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An old school C-17A

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Nice artwork!

I have always thought the white over gray paint job was nice. Probably cooler for the crew as well.

Funny thing about low contrast gray or any other camouflage for that matter, you can't hide from radar and at low level, the plane still casts a big dark shadow moving along the ground.

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Howzis grab ya? Pretty sexy, eh?



Way cool, as always, Jennings!

I've got some old McDD "artists misconception" artwork that shows the C-17 in this very scheme. Always intended to do a C-17 model in this scheme and now you've re-energized my desire.

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The camo on it looks really nice, I wonder what Night Intruder would look like on the C-17.

Scary thing being, the RCAF has C-17's now if I recall, in the name of (finally) getting some Strategic Airlift capacity. Love the hercs (I swore when I was on summer training in the cadets by CFB Trenton they were part of the local wildlife) but they just can't lift some of the heavier stuff, and lack of domestic Lift capacity is why the Leopards were retired and Stryker MGS were considered for their replacement, so it's nice to see some heavy lift in our markings.

Perhaps NMF is a bad idea, but why not RAF High Speed Silver instead?

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