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Hasegawa, 1/48 Mustang. KMC detail set and Arrow graphics 442 City of Vancouver squadron markings that all came in the traded kit.

Wouldn't really recommend the detail set. I think most of the detail in the kit is better. My seat fell apart so I used the kit seat. The side walls were zero improvement over the kit.

The control panel is much better and of course the dropped flaps are nice.



Here are a couple with an 402 City of Winnipeg squadron Mustang.



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Got this one done. This will be my last Mustang as I don't have anymore in the stash. Beautiful kit as always.

Tamiya F-51 kit built oob with minor added seatbelts. Aeromaster decals.








I screwed up and apparently ripped off one of the prop decals so I have yet to search stash for another yellow stencil, or remove them and replace with the white stencils that came with the kit, or just remove them and have the HS decals solely. You can see in the 3rd pic.

Otherwise it's up on the shelf.


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LOVELY build Kris.. :jaw-dropping::jaw-dropping:

I think WE have some really BRILLIANTLY talented modelers who know their stuff on here at ARC...

well done Guys... :worship::worship::worship:

and HAPPY THANKSGIVING Guys.....Happy Holidays to you all... :nanner::banana:

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