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Who here builds more than one catagory of models?

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I'm mainly a plane guy, they make up about 85% of my stash. Any type, any time period, any scale, any medium.

THe next biggest category is cars at about 10%. Mainly 24/25th whatever looks good :)

THe rest is scifi, moving targets, and 1floating target ;)


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I've dabbled in just about everything except for surface ships. I've done (or have kits of):

Sci Fi

Real Space

Planes (modern and WW2, plus civilian)

Cars (race cars mainly, Indy, F1 and Nascar, but some stock and some Rally subjects as well)

A tiny bit of Armor (haven't built anything, but I have a couple kits of stuff I want to do)

Submarines (modern as opposed to WW2 stuff)

As for other than static, I have built one RC car, which was a Tamiya Indy Lola almost 20 years ago. I've also flown model rockets and some of those were scale models. A few of my scale rocket kits are model rockets since that is the only way to get some subjects (such as the Estes Mercury Atlas I have). I've also flown the park flyer RC planes. I've not finished a kit, but I have a couple stick and tissue balsa models as well and have a three quarters finished RC rocket glider in my stash.

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My kit stash and finished models are comprised of about 95% 1/72 WWII aircraft. But I dabble in other genres occaisionally. I built the old Revell USS Arizona a couple years ago, and back in the 90s I built a model of my car (a 1980 Mustang) and a T.Rex skeleton. I've also been known to build a sci-fi subject now and then, and I've even been tinkering off-and-on with the Monogram Snap-Tite HO scale Union Pacific Big Boy locomotive. I think about the only thing I haven't really built is a serious armor or figure subject (I glued a few tanks together as a kid, but I don't really count those as "serious" models.)


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Aircraft: Civil and Military. WWI through Modern in 1/48 and 1/32.

Autos: Cars SUV's and Fire Trucks (I have all of the old American LaFrance Fire Truck Models in the stash)

Sci-Fi: Star Trek and Star Wars. Plus the 1/128 Seaview with a lighting kit'

Realspace: ISS w/shuttle. Apollo 1/96 Saturn V with a scratch MLP/LUT. Mercury and Gemini spacecraft Plus 1/72 747/SCA w/Shuttle

Ships: 1/350 plastic USS Enterprise USS New Jersey, USS Arizona, USS Hornet W/extras

Plus: USS Constitution (revell 1/96) and HMS Victory (Heller 1/100)I have two of each of these and the current uss Constitution build is my sixth. I also have several wooden ship kits from Model Shipways, Mantua, Artesia Lania and several others.

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I mainly do 1/48 WWII aircraft, but I have done Sci-Fi but only Fine Molds Star Wars subjects. I used to do Nascar models especially the old MPC Winston Cup cars from the 70's mainly Mopars but the price on E-bay was just way to crazy for some of the cars, Then did some Armor, some jets mainly Vietnam era, but my main modeling subject is WWII aircraft, Rob

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I was doing mostly HO scale trains for years but got pretty bored with that. Combined with a move to a new house and having to re-start the train layout (again) - well that just de-motivated me. So I am back to planes. Mostly 1/48 modern fighters. It is fulfilling my wanting to be a fighter pilot when I was a kid, but not being able to cuz of bad eyes.

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As of now, since I have just returned to modelling:



military aircraft

military Figures



Just recently purchased the Cylon Raider from the newer BSG series (have the Viper MKII and MKVII on order) and have the Fibre Optic ST Enterprise. Only have a small stash of 35 kits of various genres atm but its growing each week biggrin.gif .


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I like it all, although I haven't really built (read completed) many. I have Jets, Props, Armor, Cars, Ships and some Sci-fi in my collection. I have about 8 aircraft at various completion states, 2 finished armor models (plus a couple others stalled and one near complete), a couple ships at various points but no cars or sci-fi started...

:huh: too many things interest me I guess.

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I build almost planes almost exclusively. I've built 215 kits since I got back into the hobby in 2003 and only 13 weren't planes (9 rockets/missiles, 1 sub, 1 ship, 1 Apollo-Soyuz link, 1 Apollo landing site).

On the other hand, I do build flying model rockets. I have quite a few of those.




215 is a very impressive (to me anyhow) number to have completed. :cheers: Well-done!


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If it is 1/72nd scale I will build it:





Will also do other scales as needed (mainly sci-fi but a couple 35th scale armor and 48th scale planes in the stash)

Will also build figures (mainly fantasy or sci-fi)

and Autos but they pretty much need to be Movie/TV related or designed by Tom Daniels.

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A very diverse group we have here! I build mostly a split between autos and aircraft. Airplanes because I love the history, autos for the creativity you can put into them. I also build the occasional ship or figure or even a Japanese Temple.

For other stuff, sometimes I build costume props for sci-fi or anime conventions. Anyone else into steampunk? I've been building steampunk weapons lately.


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Only one type of subject for me, but three categories of build: 'Snigger', 'Guffaw' and 'Aaarg! Need Tena for men...'! :bandhead2:

However, constantly prey to temptation (lately, the siren-song of the Zvezda 1/35 T-90) -or sometimes a bit off the beaten track: the Doyusha 'Himeji-jo' 17th Century castle, or Aoshima 'Ryo Ei *****' squid boat... maybe one day. (As in 'maybe one day I'll actually FINISH something!')

Huh? "*****": The Censor doesn't like common Japanese nautical names? OK: Mike Alpha Romeo Uniform.

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I like taking breaks and changing subjects.

In my stash is:

1/72 WWII aircraft and armor

1/700 WWII ships. I find 1/700 ships the most impressive models when done right with etching and rigging.

1/24 90's and 80's Japanese cars.

Gundam (HG and MG)

I guess the only things that's not in the stash are motorcycles and figures.

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I build mostly 1/72 aircraft. I have a few 1/48 planes, a handful of 1/32 scale planes, and a decent sized collection of 1/72 and 1/35 armor. I like ships, but stink at building them, so I don't go down that route any more.

I would be interested in trying my hand at some real-space subjects, but with as little time as I have for modeling lately, I stick to what gives me the most satisfaction. Little prob driven airplanes. :)

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