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  1. Stellar Build Jon! Really like the way this one turned out!
  2. Nice Pics Jake! Oh and I see you have your "Sea Legs" for the shots too! 😋
  3. Any update on when this one is due for release?
  4. Nice build! Only question I have is where did you find the covers for the air sensors on the fuselage and the burner cans? Never seen the red covers for the fuselage sensors before. Thanks!
  5. Agree with you Zacto, impressive display! Massive amounts of vapour with every G-pull demonstrated! Interesting though for an aircraft that is not “going” into production they sure do seem to be updating it a lot!
  6. So with all this talk of the imminent release of the kit and such, who gets the kits from the Preorder from IndieGoGo, and where do they come from?
  7. What about a “GOFUNDME” campaign Chris on the YF-23 Kit? A lot of us have a big interest in this aircraft and i’m pretty sure you might be shocked to see the vested interest from this site plus a couple others that would probably take stock in this. It might be worth putting a interest Poll to see the response. Just saying! I know I would be in for sure one if not two if we got a really good response.
  8. Nice looking Apache, you don’t get to see to many kits built of these!😎
  9. Does the kit/conversion come with all the correct strengthening plates on the fuselage?
  10. Nice Build! You rank right up there with Carl’s builds which I envy quite a bit!
  11. Geez Chuck, you might need another holiday after doing all those rivets! That’s crazy but I like it! 😀
  12. What upgrades did they offer for the Foxhound?
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