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  1. WOW! Incredible finish to that conversion, and to the completion of the three versions of the "Flying Wing".
  2. It's very interesting to see all the different setup's for the Shuttles over the years especially between the two 747 Airframes. I never realized that there were so many "corrections" made to the supports.
  3. Nice Job on the Conversion!
  4. Hi Tony, I sent a email to Muroc about their struts and another item but have not heard back from them. Do you have regular contact with them? Thanks
  5. Beautiful collection! Some of them I know the history on, but can you elaborate on the set of them for those that don't?
  6. And let me guess Emvar and Phantom, both of you would prefer the F-35 over the Super any day of the week, right? Scooby, how about you? Do you prefer the boondog F-35 as well? I'm just curious on this one.
  7. Have all the books now shipped Jake?
  8. As the title says, all I am just looking for the Clear Fuselage half of the Monogram's Visible B-17 Kit. If by chance some has the kit and would like to sell the clear fuselage half let me know. Thanks, R
  9. Hi Jake, Have both the Scale Viper and the A-7 Book arrived and are now shipping?
  10. Thanks Gio, it will help a lot as I have the same markings for my kit! Hopefully I can do it justice after seeing yours!
  11. My question as well - how did the decals work on settling down on the tails? Did you have much problems with them and what setting solution did you use if I can ask? Thanks and it is a beautiful Hornet! R
  12. Thanks Jake - Good to know!
  13. Jake do you think this book and the SLUF book will land and ship at the same time? I ordered both and was wondering if you were going to ship them separately or as one shipment. Thanks!