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  1. Wow! It does seem to capture the "brutish" look of the late model fitters
  2. I will try to grab some shots of my old jets when they get back home soon. I know they painted Mustaches on them for the deployment. Hopefully they'll keep their art til they get home at least.
  3. http://www.lindenhillimports.com/akanukraine.htm AKAN Paints
  4. I didn't see any wing pylons or bomb racks and other stores beside the ventral fuel tank. Is some enterprising aftermarket company going to fill that niche?? Also I guess we just need a different non camera nose for other RB variants??? Thanks all!
  5. I wonder if you could heat up the wingtip in some hot water and twis the tips to get the proper washout???
  6. Nothing directed at you Sir, just people in general tend to speculate. Please I meant no offense!
  7. What about the wingtip missile rails? Wasn't there some concern that they were not angled correctly on the wingtip?? If so can we just cut the launchers flush and reglue at the proper angle? or is the wing camber (curve) incorrect as well?
  8. Carrier aviation is extremely dangerous business. Useless speculation from keyboard jockeys thousands of miles away isn't going to change that fact.
  9. I was really hoping to see some test shots, I thought they (ICM) would have shown something at Telford... Really looking forward to seeing this kit!
  10. Yeah I thought the introduction of the AIFF was shelved for teh Block 40/42 portion of the CM mod. I guess they found some money..
  11. Pilot to RIO "I Thought YOU did the walk around!"
  12. some of our A-10 MLG tires had that type of asymmetric tire groove pattern, depended on what ever showed in the warehouse.
  13. Good to see the forums up and running! Thanks Steve for your hard work.
  14. Glad to see an update on this I thought it might have fallen off the radar. Look forward to seeing more of this!
  15. Just put some puddles of 5606 under the ventral fins and you could pass it off for a miniaturized F-14!! Very Very nice!
  16. Need to do a raffle for one or two of them!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  17. From the pictures I have seen, the casting is not up to there usual standard. The casts were pretty soft and some casting material was trapped in some of teh recesses of the struts.
  18. Sorry duplicate post, please remove
  19. Just picked up the Kinetic Su-33 and I have a few questions about colors (or colours­čśä). What would you all recommend for the landing gear struts, nose wheel well and the inside of the intake tunnel?? Thanks in advance!!!!
  20. Please offer the metal landing gear separately!
  21. Hey Raymond, any chance you could include decals for the white portion of the leading edge of the R-27 (AA-10) forward fins? I always have a hard time painting them evenly!!! Thanks!
  22. Whether you like it or not, and I understand those who do not. A lot of companies are using Facebook as their portal to the "digital world" It's a lot easier to get the word out and you don't have to keep your website updated and it's pretty immediate to all platforms tablets,smartphones and PC's. I think you can access some of the companies "pages" without joining up.
  23. If you looked at their Facebook post. They are doing a missile set that will be available separately.
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