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  1. To be honest, the internal structure really reminds me of Zoukei Mura's 1/32 kits
  2. On a Block 5 or 10, yes. On a Block 15, no as they came with the enlarged stabs. The MLU upgrade on the 5/10 included the Block 15+ enlarged stab.
  3. The Cockpit issue is generally driven by the same thing across all kits with that issue, which is clearance between the wing and pit. On the real thing, the cockpit floor is actually the upper wing surface (same on Allison Mustangs BTW, but not on Merlin Mustangs which have the wing lowered 4")
  4. The big difference is that the F-8C has the small radome and the F-8E the larger one. That means you need to redo the entire nose to get a C. It's non-trivial to do a conversion without a replacement nose (and that means everything forward of where the nose is faired into the fuselage because the entire fairing of the radome into the fuselage changes, including the windscreen). The C introduced the dual pylons for Sidewinders and Zuni's. the F-8C also was the last version with the rocket pack in the belly, but that's less noticeable unless you want to pose with everything open.
  5. There was a two-seater B prototype, it was never produced. it's usually referred to as the A-10 N/AW, but it was officially designated as the YA-10B.
  6. Pretty sure the SBD-3 is confirmed as the AM kit. As to the F4F and Zero, consider it's the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Midway this year. Bad luck for Academy that Eduard had the same idea, but I think we'll be seeing a lot of Midway-related releases over the next 6 months.
  7. Special Hobby offers P-39's as well, and the main issue with them (too short aft of the canopy) is also present in the KH kit. Kingfisher's are another story. unlikely we'll see them again in larger-run form unless somebody grabs the KH molds and repops.
  8. I'm not an expert, but IIRC the big differences are canards and thrust vectoring, MK doesn't have them, MKI variants, including the SM, have them.
  9. Nope. I have the most recent boxing and it's the exact same plastic as at release, just without any A2G sprues beyond the bomb adapters for the Phoenix rails. Around here it's not enough cheaper than the Tamiya to matter. Not much difference between $130CAD for the AMK and $150CAD for the Tamiya, especially when the latter has FAR better reviews. I bought the AMK solely to see what the fuss is about (The AMK is good enough for my standards and looks like the more interesting build)
  10. It's worth noting that there is a third kit out there, the Revellogram (ex-Aurora) kit. Run Away, it's both the least accurate and the hardest build of the three. It dates to 1966, but was updated in 1981 to be somewhat closer to reality. Last boxing seems to have been in '85, so you're unlikely to find it.
  11. Here's my take. 1. Start with an airbrush just about as fast as you can. It's so much better for doing larger surfaces than a brush. Stick with a brush for the little stuff until you get comfortable with the airbrush. But DON"T buy propellant, it's ridiculously expensive over time. A cheap Harbor Freight compressor and an Iwata Neo can get you started relatively cheaply, then upgrade once you hit the limits of what you have. You'll keep the brush around, but the nice hobby compressors are more consistent and quieter than the cheap garage unit. I started with the Badger 350 kit, which is u
  12. Combination of both of those, Testor's completely missing the birth of the Miniatures market (where Vallejo for example is a major player) and the desire for acrylic paints that spray well (MM Acryl is not competitive in terms of its spraying & adhesive qualities) as well as the relatively recent boom in Laquer paints as an alternative to both enamel and acrylic paints. Testors also tried to get out of the Model RR market, and shot themselves in the foot doing so (yeah, the paint market for MRR crashed with the move to mostly RTR models, but Floquil & Polyscale owned what was left
  13. Model Railroader Magazine reported the following this morning: Seeking information about the status of the status of several of Testors long-standing paint lines, we have received the following from Vince Pierri, Senior Manager, PR & Corporate Communications for Rust-Oleum: “With a long history of producing quality hobby kits and supplies, we are evolving our strategy to focus more keenly on Testors, our flagship brand. To that end, we are discontinuing our PACTRA, AZTEK, and Model Master brands as demand for these products continues to decline. We will continue to support th
  14. The Demo birds are typically rotated through the higher-time single-seat airframes in RCAF inventory. Considering that the Aussie aircraft will be 1/4 of the operational single seat fleet, it's a given that they will end up as demo birds at some point.
  15. None of which applies to the ex-Australian RCAF birds, which will assuredly get used for a yearly demo scheme and were what Colin and I were discussing.
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