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    Due to the current Photobucket-Disaster many of my pictures are offline. If interested, shoot me a message and I re-post the specific pictures on a different hoster.

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  1. Hajo L.

    Counter Invader

    A fellow german modeller made a superb Counter Invader out of the Italeri kit: http://modellboard.net/index.php?topic=60056.0 The WIP-thread is completely in german, but nothing google wouldn´t cure, I hope. The completed model is here: http://modellboard.net/index.php?topic=61251.0 HAJO
  2. No foot in mouth received! 😉 Great link, I love the Aggressor Sea King in one of the pictures! HAJO
  3. Done! I hope you like it. HAJO
  4. Hajo L.

    Italeri 1/720 USS Carl Vinson

    I hope the difference in size (1/700 vs 1/720) between the carrier and the aircraft will not be too obvious. But apart from that, great start! HAJO
  5. It´s finished! The good thing about this bird is that - as pointed out - there aren´t much references, leaving room for own creativity. And that the markings are very sparse on this one. As you can see, the "74" is a bit small, but I wasn´t able to find something bigger in my decal-box. But it looks good in ym eyes, anyway. I will take a couple of pictures outside in a more "natural" environment as soon as weather permits. HAJO
  6. Thanks for the color codes! On most occasions I simply mix them myself, using pictures and good judgement to get something I like. I added some darker green spots, but most of them are based on "creative painting", with only the spots highlighted by Cubs2Jets having a "real" reference. The colors I used so far were Revell Afrikabraun 17 for the tan, and two differently mixed Bronzegrün 65 (both having a lightened base with yellow) for the greens. I love the very subtle and minor contrast, which is unfortunately hard to be seen since I painted some parts with clear gloss to prepare the helo for decals. This afternoon I´ll search my stash for decals and then start applying them. HAJO
  7. Hajo L.

    German F-4F Phantom Question

    According to the german Wikipedia-site the early F-4Fs had no provisions for any nuclear load, nor Mavericks, Shrikes or Walleyes. From 1980-83 during "Peace Rhine" provisions were added to mount the Maverick and the then new AIM-9L. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/McDonnell_F-4#F-4F HAJO
  8. Hajo L.

    A-6B Mod 0 / VA-196 Main Battery

    This looks like real work! HAJO
  9. Thanks, Steven! I have also pictures of "74", which has a camoflaged bottom, while "70" has the light grey bottom. I will go towards "74". HAJO
  10. Good find and markation, Cubs2Jets! I will try to look harder at my references... In the end you are right, few references - but that leaves room for creativity! 😉 HAJO
  11. Pictures say more than a thousand words...: I have the impression that the green I used has a subtle effect of changing its colour depending on the pojnt of view. Love it... HAJO
  12. I´m currently in the progress of painting my helo. I do have to say that I´m pretty short of just doing a "two-tone-camo", since I can´t really make out any contrast in the green parts of the camo that would justify a second (and different) tone of green. Any thoughts? HAJO
  13. Hajo L.

    Rear firing missiles

    My guess is also: When they launch, they have a velocity of minus airspeed of the launching aircraft. They have to accelerate from a negative speed to positive speed to gain maneouvebility and "go" towards their target. HAJO
  14. Hajo L.

    2 F-5F bad guys.

    I like the patch in the background... 😉 And the Tiger as well, of course! HAJO
  15. Hajo L.

    A-6A Intruder Devil 505

    Love the Intruder! You made it really look good, despite all the trouble during your build! HAJO