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  1. Gary, One (or maybe two) of the Hasegawa 1/72 F-4C/D boxings also featured the Arkansas ANG F-4C. If memory serves me correctly, the F-4C/D MiG Killer boxing did a Hill Gray I jet. I have that kit and can check to confirm. The standard boxing of their 1/72 F-4C (K series) I think had an Euro 1 Ark ANG F-4C too when it first released. This is the one with the Koike painting of a 57 FIS F-4C as the box art, but there's a possibility I could be mistaken.
  2. Hi, F-4DableModels in Malaysia still has that sheet in stock - brand new. All at the original U.S. retail prices too. PM me or contact me through my website if interested. www.F-4DableModels.com
  3. Dave, The most recent boxing of the kit (with the 366 Wing Tiger Meet of the Americas marking) has the transparent parts sprue molded clear. I reckon I'm pretty clear on what has to be done for the F-15D now, but reading about the work required for the Tamiya F-15C is almost headache inducing. Thanks again for your helpful input.
  4. I know that the now defunct Paragon Designs used to produce a F-111 tailpipe set. Would their set be correct for the F-111F version?
  5. Thanks for the detailed description of the work to be done. I also noticed that the Revell F-15 did not provide the mass balancer 'shape' for the right vertical stabilizer tip, so it looks like one will need to be scratchbuilt as well.
  6. Thanks for the feedback, guys. I know there's quite a lot to do, but the thing that was an uncertainty was the front instrument panel, since I understand there were some systems found in the F-15C that weren't present in the D. Replicating the various strengthening plates and stiffeners is going to be a labor of love. As for the incorrect fairing aft of the speedbrake (for a D), I've read about it but I'm short of references here. Would it be correct to just take a look at the Tamiya 1/32 F-15C (or say the Hasegawa 1/48 F-15C/D) and replicate the shape there? So far I've got the Parts 'R'
  7. Hi, I've been collecting materials to build my Revell 1/32 F-15E as a F-15D. Due to the limited options for decals of the F-15D in this scale, I'll be going with a D of the 48FW at Lakeneath using the Astra 1/32 F-15C/D/E sheet. Can someone help me out with the cockpit details? I have the Parts-R-Parts F-15B/D instrument panels and rear instrument panel shrouds, but understand the instrument panels are for the B and early D. Since the 48FW's aircraft are all late build MSIP jets, would I need the MSIP front instrument panel? Thanks in advance.
  8. Jim, I have the kit, and can scan the decal placement guide for you this weekend. Regards,
  9. I've still got a few pieces left of 48-001, but I'm in Malaysia. If interested, please PM or e-mail me. Jason C. www.F-4DableModels.com
  10. F-4DableModels in Malaysia still has stock of the Vagabond VF-84 F-4B/J/N decal available. PM me if interested.
  11. Yes, I agree. Academy also 'improved' the detail of the vent aft of the canopy, and also the vent on the wing root where the gun is located (along with a couple other vents). Since the updates still fall short, like many others, I bought a few solely for parts to update my Revell and Hasegawa F-15C/D/E's.
  12. Dan, F-4DableModels in Malaysia has one last copy of FTD32-005, which I reckon is the VF-101 F-14 sheet you'll be looking for. Also available is FTD32-012 VF-31 F-14D. All available at regular US retail prices - no mark up. If interested, please PM or drop me an e-mail.
  13. Does anyone know whether the Italeri re-box of the Kinetic F-16DG/DJ would have the corrected nose section? Thanks.
  14. I've glanced through a PDF copy of the Academy F/A-18A+ instructions and it looks like the only new parts are the vertical tails and the GPS dome for the spine. The instructions also tells you to remove the molded on blisters on the forward fuselage halves.
  15. I noticed in the Hannants newsletter that the Emhar 1/72 F-94C (early) and F-94C (late) kits are available once again. So are their F3H Demons...
  16. Hi, F-4DableModels in Malaysia still has it in stock. We sell everything at regular retail - even OOP items. PM me if interested.
  17. I've got one in my stash. Let me pull it out over the weekend, and I'll PM you then.
  18. Hi, I've got a couple boxes of the 1/35 Academy M551 (the Vietnam war version) to spare. The problem is that I'm not in the U.S., and shipping may be on the high side. PM me if still interested. Jason C.
  19. Emilio, I have a few pieces of 48-069 Victory Cats still in stock at the regular retail. PM me if you are interested, as I'm located in Malaysia. Jason C.
  20. F-4DableModels would be happy to sponsor some prizes!
  21. I would be looking forward to these sheets. May be wishful thinking on my part, but is there any prospect of a 1/32 version? There are so few decals in 1/32 for contemporary F-15C's, and very little choice of units.
  22. Great looking build! Seeing as the Royal Malaysian Air Force started off as a beneficiary of some fine Canadian-built aircraft (Tutor & Caribou) I've often pondered the possibility of a RMAF Canuck (and still do) as a What-if project. Thanks for the inspiration!
  23. I did notice that Academy corrected the rims of main landing gear and made the flange of the nose landing gear rim more defined, when they released the F-16I. If I'm to give this new edition F-16CG any consideration at all, I hope they included at least the reworked wheels.
  24. Kursad, I fully support your plan for 1/48 decals for the AV-8A/C. I've got a Monogram AV-8A, a Tamiya Harrier Gr.1/AV-8A and a North Wing Modelcraft Harrier T.2/4/TAV-8A conversion. Definitely need decals for all these at some point.
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