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Subjects which are due for a new, modern kit

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19 hours ago, dekon70 said:

1/48 AJ-2 Savage.  I'd even take one in 1/72.


48th scale AJ Savage is definitely long overdue!


On 10/18/2020 at 7:57 AM, Curt B said:

My opinion is that the F-86 is in dire need of an up-to-date refresh in both 1/48 and 1/32.  I have the repackaged Hasegawa kit from Eduard, dubbed the 'Ultimate  Sabre', which it clearly is not.  The 1/48 Hasegawa kit, is, I believe, a 1996 vintage, and, certainly 24 years of plastic molding improvements could end up being used to create a fabulous new F-86.  I don't even so much care about which variant, though I know many folks out there DO care very much about specific variants which haven't been done.  I think the latest 1/32 version is a Kinetic F-86F-30 from about the mid 2000s, which, from my reading, even back then had less than ideal surface detail and a poor cockpit.  


So, my vote would be a new tooled F-86 in 1/48 by Eduard, and a new tooling F-86 in 1/32 by Tamiya.  I think, like the 1/48 P-38F/G and H that Tamiya just came out with in 2019/20, and will HOPEFULLY be followed up with a J/L variant soon, a new F-86 would be a money maker.  The F-86, particularly Korean War/MiG Alley variants, are perennial favorites, and I think it's a safe assumption to make that modelers like me, even if they already have a particular variant in their stash, if offered a newly tooled, state of the art version of one of their favorite airplanes, would likely spend the dollars to bring the new one into their collection. 


It would be nice to see an actual 1/48th scale F-86A Sabre and F-86H Sabre to help fill in the gaps.  

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The F-111 in 1/48. Yes the  Academy one was superseded by the Hobbyboss one. But its a typical example of how Trumpeter/ Hobbyboss like to forgo any actual research on the real thing and rush a very fictitious looking kit into the market. So anyone like myself who has a love for this subject is left still waiting for that definitive model of the F-111.

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On 10/18/2020 at 8:48 AM, JackMan said:

A nice injection molded Rockwell X-31 in either 1/72 or 1/48.

An AMX A-11 Ghibli  in 1/72.



I agree 100% with the X-31 in 1/48, and the X-32 in 1/48 wouldn't hurt either.

I have resin kits for both, but injection molded would be even better.

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- A new, modern 1/48 A-10A, A-10A with LASTE, and A-10C. 

- 1/48 and 1/72 P-8A Poseidon

- A new 1/48 V-22

- New 1/48 B-1b.  Or at least new, modern insides for the old Revell kit. 

- Intelligently-stocked 1/48 Weapon sets. I don't need a kit with both modern AIM-9M's and Falcon missiles. Or rocket pods and Phoenix missiles. Give us a "modern fighter" set with AMRAAMS, Sparrows, AIM-9M's, and AIM-9X's, and enough of each to load an F-15. Give a set with GBU-38's and GBU-12's and their racks. A set with 2000-lb JDAMs, and so on. Make good molds for them, and use them in your aircraft kits. 


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The ones I can think of have been released recently, but they are criticized for not being an improvement of their older alternative (F-101, A-7A, F-111).


A new kingfisher in 1/48 would be nice.

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On 10/18/2020 at 1:55 AM, Kurt H. said:


What are other subjects due for a new kit which is currently only filled by an older kit? This is not a wish list request, but a discussion of subjects which are in need of a modern kit, and why you might think it would be a good investment for a manufacturer.


Well, we tried.



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Another vote for an updated A-10, especially a correct  A-10C. 

I know as soon as I update and improve the Italeri A-10C I’m building for my son who is a crew chief on the ‘Hog, Tamiya will release one that rivals their F-14. 

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I never thought I'd ever see a large scale Stearman, and low and behold it's like a used car lot! 

I'd really go bonkers if Hasegawa (or maybe ZM) would do a large scale Pete and a Dave!!! And why can't Tamiya

simply add two more sprus to their already nice A6m2 Zero, and give us a proper Rufe. Infinity is coming out with a large scale Helldiver, and what photos out look to be very nice. We (as modelers) have been asking for a new A20 Havoc series for way too long in 1/48th. I never thought we'd see an A26 series; ever! Thank you ICM. HKM has tackled the B25 line, and looks to be splendid. Maybe they'll look at the B24 series!  Still I may not live that long. Revell has shown the community what they can do with the FW190's and the ME262. Maybe we can get them to retool the HE162 into something of that quality. Hasegawa sells what I think maybe the best large scale Zeros, but see to have little interest in the A6m3. Please do them all! 


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A modern / accurate 1/48 F-111F...




Modern B-58 would be cool. B-1B also.


Modern balls to the wall fully detailed 1/48 A-10A/C with full gun, detailed engines by Tamiya or ZM


1/35 new mold AH-64A/D/E and AH-1W. Academy can do these, since they did nice job with the AH-1Z


P-3 could use an update.


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I don't agree with the "full gun" and "full engines" for an A-10, especially from Tamiya. They could follow the example of their 1/48 F-14. It's a great kit, but it doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, like moveable flaps, full engines, or opening panels. You can't even swing the wings without replacing parts on the fuselage. I'd rather see a simpler, more accurate, and cheaper kit without the added complexity and cost of engines and interior avionics parts. You'd want to include a variety of weaponry for an A-10, too. So that could jack up the price and the parts count. It's more important to me that it could go together without having to sand off or replace the rivets. 

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