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  1. Excellent news. The three decal sets will be automatic orders, as well be the intake sheet from BAM Models. Thanks for the update!
  2. Ready to order these two ASAP!
  3. Amazing work, all around. That camo work is amazing.
  4. Great looking viper from the "World Famous Makos!". I had a very small role helping out with that decal set, too. Always a blast to see a Mako build.
  5. Mine just arrived today from Kolewinski56. The kit looks very good. Kudos for ICM for releasing this long wished for version. Hope to start it soon.
  6. Excellent progress on this project! I've got the "Top Gun" decal set and will definitely refer to your build as a great reference. Thank you.
  7. What an incredible build. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Finally ordered my F-82 Twin Mustang kit! I can retire my Modelcraft kit to the donation box, as I don't think that there will be any parts to utilize on the newer kit...
  9. Thanks for the link. I wasn't aware of that online shop. I placed an order with them, just now.
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