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  1. I just received a ffirebomber tank from him. It took aboĆ¼t five weeks to get it. The cast is beautiful and knowing he's a one-man business, I am willing to wait awhile. Chip
  2. Have the original Chopper too. It's great to make a lot of mitered cuts in strip stock fast. Need framework for a building? Or lots of gussets? Razor blades are cheap and where the new model shines is the self-healing cutting pad.
  3. Draw Decals does a lot of civilian stuff www.drawdecal.com
  4. -And cloudy/sunny, time of day, etc. Red/orange are fugitive colors -they change due to Sunlight exposure.
  5. I just got two bottles of MM Chevy Engine Red from Hobbylinc mail order a week ago before seeing this. Testors C.E. red is an exact match for Aero-Union firebombers.
  6. In this and other modeling sites with a forum, starting a topic about Squadron is guaranteed to hit the same issues every single time. I don't think any of these responses are mean-spirited. Squadron should read these and address the business mechanic to win back our trust.. So many customers with the same problem? -And for years now.. No change. This much ire has to have hit their bottom line to get someone to notice by now?
  7. ..And to think, Just 30,40,50 some/odd years ago, there was that TRAIN WRECK ..And all those missing Hawk molds.. We generally all get our Lost Kits in time, folks.
  8. 110-120f outside no problem for months in a large, un- air conditioned shed. 150F in a car for an hour, Warp City.. As stated, humidity is a big factor too. Chip
  9. ...i see an opening for a new ship captain maybe one with previous carrier experience
  10. I've heard that there's a Bronco kit in 1/144, anyone know of this? Chip
  11. No build thread -yet. I'm using HO scale scenery and buildings with the 1/72 P3 and the same Draw decals and tank. The borate drop I'm still fuguring out..
  12. Thanks folks. I'm doing a Firebomber diorama using Prop Blurs, and needed to know. Chip
  13. P3.. Looking from the front.. Clockwise? Thankee! Chip
  14. A can of spray disinfectant mists my groceries and all packages delivered to my home. My wife uses disposable gloves while shopping. My .02 Chip
  15. Go to www.barnstormers.com Your one-stop shop to get a REAL unflyable display aircraft
  16. I flew in a Huskie cropduster in 95 -Mosely Aviation rebuilt them for logging and cropdusting out near LukeAFB then.
  17. I throw them away. Just clutter and for me, don't really mean anything after the show.
  18. I tend to do civil subjects (planes, cars, rockets and ships) Favorite scales 1/24 to 1/48 Favorite manufacturer Lindberg (really)
  19. Okay, all in 1/24 scale (if I'm gonna pay $120-200.00 for it, it's gotta be BIG) (Re-pop) 172 Cessna Skyhawk 150 Cessna Beech 18 PZL Wilga AG Truck, AG Cat, Pawnee Thassit.
  20. Durham's can be tricky stuff. Mix it till it's just thicker than pancake batter. I've used polymer clay as positive mold material with good success too.
  21. Just a quick note to say thank you for this excellent site. It is a daily Must-Stop for me and I get great enjoyment here. Be Well. Chip Johnson
  22. I'm thinking something 50's.. Bright yellow w/silver or gunmetal boots and gloves? Buster Crabbe was great in the serial! On the other hand, the box art is true to Revell..
  23. Since a lot of us here have this in common.. Back in 1965, as a 8 year old, I built the coolest model to grace my bedroom shelf. Revells Flash Gordon! Years later Mom did away with all my built stuff one day -sound familiar? Onward, I searched for a repop of that kit for three decades, giving up finally a few years ago. 50 years with no release? -Did the molds perish in That Train Wreck? Arrgh. Long story short Atlantis repopped Flash .. TWO YEARS AGO! Arrrrrrgh. Amazon is my friend. 43.00 with tax and I get it tomorrow. Even with my bad eyes ill be assembling Flash tomorrow night. Chip
  24. Nerds Rule The World! Er, ahem..
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