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What did you just finish building?

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Along the lines of the "What did you get at the hobby store today."

What did you finish today? What model is now on the shelf collecting dust? Your latest accomplishment?

I'll start........

Today I finished 2 Hasegawa Sea Kings 1/48 scale,

One was built as Canadian CH-12438 as it looked in 1975.

The other is 12438 as it looked last month before it crashed off the coast of Denmark.

Both are now on display at air support hobbies and both were built for the Helicopter group build.

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Today I finished nothing. Yesterday I finished nothing. However, the day before...I finished nothing too.

On the shelf, I have nothing. The last time I finished a model was probably in about 1991, just after Desert Storm. With college and dating and marriage and all that, I haven't built since about 1991 though have been warming up with a few kits in 2005 and should finish an F6F-5 Hellcat pretty soon if I can just settle on a scheme (Minsi III or USS Santee markings.) I've learned a lot from this forum but have not completed anything just yet.

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The only aircraft I've finished since 2004, done a week ago. Believe it or not, I converted an Old Tool 1/72 Hase F-14A to a -14B. A lot of work but a fun project!!!

Can you post a pic of it?

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Sadly nothing for the past month or so :bandhead2:

but if the topic had sounded 'What did you almost finish building?' They are.....

1. 1/72 F-15J Eagle - GB

2. 1/72 A-6A Intruder

3. 1/48 F-4J Phantom (which I think has still a long way to go!)

4. 1/72 F-18E

5. 1/72 F-18A

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Wednesday night I finished the PM Lippisch P.13 in 1/72. A lot of PM's stuff is lacking, but their newer "Napkinwaffe" stuff is not too bad. It only had 7 pieces (+4 more for the tow dolly), but I added some bits, blanking off the intake and exhaust for the ramjet, adding an instrument panel, a couple bits of sidewall, seatbelts and a blanking panel behind the seat (which simultaneously made the canopy fit better :D )

Didn't take long and adds another "Whiskey-Tango-...?" model to the shelf.

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