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  1. I havent logged in for a loooong time, but this awesome Mig 25 build just made me want to leave a positive comment. AWESOME BUILD of the Mig 25...!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. olemanjoe

    UBoot VII C

    nice work!!! love the rigging! how in the world did you do that?
  3. wow, really nice!! great paint job! did you have any complications with the build?
  4. very good work so far. I love these cold war monsters!
  5. Thats great news Big Kohona! Glad it arrived safely! Hope you dont mind the textures i added previously. :)
  6. Prolly a re=pop. Sure looks a lot like the one that Wege did a review on recently! Same panel lines anyway.
  7. http://www.hobby-show.info/tokyo2011/0385.html Pathetic. Same old undersized misshapen excuse for a flanker 'retooled'... what a bloody waste of effort.
  8. Did anyone mention Dragon's F-18E/F? They arent too bad, nice crisp molding. Good weapon load outs, nice choices of markings. Only drawback is that the wings are designed to be folded up, needs a bit of putty if you want them locked down to 'flying' position. Also you normally get two planes to a box... with different markings! If you also consider 1/144 helos, the new tool Revell Apache is SUPERDUPERAWESOME.
  9. Good review! nicely shot pictures! The Doras look great! Although the Val looks like it has 'trenches' for panel lines, am sure it will turn out better if you hand painted them - the paint will fill it out some! I hope you can do some reviews on the sabres too! Doing one of those with an Aussie mod/marking might be interesting.
  10. I'd have to agree with Steve, the Hasegawa kit is cheap and really quite nice for its age. the fit isnt bad at all, and the really fine raised panel lines look very 'realistic'. I also prefer the three bladed prop, makes the A/C look much better! The worst part of the kit is the (very) slightly clunky landing gear. Everything else looks proportionate and fine. Good luck!
  11. That's amazing. I gotta have one (or two, or three) oh well, anyone want to buy a barely started Attack Mig 21 in 1/144??? :P
  12. Love the weathering and mods! I especially like the name... :P not many people will get it, but i do... kekekekeke
  13. Lovely builds, lovely paintwork! GOOD JOB!
  14. Hah, i've got one of these half built as well... will track your progress...! :)
  15. LOL, this is gonna be good fun! ^_^
  16. Hi Both Tamiya and Fujimi have new tools for the Yamato. From what I have seen, the Fujimi kit is more detailed, ie has lots of tiny surface detail, but quite soft. The Tamiya kit goes well together but less detailed. So its a toss up really. Personally I prefer the Fujimi, as a coat of paint and wash would be enough to make it look better. And if you're not adding PE, the bareness of the Tamiya kit makes it look less 'realistic'... Just my 2 cents! :)
  17. LOl Duke Nukem couldnt possibly live up to the hype... gaming has certainly moved away from one dimensional shooters.... saying that, i sure hope trumps get it right... until then i still hv my one solitary airfix kit in my stash...
  18. Wow! agreed, kick-@ss trailer! hope it gets to the PS3 this time.... :P
  19. Hi Big Kohona SOrry i was away so i didnt get this message till then! Pls contact me again, I have dug up the bridge section that you wanted. You can PM me your mailing address and name and I'll send it off to you! Its one less piece of clutter i have to deal with hahahaha. cheers!
  20. i think i may have one somewhere... if u still need one, pls contact me! i'll be happy to send it to you if u pay postage! I am in Australia.... ^_^
  21. Thorsten That sounds possible! :) Anyway here is what I have done so far on the Platz kit: cheers! liver
  22. Wow, nice detail! Show us more! :)
  23. Thanks Kursad! I was just in the process of looking for a pic to describe those cut-outs. You got the absolute right pics to describe what i am talking about. I thought the extra vert stab. under the main wings was only to compensate for the cut-out shaped tail. Your second pic shows that this isnt the case! I am now in the process of building a 1/72 Platz kit so I would like to update it to this 'B' version. Oliver
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