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I'm interested in joining up with a 1/32 OA-4M hasegawa, Black box cockpit (TA-4J modified)


(picture from the Skyhawk association - credit G.Verver collection)

This will be my first GB, so bare with me :blink:


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I JUST picked up a Hasegawa 1/32 E/F and a 1/48 Hasegawa C

Dont know what markings yet........

Also have a Revell OA-4M to get some serious weight reduction surgery and a pro-model E. Both prob to becomae aggressors.

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pour moi:

I will build the 1/48 A-4KU using ..

Revell Pro-modeler A-4F

Cutting Edge Super Fox intakes

Cutting Edge A-4KU interior set

Cutting Edge A-4KU exterior set

... and if anyone is wondering, I got this stuff before the A-4M came out.

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I'm definitely in. Might actually make this groupo build as I plan to finish mine for our Nats in mid-Nov. I have started mine already, but should still fall within build guidelines (definitely not at 50%). Hase 1/48 A-4B being built as per instructions, except for a few small corrections (nose gear signal lights missing from kit and leading edge slat wells incorrect), resin seat, 3 x MERs and 18 x Mk81s (Hasegawa weapons) and JATO (scratchbuilt).

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Count me in with a tiny little Hasegawa 1/72 E/F.

Got some Eduard parts for the Italeri kit that I'm going to shoehorn in with some scratchbuilding/light modding. Kit decals, though, because I quite like them.

Have a feeling this might be the smallest bird in the build with all you guys chucking out stuff in 1/48.


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Count me in.

It will be a Hasagawa 1/48 A-4M with PE cockpit that I will be using for the very first time - ever.

Looking forward to the build.

This will be my first Group Build as well. Hope to learn a lot here.


Gabe :wasntme:

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I would like to join this group build also. I will submit my latest Hasegawa A4-C, which I will be building for a VA-216 squadron member. Generally out of the box, but maybe with photoetch instrument panels, and some custom decals by Dave Newman.

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I'm still mulling over the A-4 stash, and have it narrowed down to:

Hasegawa 1/48 Brazilian A-4M

Hasegawa 1/48 USMC A-4M VMA-131

Hasegawa 1/48 RNZAF A-4K

Ready to go!

Knowing the quality of your builds, I'd like to see the A-4K myself, but then I'm biased too.

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My for-sure build will be the Hasegawa 1/32 A-4 E/F Top Gun kit with BB cockpit and Gekko Graphics "Aggressive Scooters" decal for Black 56 (BuNo 150023).

If I actually manage to get that one done, I may go for a second entry, an IDF TA-4J.

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I'm Daryl J., or in real life Daryl Johnson, a N. Portland, OR dentist.

My Skyhawk is a ProModeler A4-F done in what-if markings for the RAF. Monochrome paint, lo-vis roundels, and built cockpit closed, flaps up, and no weapons. This time I wish to focus on the rather handsome shape of the aircraft. Likely it will be in overall sand. If not, it will be a light grey. Minimal aftermarket will be used since one of my goals with this is to keep the entire cost under $15.00US. The old Squadron store had quite a sale a couple of years ago. :D


Daryl J.

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I am going to build 3 hasegawa scooters:

A-4M VMAT-102 Twobobs Markings

A-4M VMA-211 Superscale Markings

A-4E VA-86 VictoryProductions Markings

The two "M's" are going to have the Eduard photoetch and the "E" is going to have the Aires set in it, then providing the correct ordances for the specific squadron of that time frame.


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Now I am doing.........

1/32 Hasegawa A-4E TwoBobs aggressor.

1/48 Hasegawa A-4C Superscale VA-81

1/48 Monogram TA-4? Aggressor

1/48 Hasegawa A-4E Spare decals aggressor (if I have time)

1/48 Hasegawa A-4E Blue angel (if I have time)

After I finish 2 F-18Fs and a commission build Wellington.

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