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  1. Me first, yeh...? Gonna start workin' on the 1/48th scale Academy Hawker Hunter F.6 kit, for which me plans a T.7 conversion usin' the Heritage Aviation resin kit. One thing, tho; wanted to see whether there exists a 1/48 T.7 resin cockpit set 'cause I'm not very happy with that which comes in the HA conversion set. Cheers, Unc²
  2. Hi Scott, Indeed! Mr Rotramel is to the Varks as Mr Duffey is to the Flankers. Thanks for 'em clarification, tho. Incidentally; have ya gotten yer Hog jugs?
  3. :blink: Me seein' double...?
  4. Blimey! Hard luck, Kay. Nay aftermarket solution that I could think of (other than try 'n' get the long-outa-production Kazan set, which would be a tad outa the question for just a nose replacement, anyways). I were ya tho, I'd look for someone who had the Trumpeter kit 'n' agreed to make a resin copy of the nose from "they're" kit instead. ;)
  5. :wacko: Genuinely puzzled now... Are the Revellogram A-10 tanks longer than the Scaledown tanks for the FB-111G/FB-111A long range fuel tanks? :blink: Thought they were the same size...
  6. :blink: Whut sorta a silly assumption is that, Mr Duffey? First time I'm so eager 'bout the progress of a build thread since supergru's "Flankerstein" build. :lol: Goin' very well; clever use of the radar radome there. Keep up 'em good work! Cheers, Unc²
  7. Sweet piccies, Polo! Is that grime on the cannon groove or is it some stuff smeared on purpose in there...? Cheers, Unc² (aka Onkel Dunkelgrau)
  8. Uncle Uncool

    1/48 B-29

    :blink: Yeh, well; me wonders why there are some leaves that go against the wind, churnin' the other way of a whirlwind, all the more so when it only seems to happen whene'er me neighbour is playin' this tune... :wacko: Sorta 'n' epiphany? :unsure:
  9. Awesome build so far Jazz! Here ya've got some good inspiration as to where the RIO's hands are 'n' whut he's doin' in the back seat.
  10. <_< Bloody Justine "Beaver" is out 'em skull, me thinks. Wish we could be left in a room for a coupla minutes he 'n' I so after the beatin' that ensued then I would have sumthin' to be sorry 'bout... Spoilt lil' brat. No wonder he needs to be all surrounded by his goons while in public.
  11. Wow... :unsure: If so, wouldn't that be quite a tad disappointin' to all those who've trusted the "supposed AMK's spokesman"? All the more so when me myself have chatted with Loki always believin' he was a forum member just like anybody else.
  12. Same here; thanks a helluva lot, Kinetic. It won't do to wait 'til AMK releases "they're" example, 'cause, accordin' to whut I heard at the spot they're doin' "they're" SuE research down here, it's still gonna take quite several months to be released. Or perhaps is it 'cause Kinetic released it first, me wonders...? Besides, whinin' 'bout 'em rows is utterly pointless. Maybe the radar switch which passes 'em data to the 'em Exocet missiles was rendered wrong? Well? Sure they've got Capt. Curilovic's mount to check that detail out...? ;)
  13. Piccies are a tad heavy, perhaps? :unsure: It takes a while for 'em to load. Y'know, as me was tellin' the chaps over on BM, my GWH 9-13 kit surprisingly brought a 9-12 upper fuselage part, with the incorrect spine for it, of course. Query was whether or nay I could still build a 9-12 from the parts in the 9-13 box. Whut say ye, blokes? Thanks
  14. :blink: Good Gawd... Teach me! Real impressive work, dog.
  15. Noooiiiceee...!!! Goin' very well, Kenneth! Me likes!
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