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  1. It's a rebox of their Kawanishi H8K2 with a decal sheet to represent one from 'The Cockpit" manga/anime by Leiji Matsumoto (author of Captain Harlock, Galaxy Express 999, etc). They previously released some other WWII planes, also reboxes of their existing kits with the 'fictional' marks from the anime/manga.
  2. Or not pay any money and say it's an E-14 Pussycat. Just like how academy's russian jet boxings in the last few years have been M-29, S-27 and S-30, instead of Mig-29 Fulcrum, Su-27 and Su-30 Flanker. or you could move to China and not give a rat's bottom about copyright or licensing fees. Not so odd, when the previous two options were assembling the geared wings into the fuselage early and having problems with the painting or scratching the paint. Tthe other option was like hasegawa with tabs and slots to insert the wings in either of two positions only at the end of the build. But l
  3. 2. You shouldn't make resin copies from the HB Su-27, actually the trumpeter and HB parts are really bad representations in the three scales! The AKU-470 used under the fuselage and the little stumps to hang them under the intakes are included in the kinetic kit and accurate. They only included a pair though and the instructions tell you to use them in the inner wings. AKU-470 = Kinetic part I-3+J-5 (only a pair) Stumps to hang AKU-470 under Intakes = I-1 (four included)
  4. And should I add that pointing out accuracy problems on pictures and cad is easier and an earlier step in the design process unlike giving input on 'engineering' and 'buildability' which would need full cads with parts breakdown and look at their sprue design which that come later in the design process. As for buildability that would be pretty hard to measure unless you got a testshot in hand, because from CAD to Mold to having the plastic in hand there are factors that affect the final result. Again that little gang of anti-accuracy guys, and how ironic they mention derailing, when like Cher
  5. Galfa has researched and sorted through 400+ post in various forums with info about the F-15, your knowledge is invalid.:whistle:/>
  6. It's interesting how you can compare the level of engineering and thought put into a model and things like these. KH just placed the reinforcement where they pleased. AMK in their MiG-31 they smartly placed all the reinforcement on the backside of each panel line, so the sink marks if there were any would be hidden or just say it's the stressed metal.
  7. Preordered mine, not gonna miss it like I did with the first edition :)
  8. I can see the canards in both pics. You might need to have your eyes checked ;)
  9. http://scalemodels.ru/modules/photo/viewcat.php?cid=104&orderby=date%20ASC&show=12&min=24
  10. I placed my order for the MiG-31 and Su-33 on nov. 18th. My package was sent just before xmas, actually hk post didn't process till after xmas. Picked up the huge box last week with the extra Su-33 in it.
  11. Don't pay attention to the troll. Seems he and a handful of people like to rear their a$$es whenever there's discussion about 'accuracy'. If he didn't have anything to contribute he should keep his mouth shut. As for what you mentioned, I just got the Brassin set I had on backorder with hlj along with other stuff. I'm no Phantom expert, but I took a look at it and compared to photos on the net and drawings I found here of the different F-4J cockpits and can confirm what you already mentioned, it is for a F-4B or early block F-4J, not for mid to late ones.
  12. From the previous thread it seems Kitty Hawk 3D scanned or got 3D scans of the airplane. And as seen from the pics of the cockpit and turbine there;s all the 'garbage' from the rough files. From there I could make an assumption they cleaned or designed the 3d models and after that comes the modifications and cuts to make the kit parts for molding. But, as it's been discussed or rather argued about in many threads, people think 3D scan is the 'foolproof' way to make a model, well here's your answer. As pointed out by Berkut, it doesn't have a splitter and the vertical tail tip is curved, but so
  13. I think he meant the shipping cardboard box, which by Raymond's explanation might be just barely big enough to fit the kit box with no protection and ship under the small packet class. But if Red14 only wants a pristine box, if mine arrives undamaged I'll trade him the empty undamaged box for his plastic ;)
  14. Haven't got mine yet, well the free one I got from LM with a Mig-31 and Su-33 I ordered for someone. But looking at the bagged sprues, instructions and parts list, it looks like Kinetic mixed up the letters from Sprue G and J for step 14 in the instructions. The inboard wing pylons (AKU-470) and the stubs in Step 14 might be parts G2, G4 and G5. not J2,4, 5. As for the parts, the sprue map doesn't tell you how many you get of each, but from the bagged sprue pictures looks like you only get two of each sprue in the M to J cluster which sorta makes sense when you think the M to J come togethe
  15. There's one single sprue missing from the K & SG boxings to make an F-15E or I. Although the K & SG boxing come with sprue Q with the extended CFT pylons for those two versions, sprue J only has the rear two pairs of pylons used on the F-15E and I. It's missing the front pair of pylons for the F-15E or I which come in sprue M for the pointy ones and L for the cropped ones. But nothing 10 minutes of cutting/sanding/modifying the extended ones from sprue Q won't fix.
  16. From the HK post page, the ground/sea mail seems to be not depend on if it's full but rather a date. There's a pdf on the site with the schedule for each destination country and the deathline for posting to make it in time for the each dispatch, or it'll have to wait for the next one a week or two or a month later depending on how often they dispatch them. http://www.hongkongp...ates/index.html
  17. That flaw had been discussed and pointed out to Kinetic back in the days when the kit came out. That's due to them putting more than one sprue gate in the clear parts, so when the plastic flowing into the part cavity from the numerous sprue gates meet in the center the plastic doesn't fuse and leave those flow lines. The recommended solution was to either inject it at higher temperatures or only design the molds to have a single sprue gate for each part.
  18. 27) 1/35 Cyberhobby StuG III Ausf. F
  19. Yup I got those from 0.1 to 0.5 mm. I love them because they keep the engraved line a constant width unlike the p-cutter or other engravers that widen with each pass of the blade. Thx for the heads up. It sucks you have to wait for a year, it usually takes around 2-3 months for them to notify you and change the status for stuff they can no longer get.
  20. The thing is, for those telling MoFo to ask for a refund, HLJ doesn't ask for payment until they got your item. And now that you mention it's one of Gunze's scribing tools. Tells us which one, I still have some of those in my wish list and it'd be good to know.
  21. $85 + S&H? and you still need an Academy kit which although it's cheap, you still need plenty of other resin to bring it up to scratch. I think you'd be able to buy two Kinetic's Su-33 for the same money. :rolleyes:/>
  22. I haven't bought from LM in over a year and a half, since they decided to drop the small packet shipping prices for my destination. Something to do with the handling of small packets, needing to be opened for checking before sealing, and LM opted for convenience and using the 'letter & postcard' cost which can be dropped sealed to their post office but also passing the price hike unto the consumer, which almost doubled the shipping price for me. from $24 for a package not exceeding 2kg to like $40. Another thing that has always baffled me is their shipping calculator that I've questioned
  23. Slight deformation in some resin items is something you have to live with, specially with thin wall items. Sometimes even with good packaging the weight or pressure from the same packaging or other items weighing on top of the blister can deform the resin. I think 50% of the exhausts I've bought from other companies like Aires aren't perfectly round. But like Les said it's just a quick fix, dunk it in hot water and before it cools down bend it back to shape. A quicker fix than to wait weeks or months for a replacement in these cases.
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