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  1. Marsh Creek's Facebook page is active https://www.facebook.com/MarshCreekMiniatures/ They're just in the process of returning to activity after a hiatus since last spring.
  2. And they've found Akagi as well now, on the 21st Along with Yorktown, 3 of the 5 carriers sunk at Midway have been located.
  3. Just saw this via Marsh Creek Miniatures, but apparently Rust-oleum Corp is ending the Testors brands, with the last day for orders being Oct 31st 2019. This includes all Testors Corporation sub brands, including Model Master. --Update: Apparently this is international sales only, US/Canada is unaffected at this time
  4. I was pretty busy last week with a conference followed by Thanksgiving, but have been puttering away. Did some more painting on the nose of the Eduard Cleaned up some seams and added the intake on the Fujimi Started on the wing for the Eduard. Interesting to note that the wing lowers are setup for locating pins, but the early G uppers do not have locating pins. I'll need to check if the bulged upper wing has the pins. Got the cockpit installed into the Eduard fuselage And started gluing up the fuselage. No locating pins on the G2 fuselage either, and as that's a shared mold with the G6, I'd expect it doesn't either. I worked my way slowly around to ensure the best fit. And most of the wing on the Eduard. I've got a alignment issue at the right front wing/fuselage interface that I suspect will clear up when the oil cooler is installed, so that corner isn't glued and the right wing upper isn't installed either Got the windscreen on the Hasegawa, as well as the oil cooler and gunsight. A little masking and it will be ready for paint. I'm undecided as to whether or not the hood will be open here (the Fujimi will be closed due to design, the Eduard will be open) I need a picture of the Fujimi, which is in the same state as the Hasegawa right now (windscreen on, needs masking)
  5. Very nice work. Pretty clear that the ICM is overall a tad better, but the Monogram is still pretty respectable. Did ICM copy Tamiya's B-model mistake on the curved cockpit floor? (the Allison Mustangs did have a curved cockpit floor, which was the top of the wing, the Merlin Mustangs have a flat wood floor as the wing was lowered 4" compared to the Allison models) One note for future reference the floor on Mustang cockpits was painted with black anti-slip paint, rather than being bare wood. Most of the warbirds have clear-coated wood instead which has led to many of us (including myself) painting a wood floor instead of matt black.
  6. Thanks. And moving along, Some touchup on the bottom of the Hasegawa, then it's time to start painting it. Since the eduard exhausts mount from the inside (boo hiss), I'm getting the basic nose scheme on so I don't have to do any gymnastics around painting near the exhausts (or gun barrels, as they again mount from inside)
  7. Nice Selection of kits, And I have to give Academy (& Eduard) props for not putting the same plane on their box art. That's 3 Showtime 100's out of 4 kits (the regular Academy boxing has a VF-102 ship, and their other boxing is a VF-84 only boxing)
  8. This article documents an operational 16,750lb load used on a few Syrian strikes, albeit a good chunk of that is a full 480gal tank. Given the Super Hornet has a reasonable range on internal fuel (unlike its predecessor), there's no reason they wouldn't operate with 17,750lbs of weapons and no tank for closer-range strikes if required. The Super Hornet is 32,000lbs empty, has a MTOW of 66,000lbs and carries 13,500lbs of internal fuel so ability to haul ordinance is hardly an issue for it. In fact, based on the math it's actually limited by pylons, not mass, when it comes to weapons configurations. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/11355/this-syria-bound-super-hornet-is-carrying-a-uniquely-massive-bomb-load
  9. The much more complex Eduard cockpit has that build lagging the other two as I'm building round robin. I work on one until it needs to dry, then set it aside and work on the next. I'm on vacation this week, so LOTS of build time. The basic pit is all but done now. Just need to fold down the seatbelts after they dry. note I decided to go zero aftermarket on this trio, so no belts for the other two (that would be the biggest win in improving the Fujimi and Hasegawa cockpits) Left sidewall done, panel still needs 3 parts added Right sidewall all but done. I'll need to fix that regulator....
  10. Wing tops on the Fujimi. Sadly, one slipped a bit after clamping and will need some cleanup Wing tops on the Hasegawa note don't glue the top surface to the top of the radiators, or it won't align on the fuselage. An engineering miss for Hasegawa Closeup of the Hasegawa instrument panel after installation. That's a decal on a detail-painted panel. And spare Eduard exhausts fitted to the Fujimi to replace the horrid stock items. A nice improvement although I will say that Hasegawa's exhausts are nicer than the all-plastic Eduard, but not as nice as the Plastic+PE Eduard Lower rear wing joint on the Fujimi. Very nice fit here, but I had to glue here, wait for it to dry then glue the front as the curve of the fuselage doesn't quite match the wing.
  11. The B-2's book bombload is 40,000lbs, although estimates suggest that real world max is closer to 50,000lbs. That's less than 3 Super Hornets worth of load, at 17,750lbs per Super Hornet. However the B-2 is nuclear certified, and the only aircraft on carriers which are anymore are Legacy Hornets, so very technically a B-2 can carry more firepower than a typical carrier group deploys, simply because the Carrier group won't have B61's or B83's in inventory. The reality is that the Super Hornets are nuclear capable, but not certified as the surface fleet had lost that mission by the time the Super Hornet entered service. So in reality a Super Hornet could certainly deliver B61or B83 weapons and a full deck strike could deliver more of them than a B-2
  12. Good idea on adding the intakes now, that should let you get a better fit on what's probably the worst fitting spot on an otherwise brilliant little kit. Gotta say, as much as I do like the Academy kit, I would not be averse to Kinetic scaling down their version if it maintained the same basic layout as the 1/48th version.
  13. Was there a tail gun change before the Cheyenne Tail? Because that's a late G feature, early G's didn't have them.
  14. While I was pondering just how to get the Eduard exhausts into the Fujimi Fuselage, I glued the fuselage together and selected the tail. Then it was some detail painting on the Hasegawa cockpit, to prepare for sidewall installation. The sink mark on the cannon breech is annoying, but invisible, so I didn't bother filling Hasegawa instrument panel, which will get a decal as well before installation And minor detail painting on the Eduard before the next bout of Photo etch install Eduard cockpit needs another coat of RLM66
  15. mawz

    1/48 B-17 series from Hk

    It's basically the same price as the Tamiya 1/48 Tomcat and cheaper than the nearly 40 year old Tamiya Lancaster. I fail to see any issues with the pricing. Frankly, I was expecting it to be higher, with a street of $150 or so.
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