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  1. For some, it's more about the journey than the destination. I'm generally not in to a super long journey, but I can see where there is an attraction to some in taking a longer journey to a "finer" destination.
  2. Merit contracted Trumpeter to do their kits and I presume there were clauses that prohibited them from releasing them under the Trumpeter name. I helped Merit with a few of their ship kits and would occasionally get a peek into potential projects and a F-22 was not one I ever heard about. Most random "for what it is worth."
  3. Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop buying OV-10A kits!
  4. I have enough Hasegawa and Tamiya Jugs that I'd maybe be in for one of these for the engine and wing details - however there are a number of P-47C's I'd love to do (Robert Johnson's "Half Pint" is a high desire). I do hope they are planning on a C razorback!
  5. Well it's obviously better to have no kit at all then a less than perfect one.
  6. That hasn't changed - I knew a few kids who did when I was growing up in the 70s and 80s.
  7. /r/ModelMakers, /r/ScaleModel, /r/SciFiModel; there are indeed examples of healthy communities of younger builders.
  8. Plinking is essentially just fun shooting. Finding cans or other things that make a "plink!" noise when hit with a BB or small bullet. Emil at Skyway Models is a friend of mine and I see kids come in to the shop but a lot of the new modelers are "young husbands" with new kids needing a hobby they can do and stick around the house more. As far as the pure "do kids still do this?" question a lot depends on the kid and their interests. Andy's right that gaming is popular, but under the right circumstances that has driven at least a passing interest in models. World of Tanks and World
  9. Well, the area / park they were talking about isn't far by Navy jet but it's not precisely next door either. You'd have to cross a channel of water by boat and drive for a bit. There's a whole spectrum between "I like airplane noise and you shouldn't complain about airports that have been in operation for 80 years" and "OMG tell that slug to SHUT UP it's too loud!" I think most complainers are more to the side of the later, but since the Navy did change flight plans there is some legitimacy to at least a little complaining.
  10. My grandparents lived out there in the 80's and I used to love spending summers there. Oak Harbor is definitely a Navy town but there are a number of people who resent it and they seem to have grown a bit more ludicrous over the last decade or two.
  11. For what it's worth, Gallery and Merit both contracted directly with Trumpeter to produce kits and that showed - even the instructions were classic Trumpeter. I don't get that with Kittyhawk. I suspect it will be more difficult for the molds to wind up with Trumpeter. I hope they wind up with someone who appreciates them (i.e. not melted down for scrap value) and would be OK with being wrong, but it doesn't feel as likely that they would wind up with Trumpeter as with other companies where thay already had the molds in possession.
  12. Ditto Ben. Always sad to lose a company that puts product out there, but at the same time I'm not a fan of companies that "poison" a subject by releasing a bad kit and ensuring no one else is doing one for a long time due to satisfied demand.
  13. Just picked up my 4th Tamiya A-10 for this sheet...
  14. The Ejection Site lists 18 different variants of Escapac seat with essentially a different variant for different aircraft. This would make sense given differences in cockpits, but there's no list of the what differences there were. I'm working towards building some early A-10s and F-16s and would like to know, for example, if the Escapac IG-2/4 seats sold by Wolfpac are close enough to the IH-8 and IE-9 of the YF-16As and A-10As or if I should aim for something different, or if there's really no external differences and I can chill my AMS out.
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