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  1. I think that tobik has a great idea. You may be able to get weapons sprues from Kinetic, or perhaps look in the completed builds here and other sites to see who has completed the Kinetic F-16 and offer to buy those pieces? In case Hanants isn't an option, there is ArmaHobby If your buying that many, maybe they could swing you a deal?
  2. IIRC, the Eurofighter Typhoon had some fit issues around the airbrake, and the air intake was interesting to fit. There was at least 1 resin aftermarket set for the intake. The Revell 1/48 Mosquito released a few years ago had some issues with spinners & U/C.
  3. Found Attack Squadron GBU 31 Hannants No idea re accuracy etc etc.
  4. Apologies if you have seen these already, but, I will post the link just in case. RIS Link Very interesting project. Would like to see it done. Edit photos are near the bottom of the page and clicking on them gives close ups. We know what the dimensions of the insignia are. It wont be exact, but, using the bars as a reference may give a close number as to the upper width of the pylon. Best of luck
  5. I still watch the dogfight scene every once and a while. Looking forward to your build Jgrease.
  6. My condolences to you and your family.
  7. Excellent work. Very well done. I enjoyed Yamato 2199. Time to watch the Wave motion gun blow something up.
  8. Looking forward to this build. I still remember the 1 an only time I got to see a SR-71. Fantastic.
  9. Trigger, Don't forget the ACE kits. IIRC the instructions aren't in english, but, you could always use the ones from the revell page or 1999.co. Just a thought. One of these days I have to buy a 2 seater and make that awesome whatif JR scheme
  10. I like the looks of the Rafale. The Revell 1/48 is pretty good, and I will have to get a few more when funds allow. Now will anyone release a 1/32nd?
  11. Wishing you both a full and speedy recovery.
  12. Media accuracy: One of my favorite stories about the X-15, yeah you gotta wait till 3:13 for the punchline. Mr. Art Simone was a VERY brave man to walk into that.
  13. never mind..you have the only fix I know of. Sorry for that.
  14. Replace needle seal. Should be easy to order from any number of locations like these if you are in North America: precisiongermanairbrush, Elm city hobbies, Chicago Airbrush supply. Hope that this helps.
  15. Does this help at all? Kit # 04482 from 2005 Edit for typo. I need more coffee!
  16. Go about 1/4ish from the top of the page down. B-1 construction pics. Looks pretty close to me. B-1
  17. Looking forward to seeing these builds. Don't forget your Mr. Hobby CS665 Oceanic Camo colours.
  18. Well, if a new SU-27 was to come out, I would prefer either the company working with Zactoman(Chris) or GWH. The Sea Flanker and the GWH F-15 are just awesome looking.
  19. 2 references for you here: The new future Swanny: Swanny Future Make sure you get the right future as explained in the first thread.
  20. Thank you Jin(viperbite). I wish that other companies listened and reacted as GWH does. You folks deserve our support IMO.
  21. Real Chocolate?!?!?! Yes please..um..I can email a picture of an F-22 at a an airshow if that helps. K, back to packing up my modelling supplies and books.
  22. ThePhantomTwo, I could not remember the complete NOVA program, but I seem to remember that the team wanted to make changes, but there was no time. Am I remembering this correctly? Edit the intake reminds me of the mouth of a Basking shark
  23. fair enough. in this thread they talk about breaking up some of the woodlands scenic foliage and using white glue. RR line forum
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