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Here's a Scorpion that I hope to do someday. It's from the 59th FIS (I think) and could have been a one-off as there are others in this unit with marking that are not this ornate. Note the flag rudder and the tiny black stars in the yellow areas. 


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Love that paint scheme as well, of note as well is the "Bat" in the insignia yellow on the rocket pod, appears to be the only jet with it.  The Giant "C" on the tail is interesting as well.  Denoting the Commanders aircraft?  Interesting markings for sure.  Someone detailed this airplane out for some reason.  The flag, the tail "C", the insignia yellow with black stars, the Bat...its a pretty nifty fifty Scorpion!


Always reminds me of "Jet Pilot" with John Wayne.....the "Mig" was a black painted F-89. Cool movie.

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On 8/16/2022 at 11:12 AM, KursadA said:

F-89 sheets are on the drawing table - it will probably take me until 2023 but these will be available at the same time as the Korean War Sabre series.

If we're talking F-89's, I'm partial to the Michigan ANG bird's, 1/72 please.  


I've also had ideas of modelling the F-89C from the so-called Kinross incident.  It disappeared over Lake Superior in 1953 after responding to a reported UFO ( supposedly a CAF C-47 but that pilot claims he wasn't in the area of the reported object).  It was a bird out of Truax AFB, doing TDY at Kinross but I haven't been able to find any pictures of the actual plane, serial 51-5853.



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On 11/22/2019 at 9:00 AM, Dutch said:

In a nod to Mike Idacavage, speaking of more NASA subjects, they operate several Beechcraft B200/C-12 King Airs.  Mach2 has their 1/72 kit out.


Oooh! I just discovered that A&A (Modelsvit) from Ukraine does both a 1/72 Beechcraft 200 & 350 King Air injection molded kit.

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I just stumbeld across a request in my german forum, concerning "plain" Luftwaffe Tornados. At the moment Revell is issuing Tornado- and Eurofighter-kits, but only with Special-/Anniversary-markings.


What about a set of plain "normal" aircraft markings for both of these?




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13 hours ago, Spruemeister said:

I'll second that for the Eurofighter. 


Rick L.


9 hours ago, achterkirch said:

Eurofighter would be sweet.  I wouldn’t mind some NATO oriented sheets


On the Eurofighter front, Qatar has just started to take delivery of their aircraft. They would be a nice option.

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+1 👍 for the German Luftwaffe Tornado request. One of my current builds is a Revell Tornado IDS in 1/48th scale in the Norm 83 camouflage scheme operated by JbG 37 out of Memmingen in 1991. There is very little out there for the Luftwaffe Tornado IDS and I have had to resort to using an old Italeri decal sheet that I had in my spares box for this scheme. Caracal Models did release a Luftwaffe F-4F in "Norm 81" which was excellent (I have a copy) so maybe the Tornado IDS could follow this? Whilst on the Tornado, how about a "Tornado The Early Years" sheet? I recall a red and white prototype followed by representative first aircraft for the German, British and Italian air forces.

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Thanks for keeping the ideas coming!  The base drawings for separate Poseidon and Wedgetail sheets are in the works for both 1/72 and 1/144 scales, and I hope to release these soon after I finish the long-awaited B-52 and P-3 projects in the next few months.


The Tornado and Eurofighter ideas are certainly interesting - I wish my motivation for international subjects was not diminished due to the recent EU and GB tax policy changes; but I think these sheets can sell fairly well. I will definitely think about adding these to the schedule.

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On 7/24/2022 at 5:40 PM, achterkirch said:

For when you make that CMV-22B sheet.  I think this is the first time I seen one with a full color tail.  



Hey! That's the Truckee Airshow! I was there with my girls. Took a few pics of this plane, girls got to go inside, and they also got to meet the Female Naval Aviator who flew in the F-18E for the show. One thing that struck me and made me feel old was how young the crew of this plane were! 



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3 hours ago, Corey said:

Wow!  Did they land an F-18 in Truckee?

Yup, the Navy brought in the F-18, V-22, two T-45s, and a C-2 Greyhound. We saw the F-18 depart the next day, she took off and climbed out of there at a pretty steep angle. Cal Fire had a Turbo Tracker, and Brono on display. 2 Mustangs, one out of Half Moon Bay, the other out of Hollister, they did a couple of low passes before departing. There was supposed to be an F-5, and a PV-2 but they were no shows. 



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35 minutes ago, denizp said:

Can 2022 Blue Angels with the E and Fs make it to the list? 12 F414s were definitely much louder than 12 F404s up close.


Furball made a fantastic Super Hornet Blue Angels sheet.


I highly recommend you get it before its gone



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