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  2. Petarvu

    Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    We are ON !!!!!! Hope it starts to sell this year. I was cautious and sold only one Kinetic 33­čśü
  3. Why does anyone post on the internet Habu? I saw something that interested me and a posted a question on it. All I was implying was that one needs to take everything they read online with a big grain of salt. Just internet basics, that's all. Do you expect to hear the god's honest truth about military technology issues on a forum geared towards building plastic model airplanes? I don't. Some of the answers on this thread were interesting and at times enlightening but I have no expectation that any of it is 100% accurate.
  4. SuperTomcat21

    Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    Hello Doppelg├Ąnger Due to recent busy work´╝îI haven't browsed the ARC forum for a long time. I am sorry about this. In my opinion, if your motivation to make a model is to pursue its accuracy. Abandoning a kits far below the standard will not cause any loss. At least on the way to waiting, You will not be lonely. In the past, I lost more than 10,000 times more than you on this project. The Frustration did not make me feel depressed, We spend a few years, Rebuild all projects. There is no doubt that it currently meets the original design requirements. Thanks again to the friends who provided reference on the ARC forum. I don't think he will let the friends who are pursuing the correctness of the model feel disappointed. In the past 2018´╝îBecause some designs exceed the processing capacity of the current factory. We need to make some compromise modifications to some overly extreme designs. Used to ensure stable quality during mass production. The number of newly designed parts is significantly higher than the original design, resulting in more modification time. At the same time it is also a process of exploring learning. This is the main reason for delay in listing. We are actively working with the factory to improve. It is expected that the product will be able to meet with us this year. Always support our friends who care about us can rest assured. The project has now largely ruled out most of the production barriers and Progressing well. It obviously deserves patience. At last´╝îWe have not charged anyone the order amount. I only said that we will try to achieve things as soon as possible. I can't understand who I sold to a bunch of silly lies? Best Regards Ran
  5. LOL, That's what I thought your response would be. Very useful, thanks for stopping by. Anyway, barring any additional info from the media or our own experts, this sub-topic has probably run it's course.
  6. Giovanni

    F-101b Vodoo Revell 1/72

    Thank You Craig for the photos and the nice words. You gave a great contribution to the community with unique images. I hope this could inspire other modelers to do the same kit. In Canadian livery it would be very nice. Many thanks to Startibartfast and Nikolay too for leaving their comments. Bye Giovanni
  7. The shoe cobbler says there's no such thing -- only needles for his machines and that you can't hand-sew leather. Huh?? Anyway, I found it! All of a sudden she was in the middle of the floor. That's extremely strange because I've swept and vacuumed the floor clean last week and went through every inch of it with a postcard fridge magnet and a high-power flashlight. I've been through twilight zone situations before but this one perplexes me. Anyway, she's back. I'll take good care of her this time and treat her like like gold. Thanks again for the help, fellas!
  8. Doppelg├Ąnger

    Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    Mark! Howdy, my good mate? Yes, I'm going the Zactoman route. I regret having sold my Kinetic kit now. I know it's a pretty decent kit, and this should really teach me a very good lesson regarding the empty promises one reads on modelling forums. From now on I'll wait until a kit is out on the market, well reviewed and built before taking any decisions. I'm a moron for having followed. Well, not any more. Thanks a lot for your words, bruh. Cheers, Onigiri
  9. picknpluck

    Tamiya Tomcatski

    I installed the wings in the swept back position and lightly traced the outline of the wing gloves onto the wing with a black artists pencil. Then i held the pencil at random points on the wing next to the wing gloves and swept the wings in and out to get the curved pattern. Then, i followed that curves pattern with oils and blended the oils with a q-tip.
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  11. Doppelg├Ąnger

    My small AIR Base 1/48 ...

    Philippe, Real lost for words here. Simply, a diorama like this would be the perfect environment where to keep just every new kits one puts together and finishes. It makes me feel really small with regard to the several more subjects one would need to purchase in order to have such a diorama like this going - out of the normal decal sheet and/or aftermarket detailing set, that is. Just out of curiosity; ever kept track of the amount of money invested so far? Let's say a fat cat ever made present and asked you to purchase this diorama. Have you ever thought about that possibility? Also, ever thought about any Russian aircraft doing goodwill visits/emergency landings/defections? That'd be cool. Cheers, Onigiri
  12. Nino_Belov

    Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    Yaeh, V.1.0 is similar like Su-33...version 2.0 is Su-33...chose...
  13. Yes, please. Makes me want to do an F-16 just to do that kind of weathering.
  14. barkin mad


    Correct it's for increasing visibility, but mostly from above. -----------------------
  15. Mstor

    Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    Maybe you should pick up a Kinetic one again. They are going for a very good price on LuckyModel right now (if you were in the USA I would suggest Zactoman's sale). The Aviation Art one may or may not ever show. Who knows? The Kinetic one is still a decent kit and builds up to a respectable Su-33 with a little work. Perhaps its time to hedge your bets.
  16. Really pleased to draw attention of those who know Short Tucano well. I did noticed that the ventral brakes are one of the difference between Short Tucano and Embraer Tucano. Unfortunately Hobbyboss kits represents the EMB-312 Tucano only, so there is no ventral brake on the kit. I simply decided to omit this airbrake, cuz I would like to build a Tucano with clean configuration (suppose it in closed position). Regards.
  17. Craig Baldwin

    F-101b Vodoo Revell 1/72

    You have the eye for detail. Your beautiful workmanship gets me digging through old photos and I will take this opportunity to share with you and the other followers. They are all scans from prints and the colour on a few are off but the details are still there. Note on 101057 the yellow object mounted on the armament door, I don't remember what it was for. This has been a great ride down memory lane for me, and you provided a classic for it. Cheers Craig
  19. Stefan buysse

    Top cover Spitfire

    Hi, I'm getting ready to paint the cockpit. I've used some masking tape to keep paint off the parts that will be glued together. The Brengun PE parts will very likely look better if I airbrush the paint onto them. Spitfire Mk VII 20 Jan by StefanBuysse, on Flickr Cheers, Stefan.
  20. niart17

    Revell 1/32 F/A-18E Super Hornet

    Honestly, looking at the instructions, it does look complicated but where they break assembles into a lot of parts it really looks like it would help with painting. Things that I always say "I wish these walls were separated so I could detail paint more easily". The breakdowns make sense to me. Just from what I can yell so far anyway.
  21. B.Sin

    Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    I hope Hobbyboss doesn't screw up the MV-22 they're coming out with. I'm sure everybody here feels the same way. LOL
  22. B.Sin

    Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    Why would anybody lie about this sort of thing?
  23. Probably too late now, but the Shorts Tucano also has an air brake on the c/l at the rear of the wing. Not sure if the Hobbyboss kit has it. It's a fair bit from representing a Shorts built version. -------------------
  24. Nino_Belov

    Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    I have sold my Kinetic also...what to say...if this guy lied me he lied you all also, but there is one more step of tolerance that i have, let's wait and see if he will cross it...
  25. Murph

    Nuclear bombs and modern aircraft

    The B43 was a Cold War era weapon, so just about any NATO fighter tasked with the nuke/strike mission during that time could have used it; although, by that point the British had their own weapons to use as did the French. IIRC the "Broken Arrow" incident that involved a U.S. Navy A-4 that fell of a carrier elevator was a B43. On a related note, an old Navy training film on You Tube showing live B43 and B57 weapons. LINK For those looking to put it on an F-104, I believe it was mounted in a + configuration, but the bottom fin had to be removed for ground clearance issues. As was mentioned above, it also showed up on U.S. strategic bombers like the FB-111 and B-58. Regards, Murph
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