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  1. no idea..... just white as far as I could see
  2. If the metallic green bay did get painted after a big maintenance, then they went white like the later ones..
  3. I just got the set for the G... excellent!
  4. Cold war studios also do a corrected nose for the RBT, if you have the earlier ICM kit http://www.coldwarstudio.com/Resin Detail Sets 1/48 scale category/
  5. I have to AGREE with Gabor, trade/ modelling shows are where they expect to get feedback from the grass root buyers of their products...
  6. not so, Master Casters did a set a few years ago...
  7. My supplier has quoted me in shop around Nov 19th
  8. I remember earlier this year, a short editorial in Air Forces mag mentioning it, along with the radar upgrades... Wish I'd kept the copy now..
  9. I reserve judgement until I build it, like the MiG 31, which I was well happy with...
  10. The initial GWH F-15 problems were corrected shortly after issue, relevant sprues were sent to all who bought them
  11. The IFR panel is no issue for me, .. glue , fill and rescribe… simples...
  12. I doubt it, by the look of it...
  13. rather like printers and inkjet cartridges…………..
  14. they probably have it in their WISH LIST...….
  15. There is a private aerobatic company sporting both MiG 17's and Aero L-39's definitively in a pale / dark grey camo scheme No idea who owns them though
  16. Tamiya curve tape works well.. 1mm and 0.5mm
  17. The RAM panels are still there, but just reduced in thickness and painted main colour. This was publicly mentioned earlier this year, apparently a new RAM paint update , which lowered costs..
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