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  1. If you want to do a training version: These are on a VP-23 P-3C sometime in the late 80s. We were doing the preflight on a cold and frosty winter morning at our home base in Brunswick, Maine. Getting ready to head for the mining range off of Charelston, South Carolina. These would later be recovered by USN divers, refurbished and used again.
  2. DonSS3

    1/32nd CASA 2.111

    You'll probably need to get masks or see if there are some other decals you can "make work." Maybe something from the RC side of the hobby?
  3. Beautiful job. It's nice to see something from a "small air force."
  4. I saw a Tamiya F-51D on eBay that was at $10.00 or so. Of course a couple of bids could change that… If you're in the US, I see that recently they've been selling for somewhere in the $10-15 range. There was one that went for $25.00, but I have no idea why when most the others are going for less than half of that.
  5. Laurent, your post needs a "LIKE" button!
  6. This (VERY) early CH-47A is at the Don F. Pratt museum at Ft Campbell, KY. This is a 61 photo walkaround: http://s20.photobucket.com/user/DDonSS3/library/CH-47 How early?
  7. None of the earlier RA-5C kits, Hasegawa nor Airfix are anywhere near today's expectations.
  8. I would gladly forgo all those molded on RAM panels for decals like this. Great job!
  9. DonSS3

    FW-200 Condor

    IIRC, you won't find a lot of variations in the finish of military (as opposed to civil or transport versions) Condors. You may be able to do one with a "whitewash" finish as used on the Eastern front. I just did a quick Google search. I've read that the Peddinghaus decals can be problematic, and I know nothing about the LF Models decals. https://www.google.com/search?q=decals,+1/48.+Fw+200&source=univ&tbm=shop&tbo=u&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwje-_Dtye_TAhXHx4MKHVYRBfMQsxgIJw&biw=1909&bih=889 On the Image search it loos like there may be Spanish markings,
  10. Great stuff, OCD. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. 57th FIS F-15C doing an intercept on us, mid-80s:
  11. Or have a couple of 1/48 ground crew holding the slats closed...
  12. If you can't find the B-25G kit, take a look on eBay. AM made a conversion kit to convert their B-25B to the G. Sometimes they can be found pretty cheaply. I think the only major B-25J release I don't have from Monogram is the gun-nosed J. I did have the gun nose at one time, but I traded it away for a H nose. I think Three AM kits and two Monogram kits is enough for B-25s. I just need to get some RAAF decals for the glass-nosed J and I'm set.
  13. In 1/48 you've got the B-25B, the B-25C/D and the B-25G by Accurate Miniatures/Academy (I think the C/D is also available from Italeri). These are all the earlier variants with the top turret on the aft fuselage. The B-25H/J were originally Monogram molds, although they were later released by Revell. Skip the B-25B/C/D from Revell it's a quite old kit and certainly can't approach the level of the newer kits.
  14. DonSS3

    1/48 C-46

    Something tells me that the price would be well North of what my wallet (and the Mrs) would appreciate.
  15. Great timing, I've been thinking of ordering one of these, myself. Thanks for the info, Phantom.
  16. That really looks amazing. Great work you've done there.
  17. Congratulations on your award! It was well deserved, I assure you.
  18. I couldn't remember whether they used DDG or not, I just added that to cover my bases…
  19. If it is Dull Dark Green (DDG) or Bronze Green, FS 34092 (European I Do Green) is supposed to be a good match. This color can be found in many model paint ranges. If it's Interior Green (FS34151) there are a number of good matches out there as well.
  20. That looks really nice. Much better than my Czech Models kit.
  21. Nice job on your A-37. I'm a "small air forces" fan, so this is a real bonus for me.
  22. Lots of manufacturers engraved markings locations on their kits back in the 1950s when this kit was first molded. Probably to aid in painting the markings before decals were readily available. Lots of Aurora (among others) kits had this "feature."
  23. Yeah, I need to know when to start saving up.
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