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  1. Thanks for some great feedback so far folks! It really has been enlightening to say the least.
  2. Who makes a good 1/72 scale kit of the current A-10? Thanks!
  3. Congrats Steven!
  4. Knice to see the Knights!
  5. Got mine yesterday - Nicely Done Jake, Nicely Done!
  6. One of the "Good Guys". Had the recent pleasure of dealing with "Mr. Foley" on some hard to find Cutting Edge parts. He helped out greatly, shipped fast, safe and secure! One of the best in my books! Rocketdrvr
  7. Nicely Done! Reminds me of the "Final Countdown".
  8. Incredible Finish! Never seen this boxing of this kit, might have to look it up!
  9. WOW - these look great! Did "Ghostrider" make it on this sheet, I don't remember?
  10. Nicely done Berkut! Very colorful Russian Flanker!
  11. WOWSER!!!! You really took a cows ear and made a silk purse from it! Beautiful Job!!!
  12. Great Build! Saw the real bird at PIMA a couple of years ago, incredible machine. You have done this kit justice.
  13. Very, Very Nice Phantom! Love the Kai Phantom's especially the BLUE Versions!
  14. Jake - why does it show free shipping and then when you proceed through the order process it bills you for shipping?
  15. WOW! Incredible finish to that conversion, and to the completion of the three versions of the "Flying Wing".