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  1. The prep work on individually linked track blocks is therapeutic to some... traumatic and tedious to others. Rubber bands for life for the latter. Metal barrels sound great but the prep work is different and needs attention I wasn't thinking about the first time. Especially with bad molds (earlier Tamiya Abrams), might be better but some of the more recent SKU are much much better that you may not need it. Start with reviews on the specific kits.
  2. 40k laser in the LANTIRN pod was tits especially combined with PTID better than anything from 90s through early 2000s. B's got JDAM when they added GPS/CDMU late 90s (but before the Sparrowhawk HUD, etc which was around 2003) but that was never added to the A. While they all had capability for iron bombs IIRC it was never used in combat (and the switchology was there from beginning but left nascent when USMC pulled out as they were too expensive to risk in that role when cheaper A-6 and A-7 and later F/A-18 were around) and effectively they were always carrying either LGB or JDAM for st
  3. Good stuff. Being a TOS fan need to build one of these but no space. My dream setup was to have a 1/350 1701-A next to a TOS 1701 next to a cage 1701... but don't have nearly enough space... maybe I'll try it in 1/1000. I like the grills and dull bussards better than TOS (Especially TOS Remastered which has them way too bright... but at least they didn't add blue glowey bits).
  4. I'm looking to start a 1/32 Tomcat once I clear the bench and might as well get the works: Zactoman intakes, pylons, bladders and winders.
  5. Anyone have files like this? Looking to 3D print them so I can I attach to an HGU-33 or 55 when I play DCS world with a Samsung Odyssey+
  6. Got it, thanks again. Consensus looks like it's the AVF Club T158, so I'm gonna have to source a couple sets.
  7. Happy Easter all. Just got back from the vigil, which is one of the best of the year.
  8. I do like the question. Which is the best? I've been using google, here, and armorama (trying to not to join yet another forum, but might not be able to resist since there's so much good knowledge on armor modeling there). Seems like the AVF club T-158 are the running favorites but not sure the best place to get them. Is there a good forum sponsor that has them in stock? What are the pros and cons of the AFV Club Bigfoots vs Dragon "Magic Track" (from the AIM) vs the Dragon tracks in the SEP kit. The one that looked **** was the friulmodels metal set but seems to be the most expensive an
  9. Gotta get one of these. Have so much in my queue (which I built up mostly to build up the skills so I can do my 1/350 1701-A proper)... Local shop has 2 and one set of the option parts, though a 1/350 would have to be regular series TOS/remastered for me... I do like the idea of a 1/1000 in a pilot version, though.
  10. For Abrams, I like to start with spraying steel on the edges (endlinks) and center guides, then doing a rust wash over the same area. Then scribe/scratch some gouges in the track pads before going over the pads with black.
  11. I picked up an Academy Merkava IV LIC. Looks like a pretty cool kit. though I'll most definitely be looking for the Voyager PE set for the ball and chain armor. It's in the queue after I do some Abrams. Meng IIID looks very cool, too. The new Dragon AIM kit is very impressive but I wish they'd put the sprue with the USMC parts from the 2003 release in there, if not the fording kit as well and let you choose between an OIF or FEP model.
  12. Gotta add this to my list.
  13. Great review collection. Too bad I'm a 1/72 guy. One thing I don't get: Academy: "Cockpit ( B ): See Monogram. " but Monogram : "Cockpit (A-)" :confused: As far as the OP, why 30? Why not 29 or 31, for example? Just curious.
  14. Awesome build. Love the PE cockpit. I built my first Mk VII with the built in part but next Hero build will have the PE and lights (still contemplating a kit or DIY LEDs).
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