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  2. Liberator24

    F/S - All Scale Aircraft

    Bump With Weekly Changes
  3. le_boz

    Plane Savers DC-3 C-FDTD 1/48

    Thanks, Cheers
  4. P-38 guy

    Plane Savers DC-3 C-FDTD 1/48

    Nice job! Way to support the cause. Mike
  5. Bob Beary

    Skinny or narrow sanding sticks?

    You can easily make your own by using CA to attach sandpaper to coffee stirrer sticks, tooth picks, chop sticks etc.. Bob
  6. Steven H. McLain

    1/48 US Army L-19 decorations wanted

    I remember back in the 1960s (late), there was a group near where I lived. They were gloss FS-1087, and International Orange FS-19197. They used to fly low before the fireworks on July 4. Streaming red, white and blue smoke, really low. Below is the information you need. INTERIOR COLORS All cockpit and interior FS-34151 Interior Green Upolstry plastic coated fabric FS-34092 Seats FS-34086 Instrument panel FS-36231 Dk. Gull Gray, black instrument faces OUTSIDE Overall gloss od FS-14087 Lettering gloss FS-13538, except gloss white FS-17587 "ARMY" on sides
  7. Today
  8. Helmsman

    Flory models sponge sanding sticks

    They can be easily made right at home. I use old stick as a base, remove sandpaper and underlying mounting tape with few drops of Ronsonol, then stick new mounting tape from any hardware store and new sandpaper on top. New sticks probably don't look as beautiful but work exactly the same.
  9. I thought that area had been set up with Bomarcs for defense back then. When I was at Loring a number of abandoned anti aircraft gun positions were still there if you knew where to look as well as a missile launch facility not too far from the base. You could drive right up to it, walk through the gate and have access to the whole site. The missile bays were still there with one or two of the doors still open and one launch rail sticking partly out. You couldn't go underground to the site because it was completely flooded by crystal clear ice water. They left paintings on the walls, furniture and who knows what else, but you would never get through the water. I
  10. spejic

    Dirigible Aerial Landing Platform

    That looks incredibly art-deco.
  11. Spejic, good tip using the pen for the windows. I have only attached the rotor blades to this helo and one V-22 with Elmers glue so that I can get an idea of the size for painting the markings on the deck. A lot of epoxy was dumped into this thing to strengthen the deck from the inside and I have started working out the rear section. 04 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr This old pen cap has been in my spare parts bin for a long time and I like the look of the raised details so I am going to use it for the upper deck. I am not trying to make an exact copy of the photo, just using it for an inspiration. This old wheel hub is what I am going to use for the engine faces. Since I could only find one, a mold was made so that several can be cast up. 05 by Hal Elsberry, on Flickr I have decided not to make this a military vehicle because I do not want to deal with all the 1:700 defensive weapons and such that would need to be added. I think that I will go with a civilian organization that supports disaster relief. I like the colors on the magazine cover but it will not work for this kit because I want a traditional landing deck color and not a red one. I may still use the tan/red/black scheme but in a different way. Some 1:700 crewmembers that I ordered came in the mail last week, I had planned on ordering various deck tractors, cranes, and other equipment to fill this big flat deck out but this stuff is soooo small. I have gained a whole new appreciation for the people that build in this scale, I don't know what is wrong with them but I appreciate their skills. Els
  12. Gun_Metal

    Best early early Hornet in 1/48th

    You are building *14* A-6? For fun or for work? :)
  13. KursadA

    New NF-16 VISTA Paint Scheme

  14. Raymond Chung


    Dear Tom, Actually, the Canada warehouse is already operational for a year, but it only take care the Kinetic distribution. And also, we check out that unless the order is multiple kits like 5-10 pcs, otherwise, the shipping cost from HK to Canada vs Canada to Canada is similar. The only difference is the delivery date may be 1-2 days faster. But at the same time, the HK POST on larger box item has jump up quickly by 2019 even the surface mail. Therefore, we are thinking to offer our in-house surface mail (that means, the order will be loaded to our Kinetic North American distribution goods combined with the retail parcel order packed in HK to Canada. And then unload it and tranship using the local trucking or postal services for larger order. So we will charge the local shipping "as if" the item from local Canada vendor. However, this method will take around 1-1.5 months for us to consolidate the container to the destination.
  15. Tom G


    Raymond, if I understand your message, you will soon be opening a warehouse in Canada? That is good news. Will shipping charges for Canada be adjusted when it opens? thanks, Tom
  16. Chris L

    F-35 news roundup

    Apparently not much has changed . Maintainers wind up doing a lot of unnecessary in order to make someone or something look better than they really are. Ramstein was particularly bad.
  17. eraucubsfan

    New NF-16 VISTA Paint Scheme

    Not sure if this was posted before, but look like the VISTA got a new paint scheme. Maybe some one will do decals... https://theaviationgeekclub.com/new-paint-scheme-for-usaf-test-pilot-schools-f-16-vista/
  18. Dutch

    Classic Matchbox Voodoo (OOB)

    I built several, and upped my detailing skills with each build. Yes, I agree, a "classic" kit!
  19. Five new AOA decal sheets covering the F-4B/J Phantom, each covering a single squadron, plus an airframe data sheet: 32-030 - VF-154 Black Knights (Vietnam War & MCAS Miramar) 32-031 - Airframe data (stencil type) [depot open type stencil, not McD type] 32-032 - VMFA-323 Death Rattlers (Vietnam War) 32-033 - VMFA-232 Red Devils (Vietnam War & Japan) 32-034 - VMFA-212 Lancers (Vietnam War & Hawaii) Sheets 32-032, -033, and -034 also include the airframe data sheet (32-031) www.AOAdecals.com (free shipping within US)
  20. BaconRaygun

    Tesla, model 3

    Thats why I specifically said plug-in hybrids. The current trend is one towards plug-in hybrids and EVs. Every year, more and more car makers are adding them to their model lineup. Toyota, Honda, VW, GM, Nissan, BMW, Porsche, Ford, and Hyundai all produce at least one plug-in hybrid that is sold in the USA. There are probably more, but those are the ones I know off hand.
  21. Intake Update! It looks like the Phase Hanger seamless intakes are coming soon: Phase Hanger Resin Accessories on Facebook And GT Resin will have some of their own in about 3-4 weeks? GT Resin Since I haven't seen either, I can't vouch for which ones are going to be the best (nor would I), but either product has to be a lot better than PVC plastic pipe! With intakes en route, all that's really needed now is a decent resin cockpit. Cheers, Chuck
  22. boom175

    F-35 news roundup

    Same way in the AF, Had to keep the numbers up, especially fun at the end of the fiscal year when you had no money to order parts (we did, but we couldn't spend it yet) and we had to take a tire off of a jet that was down for extended maintenance and put it on a flier. Of course the next day when it was a "new" year we had to change that tire on the broke jet! Some times we wanted to kill the pro sup!😀
  23. Berkut

    Tesla, model 3

    Depends. Some are just "peak shaving" ICE to keep it at optimal efficiency, some are plug in hybrids and are able to drive on electric only.
  24. Ken Cartwright

    Tesla, model 3

    My understanding is that most cars labeled as hybrids actually have the ICE providing power directly to the wheels at some point. The Chevy Volt used the ICE only as an electric generator, but it was one of the few that worked like that.
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