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  1. Nice looking sets! Where do you purchase these from??
  2. Hi dai phan, great job on your build! I have one question, when you placed the "USAF" logo on the bottom of the wing how did you cut the part out for the gear door? Thanks!
  3. Beautiful model! Just one question I have is that you have it posed in the Take-Off Configuration with the Gear retracting ( nice touch ) but why do you have the Speedbrakes open?
  4. Saw the price listing for this Bad Boy, they are talking OVER $240 Canadian for it! https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10733371 Yikes!!!!!!!! 😲
  5. Nice build! Where did you get the conversion kit from?
  6. Got my two Pre-orders the other day, with the full weapons and pitot tubes! They look amazing!
  7. That is so cool looking! Love everything you've done with this! 👍
  8. Excited to receive my two kits when they arrive!
  9. I'll say it again, "OH BOY!!!!! 👍"
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