quantity of a variety of stores and weapons. I haven't yet done the red line/blue line comparisons but so far, they look to the mark I eyeball. *As far as I can tell...
  4. They do have the AMK US Ordnance set 1 on sale for Cyber Monday, though. I picked up two sets.
  5. Yet another automatic pre-order.
  6. Thanks for that pic, Andreas. Wow, that outboard engine position looks WAY off...
  7. Truly impressive, all around. Build, paint-apps, weathering, etc... Excellent job!
  8. Beautiful build, Andrew! It is these types of builds that have me wanting to pick up the model kit, even though I had no intentions of doing so. (Now to look for a good deal...) 😉
  9. I've got an AMK F-14 kit on pre-order and am looking forward to seeing it in-hand but I have to admit, it does feel like a mixed bag. I see some great ingenuity mixed in with some unnecessary errors. It truly is a shame that the errors were not caught and/or addressed before manufacturing started.
  10. I did. I reached out to them on the status and they said it should go out in November...
  11. It bears repeating - beautiful job on a very difficult finish. Also love the cockpit detailing.
  12. To be honest, I'm not seeing a HUGE difference in fidelity of detailing compared to the venerable Monogram kit. I'll wait for the build reviews before considering placing an order. I will say that an "F" version would have been easier to pre-order.
  13. Cool. I've got about 4 of the Hasegawa kits on a holding pattern... 😉
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