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  1. You should contact Abt. X (Dpt. X) of Revell, they are very customer oriented. Currentliy Revell offers "1/72 DGzRS Berlin & Bundeswehr Westland Seaking, Revell 05683", usually they have spares available for several months after the sale of a kit started. I always offer to pay replacement parts and postage, as of yet they never sent me a bill.
  2. Cool idea indeed, when I was shown this in an AH-1F several years ago, I thought (and still think) how much I would like such a system in my car. Cheers Ian
  3. @ Hawkwrench/Tim: You are a heretic! 😉 @Rotoreash/Ray: Thanks for the additional pics, really helpful.
  4. Thank you so much for these HQ pics! W. Mutza's Sqn WA is nice, but your pictures are priceless! With ICM's new big AH-1G coming and Special Hobby's 72nd scale 'Nam Cobra on the market, it's just great to have such comparisons available. Personally I plan to convert Fujimi's AH-1S (already started hacking away) and your photos will help me very much. Is there any chance you could give us some more pics of the left side and underside? E. g. the tail, because the AH-1S/F's much bigger blister over the 90deg gear needs to be shaved off and replaced with a quite smaller cov
  5. Yea! He meant three scale feet. That is one lovely model of the 53. Especially if one knows about the old-school quality of the kit: Not bad on details but definitely not a "shake and bake" assembly. The Super Jolly Green Giant saved many a pilot, your model is a fitting memory.
  6. Hi from Germany! Are you asking for the "dolphin scheme", offically calle norm 76? You will need Basaltgrau RAL 7012 (close to FS 36081 gunship grey) and Weissaluminium (white aluminium dope) RAL 9006 (FS 37178) and Leuchtorange (DayGlo orange) RAL 2005 (close to FS 38903) for the wingtip tanks. Do not become misguided: Our F-4F Phantoms and F-104G Starfighters were not painted Silbergrau RAL 7001 (silver grey) on the underside but with aluminium dope. Still, that colour weathered to a smudgy grey rather quickly, as did the Leuchtorange, which became bleached cloudy yellow-whiti
  7. Here on ARC gorgeous models are shown regularly, but not every day does one see such a great project. The result looks very good, a wall decoration many would like to show in their rooms. It must be even more satisfying that this was a daughter & dad venture. Lyta can be proud of her dexterity and Stephen surely is one happy father, having the opportunity to do something creative with his daughter and see her skills grow. Three Hoorays from the land of the Red Baron!!!
  8. You might try this link: http://originalundmodell.de/reviews2016_3/hahen-48060.htm There are rather good drawings of the scheme. Google will offer you more resuls, just enter "Norm 81 F-4F" HTH JCT
  9. Hobby Boss' F-105? Well what about the missing centerline pylon for the typical load of one MER with six M117 bombs? OK it is a relatively easy scratch build, but it WOULD fill a gap. Regards Ian
  10. Hi Midnightprowler, are you looking for the old Revell decals (USMC field greem over all with black markings, see here for an example: Box cover pic). I think I have that set available, but I will need some time to check this as it is in deep storage. If there is none available "over there", I could send you that set as a letter from old Europe. Best regards Ian (janteipel at web dot de)
  11. Congratulations for a very well built F-16 model with a stunning display! Ian
  12. Is ist just me or did anybody else noctice that the kit's parts for the scissors just above the rotating swashplate are a mirror image of reality? That seems the reason why the mast assembly of the Q+D build by KH looks strange. But I think it is an easy job to fix this: A cut in the joint and then reglue the parted plastic with the horizontal parts inverted. A somewhat tougher cookie is the missing adjustment for the hell hole roof (= base for the main rotor transmission), I think this should be glued at a slight angle forward-downward, because the whole MR assembly is tilted
  13. Nose for IIIS variant... Hi to all, that nose was produced by Kinetic: Three "non-recon" noses were originally shown: a bulgy cone for the French "Cyrano" radar, a "straight and narrow" for non-radar Mirage III versions (5, V), and a less bulgy curved cone for the Hughes-Radar equipped Swiss variant. Model Peek's thread on ARC shows all nose styles, alas only the rece nose and the Cyrano nose are in the original release K48050. For a deeper discussion about the parts for a Swiss Mirage, please see my post on Britmodeller. So we have to build the RS first and wait for the Swiss chasseur.
  14. Hi everybody! It seems more attractive to combine a HAS F-104 kit with Daco's F-104 enhancenment set (which is massive!). Without extra decals, the price for the basic kit and the Daco set is about the same as Eduard's offer. Eduard's previous beefed-up kits were really more attractive than this "Bundesfighter". Just my tuppence... Cheers to all Ian
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