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  1. I think they are actual copies of the Italeri kit, just with the recessed panel lines.
  2. How about some little known operators, such as Kenya, Bahrain, Honduras, Vietnam, and the one used for testing trails in the USSR?
  3. Not to mention, they were very popular in Latin America, and by the Portuguese in Africa......
  4. I don't have a problem, and I know exactly when I will quit.........about the time that they put my butt in a box.....
  5. As Master Confusion says...…."Moderation is like quitting, but only at a slower rate."
  6. Some folks keep telling me that my self-moderation could use a lot more of that moderation...….
  7. Air Guard versions as well....along with F-86Ds and Ls.
  8. If I am correct on this, the Revell Hawker Hunter FGA.9 kit is the F.6 kit, but with extra sprues for the FGA.9 & Swiss Mk.58 versions. So, you can use the FGA.9 kit for most versions of the single seat Hunter. I'm currently building the Swiss Mk.58 version right now.
  9. I think the only scene that we'll see with Cruse and a real Tomcat is when he walks into a BX to buy more razors...…….
  10. Email sent for the following... Airfix(Italeri) 9003 C-130 Hercules (E/H/K) (sealed) $20 Attack Squadron 72088 C-130E/H Hercules Engine Nacelles with Props $17
  11. Can you post the URL, all that I get is another shopping site when I put ezbuy.com
  12. Yeah, but the website is in Chinese, with no translations, and I doubt that they ship to the US
  13. Yeah, I saw a couple of them pop up on eBay over the past few months......for about $50.00......
  14. Apparently so. They disappeared like a fart in the wind. I left a question on their Facebook page asking if they plan a re-release, but no response.
  15. OHH....Please....in 1/72 scale.....
  16. A lot of the F-14 clips came from Top Gun...…...it makes sense, Paramount owns the copyright to both JAG and Top Gun.....
  17. You guys need to slow down......I'm running out of popcorn.....
  18. The Supreme Court, last year, rules that states can now collect internet sales tax, even if the business is not in that state. More than likely, these Ebay taxes are the new tax collection rules coming into effect.
  19. They aren't listed yet on their website, but he stated that he has plans on re-releasing all 150 Cobra sets that he has.
  20. If an enemy pilot interrupted the pilot while performing the "maneuver", would that be considered a "Cock Block"? Asking for a friend......
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