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  1. Hey Patnab - sorry you had to sell your jeep and hope it found a good new long-term steward! I'm involved with the MVPA and there are a lot of people who dedicate a significant portion of their lives to the well-being of these historic vehicles. I thank you for sharing your photos and stories, as well as your vehicle, with the world while you were responsible for it.
  2. Interesting that the blackbird has shown up on a VFC-111 F-5.
  3. Any chance that there will be VF-61 Jolly Rogers bird on the FJ-3 sheet?
  4. Arclight requested on the above (spam) post! See. it's topical!
  5. I suspect people are going to need more photos and at different angles, etc., to givve you good feedback.
  6. I was surprised by how quiet they are in flight (at least the turbines). Looking forward to this one or two.
  7. Might have just been an oversight - mine was definitely now packed with retail intent in mind and it's very possible they just missed a box when assembling everything. Might be worth dropping them a line...
  8. Mine finally arrived on Friday, about a month after receiving the shipment notice. It was marked "small packet by air" and it did have the flaps .
  9. As of last night (Tuesday, five days after I received notice of shipment) the tracking number issued stated that my package had hit Beijing and was apparently waiting for the airplane there.
  10. FYI - just received notice that my B-52G replacement parts kit shipped. I ordered on January 8; fairly early on, and I'm not sure how big the list is or how fast it will take them to work through it, etc.
  11. I have not as of yesterday - I do note that the weapons set that was promised as a bonus for those of us who purchased the correction set is now for sale at my local hobby shop. So... maybe progress?
  12. In my experience they care, but not enough to make it a hill to die on. They grumble and grouse but the like eating and paying rent too and the publisher has more power in the relationship.
  13. You want a signed copy of a digital book? All kidding aside, you'd be better off contacting publishers as all of the authors I've worked with are prohibited from sending copy out for proofreading.
  14. I have a web site where I post historic US Military documents (99% US Navy) that I find and scan in at the National Archives. I scan and OCR the originals but then have to proofread the final result to take out as many errors as possible ("attack pianos" versus "attack planes"). Naturally, having to carefully read each document multiple times gives me a much better understanding and retention than those that just skim them. Likewise, some companies are having to re-think how they present information and make it accessible as younger generations are now assuming that if they can't f
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