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1/48 Academy Su-30M2 ‘41 Blue’

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Hi, guys.

Thanks for your kind comments, I'm very glad to hear that.

I used these items listed below. It was a little bit pricey project, I think...

  • Su-30MK Flanker Cockpit set (Wolfpack Design)
  • Su-30MK Flanker Update set (Wolfpack Design)
  • Su-27 Exhaust nozzles (Aires)
  • Detailing set Air intake grilles for Su-27 (Metalic Details)
  • Nose cone for Su-27 (Metalic Details)
  • R-27ER, R-27T and R-73 (Eduard Brassin)
  • Su-27 Pitot tube (Dream Model)
  • Additional Russian Air Force insignia (Begemot)

Finally, I uploaded some additional pics to my photobucket album, please click here to see more photos.


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Thank you for your kind words!!

Wonderful job! What paint and color did you use?

I used Gunze Mr.color series(lacquer), but I mixed so many colors that I forgot which colors I used...

I should have memorized color recipes. Sorry for my laziness.

Edited by Toshi
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Many thanks to all of you guys!!

Greetings from Okinawa Toshi!

Well done on your SU! Looks AWESOME!

I Have the same kit in the "Build Soon" Pile!


Hi! Dave

I'm posting from Tokyo :thumbsup:/>

This is inspiring! Did you add rivets?

Yes, I added some panels and rivets, I also rescribed almost all exting recessed panel lines.


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