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  1. The HTS pod and its mounting pylon remained in Neutral Gray. Cheers, Dennis
  2. Yet another effort to sap our Precious Bodily Fluids. Cheers, Dennis
  3. The ECM pod should be 36270. Cheers, Dennis
  4. I would be surprised to see a Bullpup at that time. By the end of the Vietnam conflict very few units wanted anything to do with it. Cheers, Dennis
  5. Mark, Two nice sheets there mate. Glad to see you are surviving the pandemic. Cheers, Dennis
  6. That's a nice variety of subjects and colors on the free sheet and sheet 132. Cheers, Dennis
  7. I think the point was they already have two AMRAAMS and an AIM-9X to shoot prior to the AIM-9M at anybody that can get through all of the escort fighters. I think that qualifies as more than a couple of their best pieces mate. Cheers, Dennis
  8. Are we talking OPSEC about a U.S. Navy aircraft on a website run by a Canadian and where many of the posters do not live in the United States? Cheers, Dennis
  9. After checking the links I see that you have the correct tail number for Ritchie's jet, unlike another decal manufacturer who is crowing about how accurate their sheet is, when they have the wrong tail number for that jet. Cheers, Dennis
  10. Mark, Looking forward to this one; I particularly like the B-24s. Cheers, Dennis
  11. Finally! I've been hoping you would do WW II stuff. I have no intention of building 10 of anything from the same unit in either modern jets or WW II aircraft, so this is long overdue for me. Cheers, Dennis
  12. Mark, Very nice sheets, I particularly like the AT-38. Cheers, Dennis
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