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  1. At Burke Lakefront Airport in Cleveland OH at the entrance they have a F-4E and F-J on a stick. Obviously in T-Bird and BA markings, the E is painted as #1 and was in fact the #1 aircraft back in the day, The -J was also a retired BA bird. Cheers Itch
  2. Agreed, with everything open it's in maintenance mode and as such would not be armed. I do open canopies when ever possible though. Cheers Itch
  3. I would think it was close to British Interior green. Just a thought. Cheers Itch
  4. The USAAF/USAF oxygen bottles were yellow during WW II and Korea. After which they went to the national standard green. I will assume it was the same for the USN. Cheers Itch
  5. Holmes said "one way to deal with those blooming Spammers !!" Great bit, and oldie but a goodie and something we all have wanted to do to them. Cheers. Itch
  6. I, like most of my contemporaries, started in 1/72nd and as I got older and vision was not quite as acute I moved to 1/48th. Then about 20 years ago I started 1/32nd, I haven't abandoned 1/48th just branching out a bit. On a lark I built the 1/24th Airfix Hurricane and enjoyed that (may do more in the future). I haen't built anything in about 15 years but plan on getting back into after I retire in 2 years. May even go over to the dark side and build some 1/35th armor. Love the looks of the M-10, Achilles, M18 and armored cars. Cheers , Itch
  7. Steve, They are mirrors to check and see if the gears are down or munitions / tanks are released. Cheers Itch
  8. OH SURE, not only are you a fantastic modeler, now you're a published author! 😁 All kidding aside really beautiful work, I may take up knitting as a hobby. Cheers Itch
  9. The Cornfield Bomber, it belly landed pilotless, was recovered, repaired and returned to service. It now resides in the AF Museum in Dayton OH Cheers Itch
  10. John, WOW just WOW, words are insufficient to describe your work. Cheers, Itch
  11. John, Fantastic as always. Details are phenomenal. Cheers, Itch
  12. Damn, this just keeps getting better and better. Phenomenal work. I think I need to find another hobby. Cheers Itch
  13. During the late 60's when we could we carried the twin mount mostly to RP 6 and sometimes 5. Cheers Itch
  14. Nice shots, thanks. Cheers Itch
  15. Another note, depending on how early it was manufactured it may have the main gears doors open on the ground. Itch
  16. ES Don't know the thinking but the Russians used red (and white) stars as far back as WWII. And as you stated probably Socialist victory over the imperialist. Cheers Itch
  17. Not necessarily, they dropped on "soft" targets also. Cheers Itch
  18. Went to both those when I moved into the area with wife 1.0. There was also a Squadron Shop for awhile too, mid 70's time frame. My first hobby shop was Franklin's five and dime where I got some wood aircraft kits and saw my first plastic kit (Starfix I believe) can't remember exact one but it was a bi-plane. Cheers Itch
  19. I look at this and my models seem to be built by a chimpanzee by comparison! I may have to rethink my choice of hobbies. WOW just 'effn WOW. Exceptional work Rotorman, a real labor of love. Cheers Itch
  20. WOW just WOW. Makes me think that I may want to reconsider my choice in hobbies. Cheers Itch
  21. Gary, Great shots as usual. I admire your talent at photography. Would love to see some decals for the anniversary bird in 48th or 32nd. Cheers Itch
  22. Sad news indeed. I actually preferred her voice over Stevie Nicks. And thought she was a better singer also. Rest in Peace Christine, you made millions happy with your voice. Itch
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