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  1. Rocketdrvr

    HB 1/72 TA-7C OOB

    Nice Corsair!
  2. Rocketdrvr

    Tamiya 1/32 F-4E HAF SRA

    Looks Phantastic! Please show us the underside, would love to see that payload package it’s carrying!
  3. Rocketdrvr

    KA Models aftermarket parts

    I have to say they do look very nice, but I do agree with Mstor on this. They are definitely NOT CHEAP! When you start adding up the cost of these sets to a couple or three Hasegawa or Tamiya kits it makes these kits RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE!
  4. Rocketdrvr

    "Graveyard" of Pigs

    No Joy Either! 😒
  5. Rocketdrvr

    Grumman Gulfhawk II

    Very nice build on a over looked kit! Nicely executed! πŸ˜€
  6. Rocketdrvr

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    To what do you speak of Manuel? Your cat or the actual kit? Do you know something, please tell the rest of us because we are all tired of the rumours and nonsense.
  7. Rocketdrvr

    1/48 Su-34 Kihbiny ECM pods

    Nice prep and demo Zacto on the installation! Thanks for doing that!
  8. Received my Resin Replacement Pods on Friday. Excellent workmanship as usual Zacto! These will definitely be a highlight on the kit! Could not ask for a better Craftsman to produce these than our own Russian Guru Guy - Zactoman!
  9. Rocketdrvr

    second vintage Mirage III pilot by Reedoak

    Would really like a to do a Swiss version to go with my RECCE Bird!
  10. Rocketdrvr

    Wolfpack 1/48 T-38C Talon

    Great to hear but who has them yet for sale?
  11. Rocketdrvr

    Two 1/48 Su-34: And the winner is...

    Set has been ordered as well Zacto! Can hardly wait! πŸ˜€
  12. Rocketdrvr

    second vintage Mirage III pilot by Reedoak

    Any other country versions in the future for the Pilot?
  13. Any update Zacto? πŸ™
  14. Outstanding news to read Zacto! Looking forward to seeing and purchasing a set from yourself soon!
  15. Outstanding news to read Zacto! Can hardly wait! πŸ˜€