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  1. Good reviews on kits, or something that catches my eye at airshows usually.
  2. Which is a very smart business plan, as long as they actually have them both up for sale!
  3. It seems mad not to leave the RAF parts in aswell as IDS parts and just have decals for both types.
  4. Don't just rely on his forum presence, I agree with the others in saying you should email Lucky Model directly.
  5. Hi All, I'd like to start looking into adding some extra detail into my builds with pipes, cables, and various parts. What are some materials and sizes you recommend always having in the toolbox for this sort of thing?
  6. The base adds a very believable sense of speed. And the model is great too!
  7. What a shame that F-15E site has gone down.
  8. Very interesting stuff. The intakes are the only thing I didn't particularly like about this kit. I might have another go and try this.
  9. I think it would have been nice to have the choice for an open engine bay. This still looks like a great model though, I'll definitely be picking one up in the new year.
  10. Do you mean the excuse of 'poor fit' possibly relating to modeler's skill? I'm referring only to objectively poor fitting, as in badly designed.
  11. Hi all, I was sat thinking about the fit of a few of the models in my stash and it led me to a question: What leads to a good/bad fit between parts? How do some companies get fit so wrong, and what processes are there to make sure everything aligns perfectly *cough* TAMIYA *cough* in the final product?
  12. Radio Control gliders typically use thick stripes of black and a fluorescent colour like orange or pink, to increase visibility at range,
  13. Had a look at the model at Telford, the new deisgn looks very nice
  14. You can pick up Post RAF lettering decals in lots of sizes, and modern GR4s just have a tail code, some roundels and not much else!
  15. Is it so hard for you to believe that other people enjoy different aspects of this hobby to yourself?
  16. SMA Is a brilliant Youtube channel by the way, I have a feeling Dusan is also a member on this forum!
  17. Very difficult to get scammed on eBay using Paypal, they usually side with the buyer not the seller. Worth a go I'd say!
  18. We need to forget about F-14s, we're dying for another BF-109 in 1/48 !
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