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  1. Indeed! Beautiful job so far. It's a shame, as nice as the large Diag Falcon is, I wish they would have gotten so much more right like this Bandai kit did. Keep up the great work, can't wait to see more! Bill
  2. True, but seeing a color and then translating that to a model paint color match isn't always easy to do and can get expensive trying out different variations depending on how close to "accurate" you want to be. If people have already done the research and comparison for you then that's at least a big head start in the right direction.
  3. OH geeze...IT LIVES!!!!! Not even a virus can kill it!
  4. No problem. Sorry for the temporary hi-jack Recce. Underdog, once you start your build start a thread, I'd love to see your progress.
  5. And oh yeah, here is a good resource for pics of the studio model. I'm fairly certain these are confirmed to be the actual 32" filming model sorry I mean these are the 5' model and not a replica. http://www.3dscifi.com/reference/starwars/MilleniumFalcon/index.html Here are some of the 32" Empire model https://www.therpf.com/forums/threads/studio-millennium-falcon-from-star-wars-identities-sydney-2019.300722/ Hope this might help. Bill
  6. Here is a pretty good resource for tips on painting the Falcon. this video (part 1 of I think 4) is about the 1/48 scale Diag Falcon but the tips and advice are transferable. While maybe not the absolute best authority, he certainly does a good job and one can benefit from his advice.
  7. Still doesn't address the fact he said "facing off". Boxers face off against each other at weigh in before a single punch is thrown and sometimes actually hit each other. That's not THE FIGHT, but it's still a punch.
  8. NPR is MOSTLY on the up and up until it comes to their national political coverage. At that point they lean pretty far left. Not so much by content but rather more by omission.
  9. Well if Covid-19 is going to become a bigger worldwide killer than automobile accidents it still has 1,175,664 deaths to go. It's just over 1/10th of the way there. Granted it's early but that's a lot to happen when this is supposed to be on the downside right now. Just sayin'
  10. I'm not downplaying the severity. I'm stating that if we keep the country locked down for as long as it takes for New York, mainly New York City, to become Covid free, or wait until there is a vaccine. then there are going to be some really really long lasting consequences. Downplaying that is equally dangerous. And then you have a large group of people that are saying we need to keep everything locked down indefinitely, yet we shouldn't stop the flow of "international traffic" we'll say, from coming into the country. I'd say that those people aren't really concerned AT ALL about t
  11. Hannity is an idiot. Besides the fact I can't stand the way everything he says sounds like a question. The sound of his voice drives me nuts. Sounds like a CA valley girl.
  12. Really? So you're saying that shutting down a country, destroying its economy and potentially stopping it's means of supporting itself can't lead to health risk? Perhaps you should look at the general health of the u.s. citizen during the great depression.
  13. So far the numbers don't suggest the mortality rate is anywhere near where they thought it might be. And as more and more people are actually being tested they are finding that the mortality rate is significantly lower they they thought it would be. The places that are indicating a high mortality rate are the places that are only testing the worst case patients because they are limited on the number of tests they have. Of course if you only test people that are high risk and severely symptomatic your mortality rate will appear higher. That's just basic math.
  14. Such as the advice that this was not going to be anything to worry about and we shouldn't adjust our day to day activities? That excellent and sound advice?
  15. And shutting down an entire country for an extended period of time isn't? Just as a small case sample. The area I live in is a small community with probably about 75% of the adult workers working what's deemed "essential". These people are going to work, exercising what precautions they can, I doubt many wear mask but are probably working in smaller shifts with hand washing efforts etc... My town has had 2 cases since this has started and they are fully recovered. There hasn't been a new case here in weeks. So should this entire area remain locked down for as long as it take
  16. No, what most of the herd immunity supporting scientists are saying is that you should have had about a 2 week lock down to stave off the rapid spread. Then following that you release the younger people with no underlying health issues for another period of time and allow them to become less likely host. Those will be less likely to have severe reaction to whatever virus is still on the move and much less likely to spread it further after they've contracted it and recovered. You do that for about a month and then you slowly voluntarily allow the other back in with precautions, the same precaut
  17. Right, so because some scientist disagree with other scientist and you choose to think one group is right that makes the other group wrong? I don't think YOU understand science if that's what you're saying. It's not like herd immunity is some crack-pot theory thought up by mad scientists. There are a lot of infectious disease specialists saying exactly the same thing. If you want to get people immune from a disease, you have to have the populous build up immunity. This isn't like I'm saying something non-scientific. But it doesn't jive with what you've heard soo....it's anti-intellectualism? T
  18. OR it could be that there is scientific data of differing view points (i.e. herd immunity vs isolation) and both sides will want to skew their view point in order to capitalize on the data showing what they WANT to happen. Not saying one is right over the other or one side is trying to skew facts more than the other. Both sides will try to get the end results they want. But just because some are calling for opening things up doesn't mean they are not trusting science. They are possibly just listening to scientific views that are different from your "common sense". Personally, I think it's goin
  19. Is WNW still a project of the director Peter Jackson or is he not involved any longer?
  20. My wife found some today as well. It's like winning the lottery! Who knew? I told her we should stash a roll as an investment. Might be able to sell it to buy the house we've been wanting.
  21. I think ridicule falls in to the exchange of ideas category. I'm not saying it should be done. But you cant take jabs at some people under the blanket of humor....and then turn around and say ridicule is out of the norms of discussion. But anyway....
  22. Not to be picky, but I don't think you really understand the meaning of a truly open discussion. Open means EXACTLY what you're complaining about. Being able to say something and then having others be able to mock you, compliment you, ridicule you, disagree, agree or whatever they want to about it. It's not a play nice thing at all. Should people play nice? Absolutely. But that has nothing to do to with a free open discussion forum.
  23. Oh look, it's the same pot stirrers saying political stuff "in fun" and then complaining when they get called on it and say drop the politics.. Not much changes here. People be nutz I tell ya. But as luck would have it, we have some of the smartest people on the planet right here that can call out everything the country and its leader is doing wrong and correct it all with a snide cute funny post in a non-political forum. Good job guys, you are the BEST!
  24. Here's a shot I've found on my phone of the Tamiya color on my falcon.
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