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  1. The artistic adjustment to look right to the human eye vs accurately scale model looking off isn't new. For example, someone in this forum, can't remember who, mentioned he knows someone who works with race car wind tunnel models. They're 1/4 iirc and even though they're perfect scale representations for engineering purposes, to the naked eye the model looks off compared to the real deal. Another instance of this kind of discussion came up in another scale model car forum when the Tamiya, Fujimi and Aoshima Nissan GT-Rs came out at the same time years ago, with people measuring every
  2. I bought the kit, I didn't preorder it but was lucky enough to get one from backorder in HLJ soon after release. As for the resin parts, they aren't exactly stellar. They aren't even CAD designed and masters 3D printed, they are old school scratch built. The CFT aren't even perfectly symmetrical but fit ok, the ECS heat exchanger intakes or whatever those hexagonal panels aren't the same size and position. The advanced weapon pod isn't 100% symmetrical either and even has a few marks left from the pattern maker. Anyways made some resin copies of it for future projects. Seems the re
  3. I have some of their 1/72 scale sets, most of them were a waste of time. Either they're too big, too small or part size don't match each other. Typhoon nozzle set. They were released back then for the revell kit, before the hasegawa kit was out. They are over 1 mm too big in diameter to the Revell kit parts, Hasegawa too. Then either the inner nozzle was too big or the external petals diameter too small, because you couldn't fit them over the inner nozzle without shaving down resin. And like you said they end up looking like the petals were splayed open. MiG-31 noz
  4. What you were looking at was Wolfpack Design (Gustav Jung) company based in South Korea. Mark S -> Wolfpak Decals based in the USA (hint: there's no "C" between the A and K) and here's the link to his website, although he hasn't added them to the site yet. http://millcreekconsultants.com/
  5. Not to be critical of your choice of putting the main question in the tags field, but even back when the forum had the sub-title field instead, plenty of people missed or overlooked stuff put in there because of its font size and placement. Much too similar to this years Oscar to best movie gaffe. The font size and where you place your info matters, that's why everyone missed your main question, me included. In the tags field I'd have expected info like 'Hasegawa", "Academy" "1/48" "F-22", instead.
  6. Dean's writing has been put into question a few times, because more often than not it's pretty hard to understand some of his post. But IIRC he has mentioned before he's had a stroke, and as such he has impaired speech or linguistics.
  7. In all fairness I'm trying to quote prices from chinese/HK stores, which I'd consider closest to origin and preferably from the same store. In this case you have the Trump MiG-31 for $44.52 and AMK MiG-31 at $55 at Hobbyeasy.
  8. Just a couple days ago was reading a discussion among local modellers how companies are starting to price the kits out of the reach of young modellers. Yes I know there are the old kits at more affordable prices. Those are cheap because those companies have maintained that price and haven't overtly increased them while pumping their old molds, but molds aren't forever, neither old cheap kits on ebay or yard sales. Once they're gone or discontinued they're gone. Just looking at Trumpeter price strategy, I don't know what's their plan. Do they think all people will buy th
  9. Like the title says, WTF? First was their 1/72 Su-24 Fencer kits at $33-34 USD. Now their new 1/72 MiG-31 kit cost $44 at hobby easy, that's as much as their Hobbyboss 1/48 flanker kits! The Su-34 isn't available at the usual HK or Chinese stores yet. But HLJ had pre-orders for 7840 yen. But if you simply calculate the same price increase ratio from other trumpyboss kits due to japanese import taxes, like the 1/48 one, it comes out at the $40's ballpark. We're talking about 1/72 kits, geez.
  10. Boxart and CAD posted on their facebook page. Looks like it's gonna be released in april 2017. Need to start saving.
  11. According to scalemates it's a rebox of the ICM kit with new decals. Which BTW Hasegawa is the importer/distributor for ICM and Revell in Japan. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/1004481-hasegawa-02213-mig-25pd
  12. After reading the thread, it feels like any time someone points at a valid accuracy error in the kit, it is met with this:
  13. Adding to what Ken already said. To answer no. 3. Definitely the Zvezda ones. Trumpeter's weapons and pylons are a joke. The Alamo missiles they have an excessive taper fore of the canards. As for the pylons half of them are rescaled from the 1/32 ones. And as we know it Zactoman has a full replacement set for the pylons in that scale, that speaks a lot about the Trumpeter items lack of accuracy. For the 1/72 they fixed the shapes for the wingtip and underwing pylons but still not as good as the Zvezda ones. The worst are the AKU-470s under the intakes and fuselage centerline, specially the la
  14. Maybe clear your browser cache and cookie? Looks like it's still loading a cached version with the redirect malware. NVM, saw your other reply, you were loading the forum from old server link.
  15. Let's see the Do215, Do17 and Ju88 from ICM can be found for $27 in Ukranian online stores + S&H. The same ICM kits imported into Japan and selling on their online stores, like HLJ go for $47~49 + S&H. Their Russian weapons set go for $4 in Ukrania and Russia. HLJ. 1120 yen which is around $10.8 It's almost double or double the price. Similar price hikes can be seen for any non-Japanese manufacturers. Yet I don't understand why people keep using those prices as reference. />
  16. The same way GM, Chevrolet, Buick, Oldsmobile & Cadillac are not the same company. Or Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep aren't the same company. :rolleyes:/>
  17. You can easily do some math. The HB J-11 / Su-27 goes for $50 in China / HK stores, whereas in Hobbysearch sells for 9350 yen, which is roughly $93. While the Su-34 they have it listed at 16500. Putting aside the fluctuating exchange rates and just roughly guesstimating the same increase in price, the Su-34 might be in the $88-90 ballpark?
  18. And with KH's track record, I wouldn't hold my breath... :rolleyes:/>
  19. I agree with MoFo. I have the russian missile set from Eduard and they have shrinkage, which makes the various fins not fit into the slots in the missile bodies, People look at the nice detail in resin and put aside any consideration for fit and assembly, till they really have to assemble them. Then they find out nothing fits. I also have the R-23 Apex set and it's worse since it's a really long missile body and big front and rear fins, the slots in the body are 3-4 mm too short. Also that Skunkmodel set is most likely the missiles and pylon sprues from their own Kinetic Su-33 kit, which mean
  20. Because most of the Hornets you see on ground or parked will have the flaps down due to hydraulics and wings folded or not. Whereas tomcats most time you see them with wings swept back and slaps & flaps up. And coincidentally that's the config most modelers tend to build.
  21. Seems like Solo is pushing his same arguments like in the Kinetic's Hornet thread, and there Raymond already gave a very rational answer about the extra cost for features most modelers won't use. :rolleyes:/>
  22. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ISC32007 Read the details, the item is in "Special Offer" with 2 units at that discounted price.
  23. Well, actually there's some slim hope based what the description of a certain Fine Molds Type-89 kit reboxing says: And remember that Model Graphix, Scale Aviation and Armour Modelling are all published by the same company.
  24. Wow, that was quick hlj just uploaded their video report, and of course they had to talk about the big T's F-14 first.
  25. It's a rebox of their Kawanishi H8K2 with a decal sheet to represent one from 'The Cockpit" manga/anime by Leiji Matsumoto (author of Captain Harlock, Galaxy Express 999, etc). They previously released some other WWII planes, also reboxes of their existing kits with the 'fictional' marks from the anime/manga.
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