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Another trip to Long beach ;








also saw, but no pics of, the PAPA 01 c-17, and one about to be rolled out of Boeing's hangar bound for Qatar? had big lettering on the side of the fuselage in CAPS, started in Q , ended in AR. only saw the plane from the front, and at quite a distance. Anyone know details? :)

Wow. Nice pics! Qatar did order 4 C-17As. They should be delivered soon.

- Brad :nanner:

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Well, its tea time now, so the days over for the noisey stuff, maybe hercs and chinooks at night over the moors......never knew about this thread though!, saw a twin turbo prop something early this morning, didnt have much chance though i know it was navy! only about a hundred feet above the house!, then around lunch time a tornado came from god knows where to do noisy (read LOUD) circuit around the house and dissapear over bodmin moor, so there was i with daughter in arms in the rain-getting wet watching this awesome sight, then shortly followed by a BAe hawk from RAF valley screamed over and upset the little one!...ooops! very quick roughly around 550- 600 knots easy...nice! they do look good in black!. maybe more in the morning ...i hope!, looking out for some harriers ....cos they make the most noise and go the lowest! . keep looking skyward, TP out. :whistle:

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Was driving past Eisenhower Park, a large county park in my area, and saw one of the county PD helicopters swoop down and land. Took a run over, and saw them on the ground near the county police Mounted Unit stables. After about 5 minutes, one of the crew returned to the copter, and they departed. Clearly not a medical run, maybe they stopped by the Mounted Unit for a bio-break...




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My brother and I went to "Trainfest" in Owosso, MI yesterday. As we were gawking at all these beautiful steam locomotives (in running condition!) we heard the familiar sound of radial aircraft engines. It was the Yankee Air Museum's B-25 cruising over at less than a thousand feet. A little while later, their B-17 Yankee Lady also buzzed the grounds..turns out they were selling rides at the nearby airport. So it was a day of Trains and Planes..there were even a few classic Automobiles running around!


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A good day for airplane spotting in Edmonton today:

- Drove out to the International Airport (YEG) this morning as my wife and daughter were catching a flight to Europe. While there I got to see the Boeing 747 Evergreen Supertanker 979 that was parked there.

- Later in the day went over to the Alberta Aviation Museum at the City Centre Airport and saw a L-39 ZA Albatross (C-GOZA) that had stopped in. Had a nice chat with the pilot.


- Caught the arrival of the Canadair Golden Hawks F-86 Sabre as it arrived (loudly) at the museum, after doing a couple of fly-overs.




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yer a tough act to follow... but i do get to see alot of heavies EVERY day. if i had more time at work i would take more, and not with my celphone.

anywho it is still rare to see a cormorant here in YVR


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A Motorcycle fly over a cat and thn slam into a Range Rover and get seriously injured ..as they ALL were..

The saw a Air Ambulance come and take the Motorcyclist to the Nearest Hospital... :whistle:

:P Not so good..... :crying2:

- Brad

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I got to see the most amazing thing today. Went shooting with my dad this morning, and while we were at the range, 2 C-130's fly in super, extremely ultra-low (maybe 100-150 ft. off the deck, yes, that is ONE HUNDRED to ONE HUNDRED FIFTY feet) then do a rather lumbering "crossover break" type maneuver. I could read "Channel Islands" on the green tail bands as they flew over. When I first heard them, I was under an overhang, so I rushed out and looked up and there they were. Actually scared the crap outta me...they were SO low I thought one or both of them was having an in-flight emergency or something :monkeydance:.

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Saw the Zeppelin NT today. Saw it in the distance and later if flew over me. Got a couple of fair photos with my cheapie I am a spammer....please report this post. camera.

Very enjoyable watching it for the 2 minutes or so that it was in sight. 12600 yen to fly on it. Wish I could afford that.

Best wishes,


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Since my computer has been down for almost a week, this didn't happen today. However, Saturday I saw the following:

2 Ah-64s from the 1-1 ARB out of Ft. Riley conducting a dry fire Close Combat Attack

2 A-10Cs from the 303 FS from Whiteman AFB conducted 2 SEAD missions, using BDU-33, BDU-50, 7.62 rockets, 30mm strafe and flares

2 UH-60s from 1/108 Avn Bn, Salina inserted 2 infantery squads just prior to one of the A-10 sorties and retrieving them after the completion of the A-10 mission

2 B-52Hs from 93BS, Barksdale AFB made two passes dropping a massive amount of BDU-50LD and flares

a C-130H from 139 AW out of Springfield Mo made a couple of low passes dropping flares

2 B-1Bs and 2 KC-135Rs made low, dry passes over the flight line

My wife and I and our one of our 5 year old granddaughters went to the 11th semi-annual open house at the Smokey Hill Air National Guard Bomb Range just west of Salina Ks. Absolutely gorgeous day - 77 deg, w/a 10 to 12 knot breeze out of the north and not a cloud in sight (although when we left home, we had a ceiling of maybe 500 ft and it was drizzling). Only down side was because of the location (6 miles down a rocky country road to Range Control - took us 45 minutes to get there because of bumper to bumper traffic) we decided to leave a little early (believe me, for an unadvertised event, there was an amazingly large crowd). Anyway, a very good time was had by all and once I get some glitches worked out of this new computer, I'll try to post some of the pics I took

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How about a Lancaster? About 1:10 CDT I was in the garage and heard a strange sound. Walked out the door and lo and behold, the CWH Lanc at about 500'. What a sight, what a sound!

We were in Edmonton and Winnipeg and Cold Lake,where are you?


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A few minutes ago a VH-60 (Marine One I suppose) and two CH-53 flew over my office; I didn't have a camera at hand however it was a nice sight.

Since I live near the flight path of the airport I'll try to look for a picture of a C-5, C-17 or at least the Air Force One. President Obama will be visiting my town this weekend.


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Had a 727-230 HZ-SNC in an all white finish stop through. You don't see them much anymore.

Plus we had a USN C-2 Greyhound do a cable barrier test for the runway here. Pretty sweet.

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