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  1. Mr Thunderjet Hisself here, bought one of these, promptly handed it over to Harold aka AMS Resin for him to do his thing. I generally only build 48th scale but will proly condescend to build this one ... just for the HOI. That is, when AMS Hisself hands over completed resin. Yup, proly. As for my F-84 model photos, you can find them here. http://birdphoto.smugmug.com/Hobbies/F-84-Models/F-84-Models/18323561_td8XDW#1410866158_w7DpVMf
  2. I have that kit, decals look fine to me. And, check this link on this forum. http://s362974870.onlinehome.us/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=232548&st=0&p=2217280&hl=thunderjet&fromsearch=1entry2217280
  3. History sez it was a USAF political decision related to getting funding for aircraft because of the Korean conflict. North American was also affected as the Sabre Dog was originally the YF-95A. 49-2430 progressed through a series of designations, originally did not have the fiberglass-tape canopy braces, originally called Thunderjet, then Thunderstreak. It was the Thunderstreak prototype, then later, modified to test AV for FICON (as it now exists) that lead the way to the RF-84K Thunderflash. Probably for some misguided promo by ... who knows ..., the second YF-84F SN 51-1344 with deepened fu
  4. Hey Erik, I'd like an update on Have Blue progress. I don't have your private email so I can't contact you directly. If project is stalled, I'd like to have my canopy returned.
  5. Summer Homes You know, those out houses ... some'er fer men and some'er fer wimin!
  6. My best wishes to you. Not the easiest thing to endure in life, but advances in medical practice have made open heart relatively routine. My wife worked surgery for open heart/heart transplant for over 20 years so I've gotten some "news" over the years of the advances. Also, one transplant she worked was an unusual procedure and needed to be photographed. The staff photographers were not available so the lead surgeon called me in (my wife managed to convince him I could to the deed without creating a second medical emergency) and I spent eight hours in the room photographing the pertinent step
  7. Squadron had metal set in their catalog recently. You might check their web site.
  8. RF-84F-46-RE 53-7654 Luftwaffe EB+368. This was a serious bash using Heller/Fonderie 48th, Monogram F-84F, AMS Resin detail set, my PE speed brake/wing fence set, and scratch built camera installation. rf-84f-46-re-53-7654-r2136.jpg rf-84f-46-re-53-7654-a2173.jpg M-12/D-21 bash using Testors 48th SR-71 and YF-12 with Eagles Talon vac drone. Build was modeled after the AV in the Museum at Boeing Field in Seattle. Washington. The cockpit/drone controller area is quite different from any of the other Blackbirds so took some time to get the contours revised. m-21-d21-lo-60-6940-a1819.jpg
  9. Just got the "new" release Chematic/Gomix F-84 Thunderjet 48th scale. It is from Poland, Polish instructions. But, and here is the fun part ... TaDa ... it is tagged "The Testors Corporation" on the internal bag. Yup, it is the Hawk/Testors F-84D all over again, but with decals for F-84G-16-RE 51-10460 FS-460. I suspect this must be one of the kits from a batch Testors apparently produced and bulk-packed, some of which showed up on eBay recently as a box of (if I remember correctly) 40 kits. Excellent box art* and, though minimal, the decals are well printed. Amazingly, considering how ancient
  10. Erik, thanks for the update. (I see you are also "on the forum" right now; cool!) Of course, I'm "afterburner on" waiting for the Have Blue.
  11. I'll catch up ... sooner or later! My build is of RF-84F-46-RE 53-7654 Luftwaffe EB+368. This was a serious bash using 48th scale Heller and Fonderie RF-84Fs, Monogram F-84F, AMS Resin detail set, my PE speed brake/wing fence set, scribed panel lines, and scratch built camera installation. Build did, in fact, use one each Heller and Fonderie because the Fonderie fuselage was so warped I could not get the halves to line up so I went to my stash and used the fuselage from a Heller kit. The cameras were made with RenShape, brass tubing, and clear formation lenses from the parts box. I matched
  12. Erik, what is the progress on Have Blue? I presume you received the canopy I sent.
  13. Erik, I got your message, could not reply, says your mailbox is full. I will get the canopy into the mail to you Tuesday. Mingwin, as for the Attic kit, referencing is as "crap" is insulting to crap. It may resemble Have Blue, but nothing except the canopy area is 1/48th and it varies from there to 1/56th. Wing sweep is wrong, castings are pitted and the two fuselage halves are big blobs of resin that the resin gear provided could not support. And that's the good news. IMHO, the only usable part of the kit is the canopy. Unfortunately for my pocketbook, the Attic kit is not the only "gotta ha
  14. I have most of the 48th scale geometry in Master Cam, also have the junk-which-poses-as-a-kit from Attic and it is not 48th scale. Interestingly, according to my measurements, the vac canopy from the Attic kit is exactly the right size for 48th scale and it seems to me to be the only useful part from the kit. You want it? I can mail it.
  15. Here is a better drawing of the cameras (the other one clearly "copied" from this one). There was a curved window for the vertical camera. There was also a window for the viewfinder that had a door to cover it when not being used. The "scope" was not a radar (if anyone thought it so) but was the display for the viewfinder. Camera stations: http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o146/Pl...tations-800.jpg And camera options: http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o146/Pl...ections-800.jpg Another photo of instrument panel: http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o146/Pl...anel-01-800.jpg My HelFonMon
  16. Two photos of my Battle of Britain 48th scale FW-200 C-3 F8+BL, one at the show, one on my workbench. I used Model Master enamels for the RLM 72/73 camo scheme and the color difference is almost nil. http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o146/Pl...9-550d-800x.jpg http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o146/Pl...80-40d-800x.jpg
  17. Just an FWIW comment: Seems to me the best starting point would be to contact the seller before resorting to a forum. I recently had an issue with a new and obviously unopened kit from a major mfr that was absent the decals. I contacted the (online) hobby shop and they took care of getting the decals from the mfr for me. On the other hand, hopefully the responses to this matter confirm their integrity for others who may have questions.
  18. Getti Tonanti decals in 48th are found on Microscale sheet 48112. Can't find any? I have an extra ...
  19. Each has good and bad points. The fuselage on the RevMonProMod is closer to correct than the Tamiya, and the tail shape is correct in profile but the Tamiya is not. The wings on the Tamiya are closer to correct than the RMPM but the tanks on the Tamiya are too big where the RMPM tanks measure nearly perfectly (dimensions provided to me by a friend who took a tape to the "E" at Dayton). I have two gripes with RMPM; the nose gear is very flimsy (have not experienced any problems with the main gear but the Tamiya main gear is more-better so to speak), and the fuselage aft of the canopy has a dif
  20. There is a difference in the "G" block numbers. Suck-in doors commenced on F-84G Block 20; earlier blocks, such as Block 5, did not have the suck-in doors, so were like the "E" that did not have them. And, yes, there was the Rece version of the F-84G, but not an official production item from Republic. They were field modified by adding cameras either under fuselage centerline or to the nose of Fletcher tanks or both. RF-84G is not an official USAF or Republic designation, just so-called because that is what they became in practice with the mods. There were two versions of the fuselage camera
  21. Well, looks like I'm the last one to get the word that this Italeri 2682 F-84F is a the Kinetic kit in a purty box with really purty decals. "New tools"? HA! I bought the kit, got it today (Tuesday, 28th). Somebody needs to make a correct resin nose for this kit. That one item would help salvage this bust-up kit. I'm not of a mind to excuse the lack of due diligence on the part of Kinetic as they just had to rip off Monogram and Tamiya instead of doing their own research. Were they just plain too lazy to put the time into making it right? Cost of tooling? Doesn't cost any more to do it rig
  22. I have 20 sets. 10 Bucks US including shipping within US by USPS first class. If outside US, I will need your address to determine mailing cost to your location. Email me at f84thunderjet@yahoo.com for address and payment info, and PayPal is one option for payment if you have a PayPal account. Photo is dry fit of parts on port wing. Bruce.
  23. Modeling a G series does not always require the missing kit's parts suck-in doors. Suck-in doors were not added to F-84G until block 20, Serial 51-1227 and after. However, some earlier G series were retrofitted with the suck-in doors. For purposes, of "accuracy," check photos -- presuming some are available -- of the G series you wish to model to determine whether it was block 20 or later or, if earlier block, had the suck-in doors retrofitted.
  24. VERY nice! AND, great to see a lady showing off her modeling skills.
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