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  1. Beautiful model of a beautiful plane mate! The weathering is outstanding!
  2. I think it will add a bit more detail than the cones... Good idea! I'm sure you can make a decal for that. Shouldn't be too hard
  3. Congrats!! Well done and well deserved in my opinion. How about replacing the cones with poles connected with rope/chain link? Just a thought...
  4. The Japs are here!!! Hehe, looks great!!!!
  5. Looking good Richard! Your decals looks convincing! How do you make them?
  6. How did you mask this model for painting? It looks great man!
  7. Wow! Great paint job!!!
  8. Its a sad site... :( Do you know where 'Wunala Dreaming' is?
  9. Very nice model Dennis! The paint and decals came out beautifully! Saw the real one at Johannesburg Intl. a few years ago! Cheers
  10. Like the in-flight display! Very nice Hornet!
  11. This is like a childhood dream!! GREAT work!
  12. There are no better way to display a model! Beautiful build defaoite62!
  13. Lovely build! Mirages, Kfirs and Cheetahs are the most beautiful fighters ever!
  15. Wow! A great build! I admire your work!!!
  16. Great job on the camo! Wow! Looks fantastic!
  17. Recieved my pitot tubes and masking tape in the mail this morning. Thanks you sponsors!
  18. Thanks for the trouble Tony! Much appreciated!
  19. Hi there, I'm trying to build a model of the Fokker DR1 that Manfred von Richthofen was killed in. I've searched the web but I cant find any proof of how this aircraft looked exactly. It seems to me that it was overall red with a white stabilizer. What colour was the nosecone? If anyone has photos of this aircraft please share Thanks Nico
  20. For something a bit different: A.net A.net A.net BTW, all of these a/c are still flying on a daily basis!
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