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  1. Dark and brooding very nicely done. Legacy Hornets really have 'something' about them.
  2. Incredible attention to detail, that's very impressive work, great pics as well.
  3. What a stunner, very impressive detailing and finish.
  4. Unless you love a challenge and have the time to make adjustments or corrections, then no, it just isn't worth the hassle.
  5. All I can say is wow, what great dedication and innovation, very impressive work.
  6. Oh that's a shame, sorry to hear that, I thought it looked pretty damn awesome.
  7. Parabat


    Well, canopy drama aside, that is a very impressive model of the B-1. The finish looks super smooth and is seriously good.
  8. Some impressive shots, especially the 'golden hour' ones. Lovely to see these and interesting to find out what had happened to the two seaters.
  9. Really good looking model now, excellent posts to show how you have achieved this.
  10. You're not wrong, that is a frustrating issue.
  11. Wow that does look like the level of detail you'd expect in a modern 1/32 kit. Very nice.
  12. Some interesting detail on these F-94C's in this book here (from page 52)
  13. I stand corrected! Great info there, great pic as well.
  14. The old Squadron Walkaround is pretty good, but does not cover modern B and D very well due to the time it was published. I don't think you can beat the DACO book tbh.
  15. Here you go brother, greatest F-16 reference portal in the world! (Yes, 'beercan' RWR relocated to wings on block 30/32 Vipers). http://www.f-16.net/f-16_versions_article6.html
  16. Ah, right. I just typed in 'cat zero gravity' into an image search!
  17. I think he's just after a personal opinion, about where you think they look best. What would be more appealing - the same aircraft with a kill marking on the tail or under/on the canopy?
  18. I did not know that... You learn something new every day.
  19. Just seen this - what an undertaking this will be! Great pictures, really clear to see what you are achieving.
  20. A tour de force of a build, that is quite staggering. Congrats with the completion and a well deserved rest.
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