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  1. I just received a ffirebomber tank from him. It took aboĆ¼t five weeks to get it. The cast is beautiful and knowing he's a one-man business, I am willing to wait awhile. Chip
  2. Have the original Chopper too. It's great to make a lot of mitered cuts in strip stock fast. Need framework for a building? Or lots of gussets? Razor blades are cheap and where the new model shines is the self-healing cutting pad.
  3. Draw Decals does a lot of civilian stuff www.drawdecal.com
  4. -And cloudy/sunny, time of day, etc. Red/orange are fugitive colors -they change due to Sunlight exposure.
  5. I just got two bottles of MM Chevy Engine Red from Hobbylinc mail order a week ago before seeing this. Testors C.E. red is an exact match for Aero-Union firebombers.
  6. In this and other modeling sites with a forum, starting a topic about Squadron is guaranteed to hit the same issues every single time. I don't think any of these responses are mean-spirited. Squadron should read these and address the business mechanic to win back our trust.. So many customers with the same problem? -And for years now.. No change. This much ire has to have hit their bottom line to get someone to notice by now?
  7. ..And to think, Just 30,40,50 some/odd years ago, there was that TRAIN WRECK ..And all those missing Hawk molds.. We generally all get our Lost Kits in time, folks.
  8. 110-120f outside no problem for months in a large, un- air conditioned shed. 150F in a car for an hour, Warp City.. As stated, humidity is a big factor too. Chip
  9. ...i see an opening for a new ship captain maybe one with previous carrier experience
  10. I've heard that there's a Bronco kit in 1/144, anyone know of this? Chip
  11. No build thread -yet. I'm using HO scale scenery and buildings with the 1/72 P3 and the same Draw decals and tank. The borate drop I'm still fuguring out..
  12. Thanks folks. I'm doing a Firebomber diorama using Prop Blurs, and needed to know. Chip
  13. P3.. Looking from the front.. Clockwise? Thankee! Chip
  14. A can of spray disinfectant mists my groceries and all packages delivered to my home. My wife uses disposable gloves while shopping. My .02 Chip
  15. Go to www.barnstormers.com Your one-stop shop to get a REAL unflyable display aircraft
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