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And in today's news:

Several pertinant questions were asked on the Aircraft Resource Center, to which there were only a small handfull of replies made. Meanwhile, a man edited his own post leaving nothing behind but three tiny dots. He immediately received several dozen responses. We'll examine this trend more indepth later tonight on 60 Minutes, followed by an exclusive 2 hour documentary. Stay tooned.

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Is this a trick question.............. :pray: 2x2 X Z24- 4b = e2 - X (Y)

This is actually a really fun equation that looks intimidating, but if you take a couple of seconds to actually look at it, it's actually brain farting easy.

That being said, you can solve it but not really get the joke; you have to be in the right frame of mind to "get" it. Here's a link to a video that explains it for those of you that are still one cup of coffee too late:


*it's a former Soviet Bloc web site so you'll have to sit through the obligitory few seconds of crap music, but you will eventually get a lesson that shows how to solve this fun equation. You won't believe how easy it is. Give my regards to Borat :cheers:

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