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  1. www.modellversium.de seems to be alive again! HAJO
  2. Isn´t that some sort of copyright-violation by the US Navy then?? 😉 HAJO
  3. I´m not sure what the status is of Scale Rotors (they haven´t updated their content for years, or did they...???), but I´m in contact with one of the modellversium.de guys. He wrote that they have trouble re-booting their server, but they are trying to get it back online. I have no idea what that means technically... Looking also forward to have modellversium online again, I just sent them a couple of gallery-entries! HAJO
  4. It is early 2021, isn´t it? 😉 HAJO
  5. My guess why they use dumb ammunition: It´s cheaper than guided ammunition and they don´t care much if they conflict collateral damage. Russia is not that rich, they are involved in several conflicts and I could think that sparing money is an issue. HAJO
  6. This is a nice ship, looks like a sort of Gunship: HAJO
  7. What scale are you looking at? In 1/72 there is a relatively nice Hobbyboss-kit, which has some serious flaws unfortunately. HAJO
  8. I have to say I wondered as well, since I have a drawn picture with a size comparison of the Cheyenne to the Cobra and the Apache. Ah, there it is...: Also thought the Cobra must be "smaller", especially since I had the feeling that the Cheyenne is slightly bigger than 1/72 - the pilots are quite big. HAJO
  9. Yeah, the rotorhead on the model looks like it has more drag than a barn-door... HAJO
  10. Yeah, that would be a first step to do some improvement! The Cheyenne is ready and on the war path! I armed it with the later "classic" 4-tube TOW-launcher and a rocket pod on each side. Decals are - except the 1st Cavalry patch - out of the box and went on quite smoothly. The typical slick front-profile of an Attack Helicopter, but with much larger wings! The anti-torque and the push-rotor: Apparently the push-rotor did
  11. I owe you some update-pictures: I think a bit less of the white stripes would have been better, but I´m still quite pleased. HAJO
  12. You get 500 points! Exactly, I´m doing a MERDC. HAJO
  13. Really? I was thinking of doing another one maybe and paint it in original OD with the prototype-markings... Speaking of painting...: First layer was Khaki (Revell 86), followed by a lightened up Bronzegreen (Revell 65). It looks quite like a russian camoscheme, but I´m not finished yet! I hope you´ll get the idea of what I´m doing here... 😉 ...because there is still one colour missing. HAJO
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