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  1. Thanks to all the folks who have helped me shrink the stash. Here is a sample of some of the kits I have yet to sell. For a complete list of kits, just pm your email and I will send a complete list. Make me an offer I am very motivated to shrink the stash. Please include your zip code so I can estimate the shipping. 3 or more kits = free shipping AMT/ERTL P-40F #8795 P-40K #8794 P-40N #8798 HobbyCraft P-40C #HC1451 Sea Fury #HC1583 w/ Cooper Detail set for Sea Fury #CD4802 Sea Fury #HC1531 w/ Cooper Detail set for S
  2. Hello, Once again, I present a two week build...love this kit. I assembles nicely and give plenty of room to make many variants of the Mustang. This is for the local IPMS Region 3 RL Scott Chapter club build for Mustangs coming in Dec. On this kit only a few decals were used, inside the cockpit mostly. and four outside. All the markings Y2C, roundels were masked. I also used the Anesty airbrush and compressor. for painting, but the camo airbrushing was the Mr Hobby PS270. I had purchased this set from Amazon for
  3. January is the month I break out builds from The Naughty Closet and see if I can get them wrapped up. With 2 done, 2 moving to completion and 2 right back in there where they belong AND with the added bonus of Gibson Brands shutting down production due to Captain Trips, it's time to get these underway. Here's the box art: I'll not lose a minute of sleep over never considering the old Classic Airframes release and coincidentally enough, this release got a whole lot cheaper when Airfix announced theirs. The plan is to do a pair of 264 Squadron Defiants; one the da
  4. Hello! This is my recent project, a classic WW2 warbird. Nice kit, everything went well. Unfortunately, the clear part, which would allow to build a full open canopy, came damaged beyond repair. It had a L shape hole right on the top. So, I had to make it half open. Anyway, the plastic is very thin and clear so we can see a lot of details inside. Eduard PE were used. Hope you enjoy! Cheers!
  5. Thought I should start this one, as a in-between-other-stuff project. More emphasis will be given to the external surfaces and I will try to stay away from any complex additions etc... So, I begun with adding a few panel lines and creating some stretched metal effect.
  6. Gonna be full filling my word this week and will be looking at another Spitfire. This week's kit is Airfix's Spitfire Mk. 22/24 in 1/48th scale.
  7. Hi! Here my latest work. Additions-Xdecal, Eduard brass, Pilot pitot, Armory wheels, Quickboost small intakes & antennaes I tried to make the faded appearance. Hope You like it
  8. Just arrived from Microscale the new FCM decals for Super Lynx, both in 1/72 and 1/48 scale. These two decals offer seven versions among brazilian (3 versions), portuguese (2 versions) and british (1 version), with enough stencils for one of each country (three complete models). The 1/48 decal is suitable for Airfix kit 10107 and HobbyBoss kit for 1/72. The versions are the same in both scales. FCM 48050 FCM 72048
  9. A 1/24 scale F6F Hellcat... No, I didn't miss-type that scale 😮 (and I will be getting a couple)
  10. My first airliner build that I did for a little Group Build challenge over on Airliner Civil Aircraft Modeller. I used the stand from an Tamiya Spitfire and decals from Airliners Unlimited that I got from Hannetts for less than 2 quid. As you can see I had a little trouble with the tail decal, I had to cut out the name and apply it over the painted tail as the decal shattered. I also masked and painted the cheat line rather than use the decal supplied. I also think airliners just look better 'in flight'.
  11. Hello dear modelers, I've just built this premiere kit recently released by Airfix: Giovanni is me while Francesco is my 8 years nephew. He helped me a lot building it. I.e. he did the aluminium color aerography. The model was a present I gave him some time ago. The kit was built OOB in four days and actually just misses the pitot. Must say I love Airfix that offer us a kit of such a striking subject for a price of about 11 Eur. Here some pictures:
  12. So, as this is the year of the SoD clean-up, I pulled this 'gem' from the pack. This is the original 1966 Craft Master release. I got it as a freebie thrown in on a purchase a while back. It was started and rough. I got the seams cleaned up after much putty and sanding. The prior builder used a combination of Squadron Green Putty and super glue for the seam work. Also, the nose had been chipped to the point that they added some super glue and styrene to rebuild it. I trimmed that, puttied it and cleaned it up. That's where she stands. Our very own Ken J. was kind enough to answer my call for
  13. I started this for the Recce Birds, Part Deux GB back in July last year Build thread here . After seeing @Nanook's thread on his Revell build I dusted mine off to continue with it. So I will continue the build here (until I lose interest again ) Hmmm.... 8 months on the side table of doom, not bad! As in my usual manner, I see @Nanook building the same type as me (different scale in this case) I decided to drag mine off the side table of doom (no room on the shelves at the moment) and see where it is at. As I recalled I had to c
  14. Updated 2/27/2018 Hello everyone, Prices do not include shipping, and I'd recommend keeping this in the USA because of shipping costs. However, if you really want a kit and are willing to pay for the outrageous shipping charges, we can talk. Payment can be via PayPal--friends and family is appreciated but not expected or required. Money orders will also work. Because it's a purge, no trades at this time. ---1/24 SCALE KITS--- Airfix Hawker Typhoon Mk.Ib bubbletop 19002 -- $120 ---1/32 SCALE KITS--- Academy F/A-18C Horn
  15. Hello All, I'm looking for a set of the Airfix kit decals of FX F. If someone can spare a set we can talk about a trade or something. Thanks Moe
  16. built these two a while ago. I have always been fascinated with the captured aircraft markings from WWII. The Messershpit is the Tamiya MkVb with fusion resin conversion set which I have to say is superb and caused me very few issues. I also added a Yahu instrument panel and Eduard harness. Painted using Vallejo in the 'alternstive' scheme to the main stream thinking, but has a strong possibility of being correct in terms of the blue underside. The BF 109 is an OOB from Airfix club edition. Again lovley set!
  17. Hello partners Here I show you a set of models that belonged to the German military force sent to North Africa. There are 4 different brands of models, trumpeter, tamiya, italeri and airfix. A greeting friends
  18. SPITFIRE MK XII - SUSSEX, ENGLAND 1943 (AIRFIX 1/48) Spitfire MK XII - Airfix 1/48 For the first time in more than 25 years I've built an 1/48th scale model. This was a Kris-Kringle present and I decided to build it despite not being my preferred scale. So here we go! This new tooling Airfix kit is really very nicely done, excellent details and fine and crisp engraved panel lines. Also the fit is just perfect and I haven't use putty at all. The decals has two options and I decided to do one flown by South Australian RAAF Flight Lieutnant Donald Smith. Don
  19. I find my interest in all things Soviet and Russian has waned for the time being and would like to convert some of my stash into cash for future projects. I've got a small selection of kits but most come with aftermarket detail sets / parts all are 1/48 scale and are unstarted. See my listings here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/ant_phillips/m.html?item=182477901650&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Thanks for looking and happy modelling. Ant
  20. Sorry! Posted in the wrong forum Moved to: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/300098-spitfire-mkxii-sussex-england-1943/
  21. Here's the Airfix Opel Blitz and PaK 40 from an MPC boxing. The Blitz has some acetate windows plus I masked and applied multiple layers of primer to define the bottoms of the window flaps. The kit piece just had them blend into the rest of the bed cover, I suppose so the part would release from the mold. Paint is Tamiya sand over Vallejo Panzer gray, revealed by the AK chipping fluid process. The Pak had the muzzle brake drilled out and the channel in the mount that the gun slides on in recoil whittled out. Paint is Model Master. Both are weathered with pastels.
  22. Thinning the herd …. Sold items have been removed. Shipping not included (will ship worldwide). Payment via PayPal to rony270120@gmail.com (sent as friends/family only) No trades at this time. Please advise with ship-to zip code with your response. Send inquiries to rony270120@gmail.com Please no PM’s 1/48 Kits $55 Alley Cat, Shorts Tucano T.1 "Current RAF" (ACRK 48-03) - Full resin kit $16 Airfix, Spitfire PR.XIX (A05119) $16 Airfix, Westland Lynx AH-7 (A09101) $38 Airfix, Augusta Merlin HC3 (A14101) $20 Classic Airframes, Fairey Battle Trainer (No.4
  23. Thinning the herd …. Sold items have been removed. Shipping not included (will ship worldwide). Payment via PayPal to rony270120@gmail.com (sent as friends/family only) No trades at this time. Please advise with ship-to zip code with your response. Send inquiries to rony270120@gmail.com Please no PM’s 1/48 Kits $55 Alley Cat, Shorts Tucano T.1 "Current RAF" (ACRK 48-03) - Full resin kit $16 Airfix, Spitfire PR.XIX (AO5119) $38 Airfix, Augusta Merlin HC3 (A14101) $20 Classic Airframes, Fairey Battle Trainer (No.429) - Resin $40 Hase
  24. Hello gang, My entry for this GB will be Airfix's new Whitley bomber done up as a coastal command sub-hunter. The Whitley had a quintessentially 1930s British design aesthetic, meaning it wasn't the prettiest aircraft in the hangar. The type was designed for night bombing, but was obsolescent by the start of World War II. They were retired from front-line service in early 1942, but continued as paratroop transports, early ECM platforms, and in the long range maritime patrol-bomber role. The example I am building is of an aircraft from 502 squadron, which flew North Atla
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