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  1. Nice Build! You rank right up there with Carl’s builds which I envy quite a bit!
  2. Geez Chuck, you might need another holiday after doing all those rivets! That’s crazy but I like it! 😀
  3. What upgrades did they offer for the Foxhound?
  4. Very nice looking sheet! Definite improvement over the Roden Sheet! Going to definitely order this to replace my kit sheet!
  5. So when do you think we might see these bad boys up on the website links to buy Zacto?
  6. Nice work on the F-5 so far Chuck! Also beautiful picture! Your new camera is this the first gen Nikon Mirrorless Digital? Can you swap lenses from your other Nikon’s to the Z-7?
  7. Like I said, it’s nice to see Leading Edge still making sheets. I really wish they had done last years bird, it’s one of my favourite schemes as a a sheet you could purchase in 1/48 and 1/32 scale. Those I would have bought in a heartbeat.
  8. Never said it was confusing, but it is in one way because Leading Edge hasn’t done any CF-188 Demo Birds in a longgg time! Also it is nice to see them still producing sheets! And no one has exclusives, so I never implied this at all. Just read that TwoBob’s was doing the sheet and I mentioned it never was a exclusive to them. If someone can’t mention on here about another manufacturer doing a similar product without a 100plus debate starting, then we seriously have a problem? Right?
  9. Umm, bit confusing when TwoBob’s is also doing this??
  10. In for a penny, in for pound! Or is it the other way around? Either way Zacto will be getting an order or two from me as well when these beauties are ready!
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