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  1. 80hp Le rhones had the intake tubesat the front 110hp Le Rhones had the tubes at the rear Tony
  2. Rick,Keep in mind that spare aircraft were used for sometimes a 3-4 week period if ones machine was in maintenance and spares could have been used during a show or a photo flight; #1-100 #2-041 #3-037 #4-108 #5-080 #6-115 #7-052 #8-164 #9-046 #10-023 #11-049-fuel tanks and only one seat spares were-075,011,055, and 084-fuel tanks Tony
  3. Thanks, here is shot of the infamous 'Red Smoke ' of 1990. An Airfarame Tech's worst nightmare. Impossible to keep the plane clean and it stayed in clothing for years. Picture taken at dusk from #5 flown by John Low(who is now head of the Comox Airforce Museum). Aircraft 114115 now sits at Comox in the musem's airpark next to the Argus.
  4. Colin and Dwayne, I'm glad you guys got your CDs and I hope it helps detail your builds. If you need clarification on any point on the airplane, just call !! I've got assorted shots and it may shed some light on little seen areas. Tony
  5. Yes, thats Marc stripped down to T-shirt, as the Tutor air-con was not that great at low level. Part of our strap-in procedure during a show was to fold the flight suit behind the pilot and in front of the 'chute so after the show he can quickly don it and emerge from the cockpit all dressed up That pic was taken during a cross-country and must have been a low level VFR trip that day Tony,Comox, BC
  6. Check out www.modelart.ca for Wayne Hui's Tutor and other stuff. The resin cockpit set is beautiful and includes speedbrakes and landing gear stuff too. About masking the "speedbird" and diamonds- thats how it is done in the real world too and they aren't perfect either. (but they're close) Tony, Comox, BC
  7. Also, try to get th Belcher Bits Tutor decal sheet. It is beautiful, and includes a lot of different schemes for the CT114, including early 60's Tutor and Re Knight as well as obvously Snowbirds markings Tony, Comox, BC
  8. Tony, Yes please and thanks to you and hemspilot for all this valuable info. I worked part-time in the Coulson NDT lab a few years ago and once in a while was over in their hangar doing some pylon attachment inspections on some of their machines, both with sponsons and landlubber gear. They have a whole host of airframe types in their inventory. send me a PM and I'll give you my Email address Tony, Comox, BC
  9. Colin, past member 90-91, remember the coloured smoke days????? I was also a member of the Regina chapter IPMS during the late 80s-90s. Acouple of the older fellas will remember me fer sure. The length of the cockpit on the S61 looks similar to the HH-3 Revell model that I picked up. I'm just starting to gather references on the subject. Obviously, doors and windows would have to be filled/changed to bring it to S61 config at the back end(Sea King end). I love the Coulson 'Thunderbird' Black and Gold scheme. It can be seen on Airliners.net Tony, Comox,BC
  10. Greetings, I plan on using a Sea King and putting on a HH-3 nose in my quest to build a S61. Probably finish it as a Coulson Heli-logging machine from Port Alberni, BC. Anybody done this before, tried the same thing ???? Any tips on what to look for, what to or what not to do is appreciated. I know of the rare S61 fuselage already marketed however, I will make this an in-house project unless someone totally discourages me. Cheers, Tony, Comox,BC
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