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    Due to the current Photobucket-Disaster many of my pictures are offline. If interested, shoot me a message and I re-post the specific pictures on a different hoster.

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  1. Thanks! I looked at my pictures and found that the majority of Lancasters had the suppressors installed, and so will I. HAJO
  2. After putting the two halves together here is a small impression what can still be seen in the cockpit: At least the navigator is visible! Now it´s time for the wings and all the stuff that´s mounted here: The gear makes the bird looking like it has very long legs, so my impression: The struts are quite long! And it´s sitting on its own legs! HAJO
  3. So far it definetely is a nice kit! Can anyone enlighten me if there is aynthing like a rule or guideline concerning the flame-suppressors of the exhausts? I can either mount the exhaust pipes or the suppressors, but have no idea if that is related to the MK.I or MK.III-version. Any idea? HAJO
  4. Hajo L.

    Sea Dragon

    Awesome work! HAJO
  5. A last view into the open cockpit. I think it looks kind of cosy, but of course none of it will be visible after the fuselage halfes are closed. HAJO
  6. The comrades have come to life! And occupied their places: HAJO
  7. Hajo L.

    1/48 Revell HH-53C Jolly Green Giant

    Yeah, I love it! HAJO
  8. The cockpit is done: Even though most of them will not be visible later on, I added a crew: Unpainted yet, but fitting to the individual positions: HAJO
  9. Hajo L.

    Planned Builds

    Wooow, so many pieces... HAJO
  10. Hajo L.

    The TOPGUN Trophy - Display Case

    My F-14B in 1/72, Hobbyboss kit: WIP here: And with the pack! https://i.imgur.com/KWP9DPf.jpg[/img] HAJO
  11. Done! More pictures in the gallery! HAJO
  12. Hajo L.

    Revell US Coast Guard Cutter 1/302

    Excellent looking ship, very well done! HAJO
  13. I´m really curious how this will look when you put paint on it! HAJO