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  1. You could always build the FM one if you are feeling brave!
  2. Its getting back to the old cold war days with Russian aircraft here. Its not so much that they are there, its no flight plans, no transponders and the refusal to speak with ATC that will cause issues. A said the F-15 issue is nothing to do with it. We are not in that bad shape (yet!) that we are asking our American friends to fly QRA. I mean you have you hands full pulling maritime surveillance for us!
  3. Yes looks like an aluminium ladder from a DIY store with a few bits added by the prop dept.
  4. I am no accuracy guru but the PFM went together very nicely. Julien
  5. There are some Czech Mi-17 pics and a civilian Mi-17V in Afghanistan here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/76062-mil-mi-17-mi-8mt-hip/ Julien
  6. weird eh! no one took the time to look at the crash picture and see that the tail number was the same. Glad the pilot is safe. Julien
  7. Looking for one of these as C&H don't sell it anymore. I am in the UK and know postage is not cheap these days, I can also arrange a CON US postal address if you do not wish to ship to the UK. Thanks Julien
  8. On offer direct from Airfix at the moment. http://www.airfix.com/hawker-siddeley-buccaneer-s2b-s2d-smk50-1-72.html
  9. The second aircraft also has the USAF lettering extending over the yellow wing markings! and the National marking on the opposite wing is not straight either!
  10. I am surprised the 777 was there. NOTAMS say to avoid the area and just recently an IL7-6, AN-26 & SU-25 have all been shot down. What ever has happened both sides there will try and blame the other and if either side dont hand the black boxes over to someone impartial we will never really believe the report.
  11. Are you still doing yours Jennings as given the quality of the ones I already have from you I know where I would prefer to get my set from!
  12. Nice, when will these be on the website? Also any idea when those Flight Systems F-86 decals will be available you mentioned? Will hold of my additional F-102 order if they are coming soon. Julien
  13. Brian, dont know if these help but I took these pics at the first RAF Leuchars airshow after Op Granby. Still has the desert camo ECM pod but the boz pod has been replaced by an green one. Under wing tanks are not camo either. Early on they flew with Samll tanks but later got the big tanks from the ADV. Note the Scottish "liquid" sunshine! :) Julien
  14. My body job turned out OK, getting those white metal intakes to fit was fun tho! A decent A would get my vote. Julien
  15. Wow, this one crept up on me, now the only problem is what to build from this lot!
  16. There was a guy over here doing a printed one, you then had make your own base up, can ask if he is still doing them if you want, then pass contact details over? Julien
  17. Buy the best you can afford, look after them right and they will last you. I have some over 12 years old now look as new. Julien
  18. I have seen a figure of £88,000 per hour mentioned for the RAF Typhoon. Julien
  19. Noise Thommo, though a Merlin engined spitfire is heaven not noise to my ears. Though how much noise a handful of aircraft throughout the year make is very questionable. As a local its great to see ML407 in the skies here, and quite often practicing along our beach front, I would hate to see it have to move somewhere else. Luckily there seems to be a growing awareness of the anti campaign and lots of locals signing up to it. Julien
  20. International shipping is a crap shoot at the best of times, even from the UK I wont ship to Europe anymore unless I know the item will sell there much better, and that's not a lot of kits. I recently send a sheet of decals to a friend in Florida and it took over 3 weeks to arrive! With ebay it is certainly not the place it was even a couple of years ago, too many companies and way to biased to the buyer. Julien
  21. Very cool, always like those schemes. I shot this one at RIAT in 1997.
  22. Kofi Annan called the Invasion Illegal when interviewed by the BBC and he was head of the UN at the time?
  23. Works really well with Vallejo airbush cleaner as a thinner. The cleaner has a small amount of ethylene glycol in it and I find this acts to retard the paint. I tested some when I first started using it on this old matchbox 101 and I liked the results. Will use this where I can, thought the colour match looked very good. Julien
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