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  1. ahhhh gotcha now. Sorry about that, that was me being dense. Yes, we are living in the Land of Confusion! I'm practically a permanent resident there. There are people out there that are selling .stl files for single person use but I'm pretty sure the only protection against theft is the honor system. Malix3Design sells his beautiful files of some great figure models for a great price. He has you sign (check box) an agreement that you will not share the files, but I believe the only course of action he has if you do is to black list you from downloading any other files in the futur
  2. ok, I guess I misunderstood/misunderstand. Still sounds like you're talking about open source programs and not files, but I'm not sure. But anyway. To answer the original posts question my answer would be it depends. For the price of the printer and quality you're getting I'd say it's a worthwhile investment. That is ASSUMING you're ok with having to learn a lot of CAD and are ok with having another hobby of learning how to print. It's not quite to the "easy button" push and print stage yet. there is a lot of learning and living with failed prints to get consistent results. But i
  3. ummm...why have 2 people go really fast when you can have 4 go really slow>???? ok, that's not a good reason either. ohhhohhh I know....CHEVY! I actually remember seeing this kit on the shelf back when Kroger's used to have a model kit aisle. That's right kiddos, even grocery store chains had model aisles back in the good old days. Bill
  4. I think he was talking about open source for the 3D program to create the models, not necessarily open source models themselves, but I could be wrong. As far as Blender, I'm fairly certain it can save in .stl format, which currently is the most commonly used file to import into a slicing program. In fact, the slicing programs are the ones that are more important when it comes to being able to print. As long as it can import in a format you're comfortable modeling from, and can export to your particular printer, then you're good to go.
  5. There are some out there. Seems like Blender comes to mind as being open source. It has quite a learning curve if I recall though since a lot (most?) of it is speed key oriented and being opened source, there isn't or at least wasn't a lot of operating instructions. I'm sure by now the community has grown and it's much easier to get information. It's a very powerful program though if you can learn it. I've never really dug too far into it since I have access to Solidworks. https://www.blender.org/ Hope that helps. Bill
  6. Hands down, the Convair XFY Pogo. I mean, comon' it's furniture casters on a plane! Even the funky tail sitter version is just too weird. Bill
  7. There is a Youtube channel put out by Andy's Hobby Shop and he's done a series of videos dealing with the history of some kit manufacturers. Not exactly just about molding and modeling techniques but somewhat relevant to this subject. It would be neat to see a full slide show of winning models from all the different years. And I agree a comprehensive study of techniques would be very welcome indeed.
  8. 😁 thanks for putting that so tactfully. Now get off my lawn ya young punk. 🤣 Kidding of course.
  9. yeah, I remember when Nascar kits got hit especially hard and you just couldn't find any with sponsor stickers unless they were aftermarket and eventually hard to find ANY because the car manufacturers started wanting to license the bodies themselves. I SORT of understand perhaps wanting to maintain some sort of quality control for things associated with your name brand...but really, a model kit? Who would look at a model and decide not to buy a car based on it? I think it pretty much was just trying to squeeze a little extra cash. Pretty bum deal actually.
  10. I seem to recall a photo of the Blue Angels back when that buy-out first happened and they had a few planes with Boeing logo and the others with McDonald Douglas. I always thought that was odd looking. At least with current production aircraft though it makes a little sense to absorb them into your brand. But an aircraft that's older and no longer made like a Mustang....that's just silly.
  11. At risk of adding flames, I beg to differ with a few minor points made here. I agree with the thought that a serious modeler takes his craft seriously, that's kind of obvious, but I would dare say awards, "realism", "accuracy", and other such goals aren't the only mark of seriousness. I think someone can be deviating from such things and still be putting their heart and minds into the build and produce a very "serious" model that might not look anything like a real subject or win any awards. And on the flip side, I'd argue that just because some obsess over things that may seem tri
  12. Dude! this is so far beyond awesome. I love it! Everything about it makes perfect sense. Of course the pilots would be wearing special helmets with visors, they're tactical....duh. 🙂 Did you consider making grey'd out versions of the Moon Base Alpha insignia? I think that might be the only thing I personally would have added, but totally works without it as well. super job. Thanks for sharing. And welcome back. (talk about walking back into a room and doing a mic drop) Bill
  13. Did someone say AMK F-14?!?!?! 😀 ok ok ok, back in the hole for me. Bill
  14. Yup. There are soooo many things that effect color on an object like this. Lighting in the location it's taken. reflections on it from objects around it, the color settings on the camera taking the image, the color settings on the monitor and/or film developing that the viewer is looking at it on, the lighting in THAT room and potentially reflections on the screen you're looking at the image on. Color is far from being an exact thing even on objects that you KNOW the exact paint that was used. Because even "exact" colors of paint have different batches which at times can be slightly different.
  15. I tend to agree that for this particular vehicle metal tubing is the way to go for the bulk of the structure. Not just because of strength, I think the 3D printed resin is plenty strong enough, but just the cost, time, and concern of keeping them perfectly straight. Perhaps model all of the corner joints and 3D print those with a male/female socket connection for each tube. That's my opinion anyway. I also like the idea of a 3D printed assembly jig. This thing looks pretty spidery and not easy to get perfectly aligned. A good solid base to build on looks key. Keep up th
  16. Awesome! Now we're talking. Now that you've figured how to break up parts and work in assemblies, your time is going to really open up. Keep up the great work! Bill
  17. Oh man! looking great. Careful though, this stuff will get addicitve. Awesome being able to draw up parts, print them, and then use them on your build. It's an incredible feeling of freedom and control, unlike some forms of model building. Amazing times we are living in indeed. Bill
  18. WOW! That came out AWESOME! You could ctell me that the top photos are of the exact same model and I'd have a hard time proving you wrong. Very convincing! I will have to get that issue and follow your process because this is about as perfect as you can get. Bill
  19. Yes, to me, figuring the best orientation to minimize supports AND not get the dreaded vacuum suction on parts is probably the hardest thing to master. Maybe for some they just "get it" and have no issues but seems like I am always fighting it. On that bell I'd maybe suggest nozzle down BUT still kicked at a slight angle. Seems like clearing supports from the inside of the bell would be easier to hide issues than on the outside face. I designed and printed some skirts just like the ones you have, albeit mine aren't NEARLY as detailed and pretty as yours came out. Greeat work on this all around
  20. Oh well, Saturday works better for my schedule anyway...That's very accommodating of them. 😁 Bill
  21. GREAT job! I'd started a similar venture with mating a Monogram LM and a Dragon CSM, but for stalled. I don't think I will get anywhere near your level. Beautiful. Bill
  22. Yeah, pretty hard to sneak that box in without being seen. 😀
  23. History might be made again today when the U.S. FINALLY returns to human space flight. Here's hoping for favorable weather and a safe journey. God's speed. https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/26/tech/spacex-nasa-launch-may-27-scn/index.html Bill
  24. So you guys actually got questioned by the authorities about the nature of your purchase for a 3D printer? Wow, that's crazy. (or am I missing a joke about the treasury dept. AKA SWMBO?) I would have told them that you wanted to 3D print a miniature version of the moon that you could put into low low earth orbit so when you stole the real moon nobody would notice. That might get a couple of reactions....they'd leave either you alone shaking their head at the humor OR you'd get a visit from some people with straight jackets. 😀
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